Thursday, March 31, 2005

bad math

small child on spring break + sick, feverish mother= disaster

Who wants to Rock and Roll?

I have decided that everyone could use a little more rock and roll in their lives, so I have started a "Knit Your Own Rockstar" Knit-along. Whether it be Henry, Joey, Joan, or whoever, (I know there are creative folk out there who may even come up with their own rockstars) connect with your inner rockstar.

Click here to join rockstar-along
Click to join rockstar-along

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pictures... promised. Hey, and it only took me five attempts at posting for it to FINALLY work. (stupid blogspot.)

Here is my furry jacket, sans sleeves and half a collar. Sorry for the wierd pose. I was trying to get myself in the mirror without having the flash reflect in it. Jess and I ventured out today to buy more jacket yarn, guitar strap yarn, and overalls for her.
*disclaimer* No animals were harmed in the making of this jacket. Er--except maybe me. It's quite a pointless story of unknowingly becoming entangled in yarn and then trying to jump up to get the phone. I fell down....went boom. That's all I'm saying.*

Nate's Lopi vest. It has since gotten a neck band and one arm band. I'm hoping to finish it today. It needs to be blocked, badly. But Nate has tried it on and loves it. (Go me.) I'll have him model it once it's complete.

My car trip project. A supersized buttonhole bag that looks remarkably like Animal from the Muppets.

My ride home project. Trinity socks from the yarn I got in my tricky trade. I have four balls. (two in each color) and I'm thinking that I'll be able to get almost 2 pair of socks from two balls. (The advantage of dinky little feet.) So I'm now brainstorming for what to make with the other two.

If you were hoping for trip pictures. I'm sorry. I was the dingus who forgot the camera. My father-in-law took some pictures, but they are all of Nate and the kids. (And a few of me when I wasn't paying attention. No one must ever see those pics. they are hideous.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Have You Seen This Yarn?

Now I could swear that when Erin and I went to Hobby Lobby many many moons ago I bought two skeins of Bernat denimstyle yarn in Capris... However now that I'm at the end of skein one for Sydney's blankie (which now measures roughly 9 inches, thank you very much) I can't seem to locate that other apparent ellusive skein. BLAST IT! Oh well, I knew I was going to have to procure another couple skeins for this project I was just hoping to be able to knit on it some more tonight. Drats, I guess that means I'm going to have to give some knitterly attention to some of the other projects currently on the needles (it's not like I don't have a backup or 5...).

Yeah, it's either knit or do laundry. HA! THERE'S a difficult decision for me, eh?

OH yeah and I had heard that there was a LYS in Oelwein (where Nathan lives) it was out of the owner's home, then she started working out of a little shop in the LITTLE downtown area (don't blink you'll miss it amongst the bars), then she decided to close up shop and do things strictly over the 'Net. So I'm perusing ebay the other night trying to find some yarn for a couple other baby blankets/baby things and I stumbled upon the woman in Oelwein (sing with me now, "It's a small world after all... it's a small small world"). I emailed her and asked her if I bid and win some of her items if it would be ok for Nathan to act as the messenger rather than her mailing it. She was gracious enough to say yes. WOOHOO! This is really good especially in light of the fact that the yarn that I found the other day online that I was starting to think would be perfect for Steph's (pregnant friend #2) wee one... That is I thought it would be perfect until I priced it and the yarn itself would cost roughly $100. I love Steph and already love her soon-to-be wee one but... Well, I'm thrifty (some would say cheap, but...) and if I'm going to be able to budget $100 for presents I would rather be able to get all shades of stuff (I love Target clearance) as well as some handmade items. Does this make me a horrid person?

Don't count your eggs before they've hatched.

Apparently, Preordering a book gets you squat.

I am sitting here Harlot book-less, wondering when I'll be getting my copy when this (bullshit) email pops up from Barnes & Noble. ( I don't like Barnes & Noble, but they are the only thing around that I don't have to drive 30 miles to get to, and I had a giftcard for my birthday.)

Anyway, this is the bullshit excuse they are trying to feed me about why I do not have my book yet:

We regret to inform you that our supplier has changed the release date on the pre-ordered merchandise listed below. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will send you an email when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the merchandise within 30 days, we will notify you by email.


