Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still here

Hi. How are you? Good, good. Sorry I have been ignoring you lately. Things around here have just left me a bit frazzled.

Jess kicked off the new school year. She's loving it, I'm loving it. It's a good thing. She's been picking out her own outfits. This has been highly entertaining for all involved.

She is so cute. It makes me almost forget that her new method of communicating with me is screaming.

My sockapaltwo-za socks are done, blocked and ready to be sent to their new home. Hopefully, their new owner has better luck photographing them.

Silky wool, color 24
petticoat socks from Weekend Knitting (modified).

As for the slipper pattern, I have only heard from one of my test knitters so far. (check it out) I'd like to hear from one or two more before I put the pattern up for sale. Yup I'm sorry it won't be free, but I could really stand to make a few bucks right now.

My stepfather has been in poor health for quite some time. For the last couple weeks he has been hospitalized for various reasons. He has a very weak heart for one; so weak, that they have told us for quite some time now, that he cannot endure anymore surgeries. They have told us repeatedly that if he were to go under anaesthetic (I think I may have butchered that word. I apologize), he would most likely never wake up. So, of course in the past few weeks they have been considering and attempting numerous surgeries on him. A bypass or two...a possible amputation...maybe we'll throw in some dialysis in the mix. So, of course my mother has just been stressed beyond what anyone should go through. Meanwhile I'm trying to do as much for her and my stepfather as I can. But geez, I still feel like it's not enough. But there is some good news. They have decided that no more surgeries are required, and as soon as he's healed up, he can go home. So, we are all anxious for him to recoop.

Now, hopefully things can get back to normal, and I can dig out my knitting and give you all an update Wednesday. I think today, I may catch a movie.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Where HAS the time gone?

Shocking that here it is very nearly the end of August... school is back in session once again. To be honest this doesn't effect my life in a huge way because I am childless. But this does make sleeping later a little more difficult. Apparently I live very close to the high school AND the marching band practices marching down my street. Oh, well I guess that means I'll just get myself to work earlier.

BUT school starting does make a significance difference for my best friend, our dear sweet Erin. Here is a snapshot of one adorable child... Jess waiting for the school bus.

Isn't she cute? (E, you make pretty babies... oh yeah, you too Nate ;))

Oh and under the catagory of things to do to make passerbys think you are insane...
Sit on a bench on a main "parkade" with your friend, with both of your legs straight out in front of you, shoes off, wiggling your toes and laughing like a fool.

But, man oh man, it was worth it. (And, as I'm sure you've all figured out, I'm really not one for caring what passing strangers might think)

I highly recommend to everyone that has never had to one to HURRY and get a pedicure.

Yup, and when do you think you're going to meet two woman that get pedicures and put on "earth shoes"? Cari & I have decided that being girly isn't so bad. :) In fact we might have to do again sometime. Hehehe (again? oh yeah we definitely are).

Seriously everyone needs a pedicure.now.

In fact, Erin, you need to get your fanny to Iowa so we (you, Cari, and I) can all go be girly together. Wine and massage chairs. What else does a girl need?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well, fall is officially coming. Last night I literally had to sleep in a sweatshirt under my down comfortable (yeah keep in mind that didn't cause me to get up and close any windows). **As an aside, I swear it's a genetic trait in my family to talk about the weather... Some might say it's a disfunction... ;)

Ok news... Um. There is the working. Lots of working. That means less time for playing on the internet :( The workload has gotten to the point where I can't really spend the time on hold on the internet blogging. RATS.

My friend Cari stayed with me last night. THE FIRST HOUSEGUEST! :) That means I spent Sunday unpacking (yeah it's been about a month and a half... hush) well I spent Sunday unpacking & finishing the most recent Harry Potter (OY had a moment where I just sat rocking on the floor saying well that's not fair!). Cari and I spent yesterday after work running assorted errands, then went to a local adult beverage establishment for dinner with the new boy and his friend. Then we went to another local adult beverage establishment to play pool. Ok, I SUCK at pool. Cari and I just played each other most of the night "for fun" then we played the boys a couple times... The only game I won all night was when the new boy accidently put the 8 ball in. So pool shark I'm not... I have other good qualities, shaddup.

Cari & I did stay out past our bedtimes but a trip to the coffee shop this morning seemed to help things along.

Thursday she's staying with me again and we're going to get our first ever pedicures! I KNOW how girly... But we're so excited. We're also going to hit up the local yarn shop because I want to make a baby sweater for a coworker who is expecting (granted her baby shower is Saturday and HA so not going to happen but the baby is expected until the end of October). Oh yeah then we're going to the local martini bar. Oh forgot to mention, Cari is a mom to a 2 year old. And while she (and I) love her little girl and love to spend time with her we do need to take advantage of this time when Faith is hanging out with her dad. Cari typically works from home about an hour from my office, but this week she's been required to come to the office 4 times (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday) so to save her some driving time (and some gas money) she's staying with me Monday and Thursday.

ok I have tasks from Erin (hehehe sounds so mysterious...) In good time my pretties. And I have a boy that's getting antsy (although we need to collectively thank him for letting me have some uninterupted computer time). More soon... I hope. Maybe even with pictures (boy has digital camera too).

26 hours 30 minutes 45 seconds...

...until the bell rings on the first day of school. Then I finish my year with three glorious hours to myself. Then I can have something I have not had in a very long time. Uninterrupted knit time. I will be able to actually complete a row without have to set my project down to: a) find something, b) wash something, c) feed something.

Jess is pretty excited too. Her bus driver lives a few doors down, and she had the bus pulled in her drive to clean it up. Jess was all excited. She wanted to get on the bus now. Tomorrow's going to be fun. Which reminds me, I have to charge the camera to get the first day of school shot. (maybe some wip's as well?)

