Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sweater carnage revisited.

Ok, I really fo to finish up some works in progress. They are officially taking up more room than my stash.

Fronts, sleeves, backs...They are everywhere. Too bad none of them makes a completed project.

I'm hoping ot have Sitcom Chic ready for my Ma for Mother's day.

The Go-Everywhere cardigan I need to have done by July at the latest (hey, I'm trying to be realistic.)

I should have Nate's Lopi vest done any day now. Why I chose to make a Icelandic wool vest as Spring rounds the corner, I don't know. To my defense, I live in Northwest Indiana, which means Nate'll have a good two and half months to wear it before it gets too warm.

Jess's blanket , the baby blanket don't have a timeline, and I'm going to ignore them as such for the time being.

We won't even delve into the projects in cue.

I'm really trying to aspire to have a minimum stash and buy yarn for projects and not just for whimsies. But it's so hard.

I do have some progress on my big furry Jacket. (No picture yet. Right now it's just looks like I big, furry, shapless nothing.) This thing is so soft.I cannot wait until it's done. I'm going to have to though, I'm short on yarn, but Sit n Knit has ordered more for me.

Now off to do some laundry so we will all have clothes for our visit to my In-laws for Easter.

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