We had a very nice visit with my in laws. I not only taught my niece, Jenna, to knit, but also her mother, Jennie. The surprise of the weekend being my brother-in-law, Jon, watching us all knit with great interest, and by the time I had left, had needles in hand, and was actually doing quite well. Will wonders never cease.

I suspect his interest in knitting was directly affected by the fact it rained almost all weekend and we were all in the house trying to entertain ourselves.

We got back into town last night. Today Nate is off to work and Jess and I are now on our own to endure Spring break together. (Jess is only three, but goes to developmental preschool through the public school, due to her condition.)

Jess likes routine and this week a BIG chunk of her routine is missing. She is not too happy about it. Hopefully I can appease her with some Easter candy.

Pictures tomorrow. I promise.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Purling Queen

Alright so I'm probably not proficient enough at purling to start calling myself the Queen of it or anything but I have "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head for no good reason sooo.... But thanks to the wonderful teachings of Erin I am no longer destined to just knit items in garter stitch... Not that there would be anything WRONG with that.

I'm so amazed at how much learning to purl and also knitting an entire weekend with Erin has opened my eyes up to things. I swear that woman is my confidence. When she's not around I think washcloths are the only thing I can knit... But when she is around I get all kinds of notions. We started knitting a pair of fuzzy feet together. Well we're each knitting a pair so she's slowed way down so I can keep up with her (in my slight defense she's knitting a pair for her size 5 feet and I'm knitting a pair for my dad's sized 10 1/2 men's feet). Granted I haven't knit a stitch on them since she left but that's because we didn't get a chance for her to teach me the slip stitch. Oh well time for that the next time I wander out her way.

I have started my very first project using a pattern all by myself... Yeah it's nothing too crazy so don't get too proud of me yet but... It's the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the first Stitch 'N Bitch. I'm making it for my niece Sydney because the blanket plan I had started out with just was NOT doing it for me. And not doing it for me evidently means it will forever remain at the VERY bottom of my knitting pile... Making this be the blankie she'll get for her high school or college graduation.
(Alright I attempted to post an adorable picture here of my niece but ImageVenue apparently doesn't like me so, sorry, you'll just have to trust me that she is freaking adorable... So cute I can't believe we're related). Anyway I'm not using the yarn from the pattern because I have some Bernat Denim yarn in purple that I was going to use on the other plan but think it will work nicely here... That and purple is Sydney's favorite color. I'm almost a fourth of the way done. It's going to be a little small for her to use as a blanket (she's 2) but I'm thinking it can be more like a blankie. See I have a blankie that my mom made for me when I was 4 for taking naps in preschool. I still have it and it's one of my most treasured possessions. Since my mom isn't here to make one for Sydney I decided to take it upon myself to do it. Man, I hope she likes it.

And if all goes well I might make one or two more for some of the moms-to-be in my life. I might use the yarn from the pattern on one of them (that is if I can find it and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg). I heard from pregnant friend #3 (Kim) the other day, they just found out she's having a girl. She's so excited. Her two younger sisters both have little boys and while Kim was thrilled with being an aunt she was kind of bummed that she, as oldest, didn't get to be the first one married or the first one to have a baby. But she does get to be the first one to have a girl so.... But she did make me promise that I wouldn't get her little one anything pink (Kim feels the same way I do about pink and figures she'll get plenty from other people). I know that Kim likes purple but I'm not sure I can handle making another purple blanket after this one... We shall see. Kim and her husband haven't agreed on a name yet, she likes Olivia but he's not too sure. I'm sure whatever they decide will be wonderful. Kim's due between June 3rd and June 10th. I think that might actually then make her pregnant friend #2 (because I think Stephanie might be due after her) but I'm sure she doesn't mind me having them out of order. :)

OOOOOO In other news.... I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and all my stalking of their knitting section has paid off!!! They got Stephanie's bookbookbook in on Friday. I snatched myself up a copy and highly recommend that y'all do the same ASAP. I'm reading it while knitting, well attempting to, I'm still not real great at that yet. I'm hoping Erin's copy either got to her before she left for her in-laws or it will be waiting for her upon her return. She was logical and preordered it. I just don't have the patience for that kind of stuff. I want it NOW (further proof that I'm the youngest in my family). So I just stalked Barnes & Noble (the only local bookstore) until they got it in.

