Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Resolutions broken, but spirit still in tact

Well, I hope a happy new year, full of opportunity and fresh starts await you all.

Here's what I have been up to lately.

In knitting, I have finished some baby shower items for my friend, Katie, who is due in March. We are attempting to hold her shower soon, but true to Katie's fashion, everything seems to be put off to the last minute. :) It's probably not as bad as I make it seem. I've been in a somewhat cynical mood lately.
*pictures to some as soon as I locate my camera*

Anyway. I have little Mary Jane booties.

I have a cardigan.

and I have the start of a receiving blanket done in psychedelic squares fashion. I'm hoping to finish the blanket in time.

I have yet to finish:
my second mitten.
Nate's second sock
My second sock
Ma's long-awaited cardigan
Cara's cardigan
Michelle's top
A scarf thing I have been working on while waiting for things to download onto my soon to be very outdated computer and dial up connection.

I have yet to send out Cara's package, (sorry sweets) And I do hope that Cari's knitting lesson has gone well today.

I had a stitch n bitch tonight. It was fun. Tara and I were able to catch up a bit, and Jennifer joined us soon after. Tara invited me to join her and her friend, Angie, for a drink at Passtimes. (How could I say no?) We had a blast, although Nate might be a bit miffed at me tomorrow, on account I have come home much later than anticipated. Oh well. It was worth it. I have been in a funk lately, (Yeah I know what's new?) and cutting loose a bit sure helped a lot more than it hurt.

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  1. Howdy E & C. This is the other C. :) So, I think it is safe to say that the knitting lesson went well. If by going well you mean that I am now getting less sleep than I used to (because I'm knitting after Faith goes to bed instead of sleeping myself) and my hands actually hurt from using muscles in ways I'm not used to using them. :)
    I'm having a fun time. I made Faith a "softie". (She likes to have little washcloth/cloth diaper-size rags to sleep with and carry around - she calls them softies.) And I'm working on a scarf. Having fun with it all.
    Oh, and I'm keeping C from getting work done by IMing her about knitting now. Aren't I awful? :)
    Have a good day!
    The Other C