I hope you all pardon my lack of photos... As previously mentioned Imagevenue is apparently not my friend lately for those few photos I have on my computer. I'm hoping to settle on the kind of digital camera I want so that I can snatch it up when it goes on sale or shows up on Overstock (even though the woman on those commercials annoys me to no end) or some such place. My problem is I either don't know enough about the features to know if they are worthwhile or I want the camera to do everything but not cost an arm and a leg. Yup, that's right, kids, I want it all (hey, I'm a product of the 80's... don't blame me, blame the times ;) ). I was toying with the idea of getting a camera phone and calling it good but those bother me on general principle. Ah, the debate continues.

Well, for those of you that celebrate, I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. Thus far I've done my share... I made deviled eggs for the first time (who knew they were so stinkin' easy... except for the fact that my apartment now smells like eggs) and so now I'm just wanting for Nathan to get here with the lambchops. YUM.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Holiday

I'm looking forward to this weekend. This is the weekend I teach my niece to knit. Granted, she'll just be making a garter stitch rectangle, which I'll help her turn into a little purse, but you have no idea how much fun I have "converting" people.

In the mean time, I'm trying to decide what projects to take with. I need something nice and compact, (most likely socks) and then I need something garter stitch to do. hmmm. I have three skeins of Lambs pride bulky (tiger lily) I'd like to use for it. I guess it's google time.

My fluffy jacket from rebecca is coming along. It's knit in one piece until the arm holes. So far I have both fronts done, and I have started on the back. I'll have to wait on the sleeves though. I need more yarn.Once I have the back done, and it starts looking like something, I will take a picture.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. See you Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sweater carnage revisited.

Ok, I really fo to finish up some works in progress. They are officially taking up more room than my stash.

Fronts, sleeves, backs...They are everywhere. Too bad none of them makes a completed project.

I'm hoping ot have Sitcom Chic ready for my Ma for Mother's day.

The Go-Everywhere cardigan I need to have done by July at the latest (hey, I'm trying to be realistic.)

I should have Nate's Lopi vest done any day now. Why I chose to make a Icelandic wool vest as Spring rounds the corner, I don't know. To my defense, I live in Northwest Indiana, which means Nate'll have a good two and half months to wear it before it gets too warm.

Jess's blanket , the baby blanket don't have a timeline, and I'm going to ignore them as such for the time being.

We won't even delve into the projects in cue.

I'm really trying to aspire to have a minimum stash and buy yarn for projects and not just for whimsies. But it's so hard.

I do have some progress on my big furry Jacket. (No picture yet. Right now it's just looks like I big, furry, shapless nothing.) This thing is so soft.I cannot wait until it's done. I'm going to have to though, I'm short on yarn, but Sit n Knit has ordered more for me.

Now off to do some laundry so we will all have clothes for our visit to my In-laws for Easter.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Back home in Indiana.

Isn't that a song???

Anyway. I made it home in one piece last night. I had a wonderful visit with Carma.

Carma expressing her enthusiasm regarding my visit...or maybe the retractable cow tape measure I had just given her.
The truly sad part. I took my camera along and snapped a grand total of four pictures. A lot of good it did me, huh?

But really, we had a ball. We actually didn't go out and do much. We just hung out really, but that was what I needed.

Unfortunately, The weather prevented me from meeting Cari in person. Another time I suppose.

Before I ventured out Friday afternoon, Jess and I went the the Sitnknit cafe in New Buffalo. We had a blast! I cannot wait to go back. Kim and Jack are very helpful and very nice. They had brought their little girl in so that Jess would have a playmate while I took a look around.

Kim showed me this supersoft, kind of furry yarn that I have deemed I must make into a jacket. This of course means I'll be heading back up there for more of it.

The yarn is Bollicine Pelouche made for Cascade yarns.

I started a jacket from the winter issue of Rebecca. This is as far as I have gotten.

On a side note. I would like to know what marketing genius came up with this:

They are all over Iowa (at least the parts I was in) And I couldn't suppress a sophmorish giggle everytime I saw one.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Interview and the recipe

Here is the "Interview Me" from Rabbitch. A good thing too, because today, I got nothin'. Well, except a recipe.

The rules are pretty simple. If you want to participate, here's how this puppy works:
1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones below.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. Which one of you is the dork, you or Carma?

Hands down...It's me. Say it loud. I'm a dork and I'm proud!

2. How long have you been knitting?

Hmmm. I want to say three years. I'm not sure really. Before that I used to crochet. Due to a fourinch plate in my forearm, crocheting has become painful.

3. How big a yarn stash do you have?

Actually, I just recently cleared things out. I'd have to say somewhere around 60 to 75 balls/skeins/what have you.

4. Would you like some green cotton?

hmmm, guess I could use some for project scrubbie if you are really looking to rid yourself of some.

5. How do you feel about novelty yarns? (In general, I'm not sending any out. Well maybe.)

It depends. Novelty yarns has it's place, It's just some people and even companies (lionbrand) go too crazy with it. (Have you seen some of their patterns??)

Ok, I'm all packed and ready to go. Jess and I are headed to New Buffalo to check out Sit&knit. Then I drop Jess off with Auntie Shell.
Then after a brief stop to my mother's, (She is insisting I take her cell with me, since I do not own one, nor have any desire to.) I'm off to Iowa.

If I were to be home tonight, this was to be dinner. Since I will not be cooking, I thought I would share it with you all.

Lentil Apricot Soup
3 Tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 roma tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped
1/3 cup dried apricots
1 1/2 cups lentils rinsed
5 cups vegetable stock
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon thyme
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
salt/pepper to taste
Saute onion, garlic, & apricot in oil. Add lentils and veggie stock. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 30 minutes.
Add tomatoes, cumin, thyme, salt and pepper. Simmer 10 minutes.
Add Lemon juice. Puree half of the soup in blender. Return to pot. Serve.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Post attempt take 2

Ok, I wrote a post this morning about how I was feeling a bit guilty about abandoning my family for a weekend, and how I was also excited to go, blah blah blah and blogger took a crap when I tried to publish it. I don't feel ike trying to recreate it. I have things to do. Plans to finalize.

I have to figure out what to pack, and how my clothes and other neccessities are going to share trunk space with all of this.

Look there's so much I couldn't even take a decent picture of it.
Hopefully I will only come home with half of what is there. I'm really only going for a weekend. seriously.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good choices

Yesterday, I just felt weird about going to the wake. Then I called my mother. Then I found myself changing into something presentable, dropping Jess off with her and going to the wake. I'm glad I did. If I had not I would have regretted it.

On to some knitting.

Carma I was going to surprise you this weekend with the completed, knitted cardigan I promised so many moons ago.

I broke down and bought the stitch n bitch book again. (mine's always out on loan.) And I worked on the sleeves. I was halfway through the second one, when I realized I had made the back, and fronts one size, and the sleeves another. (D'oh!)
So I ripped out the sleeves and started over. But I have blocked the back and fronts.

Jessie has really started to enjoy picking out her outfits for school. I have noticed that she definitely has her own style.

Here is what she picked today. Note the overalls, the t-shirt, the sweater, the hat. (Now if you could look at my Hubba bubba post, you would see the similarities. But For some reason all my older pictures aren't working.)

The scary thing is, (and Carma can attest to this) How very close this is to something I would wear.

Fashion model pose:

When we were out the other day Jess picked out some sunglasses that she's awfully proud of. I don't know if it shows up in the picture, but Tinkerbell is on the lens.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I wasn't going to post today...

..I just couldn't think of how to write out what I'm feeling.

My mother called me last night, and left a very vague message on my machine. (Very unlike her)

When I returned her call, she told me that Erik had died. He was a grade school friend who I have not seen since I was eleven years old.
I was in shock. I cried, then I felt silly for crying. Then I cried some more.
Erik's death is a very tragic thing, of course. I am in no way trying to make light of it. I'm just not sure why it has hit me quite as hard as it has.

Is it because I used to call him, "Dumbo-ears" when he would call me, "Air-head"? Because he and I used to "like each other" in grade school? Because he's my age? Is it because, most of my grade school memories are fuzzy at best, except for him?

I don't know. Part of me feels like I should go to the wake. Part of me really doesn't want to.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Hi. My name is Erin...I'll be reading for the part of "Bad Sister".

This weekend came and went, with no birthday celebration for my little sister. This means only one thing. The planned-at-the-last-minute shindig will occur while I'm in Iowa. Yeah, I suck.

Speaking of sucking. I was not able to make the band show with Tara on Saturday. Jess and I needed to hang out Saturday morning, so Nate could have some time. She doesn't do well with loud noise, especially in enclosed areas. She and I went to the ticket office (where I was too meet Tara) and waited for about tem minutes or so, before Jess had had enough. We never did find Tara and she later left a message on my machine looking for me.

But, Jess and I did make it to the post office and I sent out my assorted packages. I also bought Jessie's Easter dress, so at least some good came out of it.

I haven't really been up to much else. Just trying to plan my week and get things squared away so I can leave for Iowa on Friday to visit Carma. If Nate didn't know anybetter, he'd think I was leaving for a while. It's amazing the amount of stuff I'll be taking for a weekend.

I don't have any knitting to show you. I haven't actually done much. The only thing I have been working on is a pesky little baby cardigan that keeps changing gauge on me, so I keep having to rip and redo. But this shower is not until April second, so I still have plenty of time to beat this thing into submission.

*sigh* it'll be so nice to finish all these projects up and make something for myself.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Look what came in the mail today!

The photographs do not do this stuff justice. I have to agree with Tricky Tricot. This would make some fierce socks. I just have to decide how I want them to look.

I need to stop at the post office tomorrow to send off a few packages. (WAY overdue birthday gifts, The Colinette Firecracker Eve to Margaret, and Micheal's soapshed lotion bar that FINALLY came.)

Then I will attend (part) of a marching band show with Tara.

I'm hoping we do something this weekend for my sister's 13th birthday, but no word as of yet. I just hope they don't decide to do something next weekend when I'm in Iowa.

Ok, who did I piss off??

Look at what the dryer did to my favorite baggy, t shirt.

*sniff* Granted, it's old, and actually the cuffs fell off of last month, but at least that time it was still wearable.

Also, an update on Sesame Street.

*sniff, sniff* It's been my "on-the-go" project, and when taking it out of my overcrowded bag this morning, I snagged it on something. Then heard the gut-wrenching *snap!* Once I freed it from my bag, I saw it.

A snag, and a hole, about two inches from the bottom. I whimpered, then ripped out eighteen inches of entrelac.

Oh, Sesame Street will live on. I just need a few days.

Oh, here's my felted bag. The strap came out a bit disappointing. Not quite beefy enough for a shoulder strap. (I kind of knew that before I felted it, so it was no big surprise.) But I have an idea for a different strap, so I'm not terribly upset about it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Big Yay and a couple (well, kinda) oys

Hi, guys!!!!

Didya miss me?

Sorry I've been MIA for a piece... I thought I had a reasonable excuse but now it appears as though I didn't then but do now? But sadly I can't "use" my excuse for the next month or so. Let's just suffice it to say that while I'm not actually "doing" anything "really" but butt's gettin kicked all over the place and by the time I get home everyday my arse is DRAGGIN'.

But today I got something ABSOLUTELY wonderful in the mail... The mitts Erin so graceously made me. Yup, she's going to be here in a mere week (this alone is enough to cause me to happy dance my way around my apartment) but she didn't want me to have to wait that long for the mitts so she sent them to me. Not that I'm at all surprised but they are ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FABULOUS! Seriously... Those pictures don't EVEN begin to do them justice. I literally shared them with several complete and total strangers this afternoon. And they were all understandably impressed. THANK YOU ERIN!!!! Not that you didn't already know this (shut up or I'll smack you) but you RULE. And, my friends, I know that Erin doesn't take praise well (she will freely admit this to others) but DAMN these things are great. And they came at the perfect time.

Ok, I'm going out of town this weekend (Canoecopia, baby!) but I promise to get better about blogging on a regular basis... I know it's without pictures but, hey, it's better than nuttin?

Alright those dishes aren't (sadly) going to wash themselves...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A little Rock 'n' Roll never hurts

Things have been pretty dull around here today.

This is all the notable knitting I have to show you.

It's my sophie-ish bag. Well, most of it anyway. I am using some novelty wool I bought at Micheals a while back. It's called Cache from modea (I think that's how you spell it or something like it.) It's 75% wool, 22% acrylic and 2% polyester.
I think it'll turn out neat.

I'm trying to make a list of what to take when I go see Carma (yes I know it's more than a week away.) I want to give her a "refresher" on purling, and also I want her to try and get comfortable with double points.

Why, you ask. Because I want to host a Hank-along! (Or a Joey-along, or a Joan-along. Whatever's your pleasure.) "make your own Rockstar" from Stitch n Bitch Nation.

If I had readers, I would run a contest for a "knit your own rockstar" kit, But, since I don't have but a handful, I don't think I will. I haven't decided on when I'm going to start it yet.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Does anyone know how to get a three year old to sleep in her own bed?

Jess will go to sleep in her bed, but at some point in thte night, she stealthly creeps into our room, climbs into bed, and then does her best to burrow under me. I spent most of the night pinned between Nate and her.

So, I get up put her in her own bed. I narrowly win the battle of keeping her in her own bed, then return to mine. This little scenario repeats most of the night. Except on nights that I am just too tired to fight. Either way it equals a bad night's sleep all around.

I visited Katie and Baby Sara in the hospital. Everyone seemed well, but tired. (understandably) At six piounds fifteen ounces, Sara's a little bit of nothing. That I could not get over. (Mind you, my little one was eight pounds nine ounces)

I went to my Stitch n Bitch last night. There were only four of us, but it was a good time. I started another Sophie-ish bag. (Yeah I know, "another bag?" It's comfort knitting....shut up.)
This one is out of some novelty wool yarn. I think I'm going to opt for a flap, and a double I-cord strap. I'm hoping it turns out well.

I took a look at my Rogue pattern yesterday. I must say, I'm a bit nervous. (The pattern is 19 pages long. Clearly my most involved project-to-be to date.) I've got some slate colored gray wool I bought from Knit Picks for it. I posted the picture a few days ago. (hopefully) It's still up.

I also bought some alpaca cloud from Knit picks. It's super soft laceweight that will eventually be a shawl.

I just don't know which to start next.

Of course, I do need to finish some of my other projects first. (I'm so fickle.)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Insert Post Title Here.

I haven't quite been feeling myself lately.

This weekend I finished my string bag, only to decide that it is far too wide. I think I could cart Jess around in this thing. Here is a picture of it, holding an insane amount of yarn.

Anyway, the next one I make, I will definitely have to scale down the pattern. Also, I had changed the handle from the original pattern, that called for a garter stitch shoulder strap, to two handles done in double I-cord. I learned how to do the I-cord strap here, and I am very pleased with it.

I also worked on Sesame Street, and Nate's Lopi vest. Sorry No pics of the Vest until I block it, otherwise it curls up like a tube, and Sesame street doesn't look much different than it did in the last picture. I am regretting not being able to make it up to New Buffalo to check out the Sit & Knit Cafe that has recently opened. Hopefully next weekend.

Sunday morning Jill called me. Katie gave birth to little Sara early Sunday morning. I guess she labored all day Sat and they had her pushing in the wee hours of the morning, only to decide to go with a C-section. Katie was exhausted, So I am waiting to hear when she'd like visitors. (The poor thing)

I am seriously hoping that my Soap Shed order comes today. I am about this >-< far from getting mad about it. It's been 10 days. A far cry from the 3 to 4 they claim on their site. I feel really bad, because Tricky Tricot has got to be wondering when I'll come through with my end of the trade.

I have a Stitch n Bitch Monda--er, tonight. (I just checked the time) I haven't been for a month, so I am really eager to go.

I leave you all with a picture of Jess helping make biscuits for dinner.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh, cruel twist of fate...

Wouldn't you know it. Right after I declare to the world that I need to go on a yarn diet, I learn of a new knit shop/cafe That just opened in New Buffalo, Michigan. I believe it's called the Sit&Knit, and I cannot wait to go.

As for knitting, I have not gotten much done lately, but I have worked on my string bag.

*added later*

My image hosting "Service" and I are going rounds today. It keeps dropping some of my pictures. I apologize for any inconvenience and/or cursing that ensues.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

wannabe dog owner

Ok, these are stinkin' cute.

Teegan's slippers. Done. Which means I can box up everything to give Cari to give to Teegan's Mom.

*sigh* I'm still waiting for my Soapshed order to arrive. I placed the order last Wednesday(23rd), and when I checked my order status last night,they had not shipped it until the 28th. Hopefully it arrives soon,. It contains part of my trade with Tricky Tricot, otherwise It wouldn't be a big deal.

Carma called me last night, to inform me that she knows of an English Bulldog that needs a home. I have always wanted an English Bulldog, but they're freaking expensive. Now I just need to convince Nate that we need to adopt this dog. Hopefully we can get past his recent "pet-nazism".

Last night, as I battled with my ongoing insomnism, I was googling like made to find a string bag pattern that was not too involved but looked like I wanted it to. (Carma gets credit for planting the notion in my head) I finally found it. It's here. Although, I think I will change the shoulder strap into two handles. I'm sick of wading through plastic bags, and if this pattern is truly as "quick and easy" as it states, Maybe I won't have to anymore. Yeah I know, just what I need, ANOTHER project.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I can stop really....

Here is the progress on my entrelac scarf/stole. I came to realize, this thing is freaking wide. I'm still on my first ball of yarn and have this much to go:

I think I even have another ball or two around here somewhere.

The yarn for my Rogue came today. But I have decided I need to finish some things from my list before I dive into it.

Carma and I (and possibly Cari...come on... you know you want to...) are contemplating a road trip to Rhinebeck this fall. That means I need to go on a yarn diet so I can AFFORD to go. Man that's going to be HARD.
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Alright, you've probably all determined by now that E and I are pretty close. But sometime's it even shocks me. I logged onto my computer tonight to put information on the String Scrubbie Project... only to discover that E has already put the button for it on the blog. I'm telling you she amazes me. (As an aside, I apologize for the weird/ bad formatting, Blogspot isn't recognizing my enter key again) Yeah lots of excitement around Casa de Carma... Last night and tonight I (ready? are you sure??? you might want to sit down) SHAMPOOED my carpets. Whoa. Yeah I know exciting, eh? I'm telling you though, you want to feel like a nasty filthy human, try shampooing your carpets and then check out the "used" water. Eeeeew. I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper but I've never gotten to the point where the health department was going to start raising eyebrows in my direction. That is until I started cleaning the carpet... UGH seriously. Well at least they're clean now, right? Well I know I have everything done but my bedroom (I'm sure I've mentioned that my apartment is TINY) and I moved everything but the couch... It's a sleeper sofa and I'm a tiny woman. Alright this whole enter thing is driving me insane... And the last episode of NYPD Blue is about to start here (*SOB*) sooo yeah more knitting content later (or from E even) ;)


This is why I do not crochet (much) anymore.

I don't think it photographs well, but that is a four and a half inch scar
A couple years ago I broke both bones in my right forearm, tripping over a box. (yep, I'm graceful.) I broke both bone completely through. I now have what is referrred to by many as the "bionic arm". In order to set the bones, I had surgery to insert a rod the length of my forearm and a plate that wraps around one of the bones. (If I had my Gray's Anatomy coloring book handy, I could write the proper names, but it has mysteriously disappeared.) Any way the rod has long since been removed but the plate remains. You can feel it in my arm.
I realize without it, the bone would not have healed properly and I would have lost a great deal of range of motion. But the mother hurts like hell when I crochet for any length of time.
Which, sadly, is why I only have this much crocheted blanket.

I don't know what to do now. Should I put it up, or should I rip it out?

By the way, how cute is this slipper? I have yet to put the straps on, and sew up the second. This one's going to sit on my desk for a day or two though.