Nate made me promise not to repeat actions taken last year on the first day of school. To catch you up, Jess cried while boarding the bus, (the noise, I forgot to prepare her for the noise.) And screamed bloody murder as the bus pulled away. ( to her credit she was only three years old.) Then I did what any rational person would do. I jumped in my car, and raced the bus to the school. Once there, I left my car and hid behind some bushes (at the time we were not sure what Jess could actually see, so why risk it?) And watched as she was escorted off the bus and to her classroom. Really once she realized that she was at school she was fine, and even excited. I then had to wait for all the kids to be unloaded from the buses and taken inside, before I could emerge from the bushes. (In retrospect, I was really lucky I was not arrested or anything.)

Anyway, I told Nate not to worry. This is all old hat now. So tomorrow I promise pictures.

Monday, August 22, 2005

2 Days until School starts.

Lemme tell you, I cannot wait. Well, I have already found an error in a couple of my numbers, and I'm still waiting for word from my test knitters. Today I need to run up to the LYS and buy some more reinforcement yarn for my sockpal socks, so I can finish those off.

Jess had a sleepover last night with her cousin. So Nate and I caught a movie. (The last movie he and I were able to go see was...Van Helsing, I believe.) We saw Wedding Crashers. It was way funnier that I thought it would be. I love Vince Vaughn.

For any of you who might be wondering, I had to take the Free pattern site down. It was SLAMMED with spams over the weekend. I'll have to set them up elsewhere.

Now back to cleaning like mad until Jess comes home.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Attn Test Knitters...

..The link I sent previously will no longer work, so if you still need a copy of the pattern, please let me know. Also, if you are interested in test knitting and I have not contacted you, it is because I do not have your email address. If you are still intersted, please email me at pinkerbell44ATyahooDOTie. Thanks, everyone. I am thinking I MIGHT make this pattern for sale (Hey I have a new car payment and no job) Would y'all still be interested in the pattern if it cost a few dollars?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A call out.

Ok, I have several of these in various stages , but I have yet to complete an entire pair.

I have the pattern written out, I'm just needing to verify some numbers. I have one volunteer to test knit. Would anyone else be interested?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

She's Alive!

Hey, look who's here... yeah it's me. My boss put some interesting computer stuff on our server at work so even blogging outside of working hours is probably out of the question (for a little while?). So yeah my posting time has been reduced to a bargaining tool (if I do _________ then I get to use the computer for _____ amount of time to blog) ha! you can see how well I've been doing with that.

Alright first a meme... Quite possibly the first I've done. Sorry guys I'm NOT entertaining in the least.

5 CDS in your player
Widespread Panic - Bombs and Butterflies
Widespread Panic - Jackassolantern
The Best of the Pet Shop Boys
Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonight (yeah that's not spelled right...)
Piddleloop.com- Summer Jams 2K5

5 movies you have seen recently

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
UHF (don't ask)
Gung Ho (again please don't ask)
Revenge of the Sith
Finding Neverland

5 nice things that have happened to you recently
Seeing Erin :)
Getting a kick ass birthday present from Erin, Nate, & Jess
Met a new boy (shhh)
My daddy bought me a TV to replace the 13 incher I was watching
New apartment (yeah haven't so much finished unpacking... probably the new boys fault ;))

5 mp3s in your play list
Um, I don't have one (I'm seriously stuck in the dark ages)

5 friends you are tagging.
I'm pretty sure that anyone I read has already done this OR would never come here to know that I tagged them. Wow Carma's sad existence... pity party over ;)

Alright knitting content (this is where tumbleweed floats through the blog)... Well I have some of a Big Bad Baby Blanket finished for my friend Kim's little one (Olivia, cute as a freaking button). It's seriously slow going... In part because of the new boy ;) (Geez, I'm just all about blaming everything on his eh?) that and it's just not all that entertaining so it's hard to keep myself motivated. But if I knit anything else I feel incredibly guilty because Olivia is going to end up getting this blanket for her high school graduation.

There is a local fibre guild that is going to have a felted hat class... I need to call for details because depending on the day(s) up to two of my coworkers might join me. My grandmother's going to be turning 80 this November and my family is throwing her a surprise party in Florida. Well she's a member of the Red Hat Society so I would really love to make her a felted red hat. And with as slow a knitter as I am I'd seriously better get on that.

My 10 year class reunion was the weekend before last (the "official" reason I went to Indiana) I didn't end up going. When it came down to it I decided that I would rather hang out with Erin and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than spend time with people I don't recall liking to begin with. I made an excellent decision if I say so myself (hey, Jen.... Good Morning Starshine... The Earth Says HELLO!) My good friend Jen went and she gave me the lowdown as well as sent me some pictures. Once I get the thumbs up I'll post a few here. She said that nothings really changed. The girls that were snots in high school are still snots today. I don't think 10 years was enough. Maybe I'll contemplate going to the 20th, but I'm not making any promises. ;)

Ok that's all for now I think I've depleted my "time". :) Don't want to blow the load all at once... :) Hopefully I'll be back soon (and with more knitting stuff and maybe pictures!)

Oh I do have a question... erin changed the background color on the blog and on her computer it's orange... But on my computer at work and the new boy's computer it's just white. Anyone else see orange? Just curious....

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder.

I most definitely have it. I'm not sure of the root cause, but it has become quite annoying.

So, as remedy I joing another Knit along.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Anyway, pictures of my weekend progress.

A new ballet Tee for Jess. She has hit a growth spurt and the old one now hits her above the belly button. This one is made from that last of the Jaeger Trinity. I really like this yarn, but my LYS only carries pastel and lame colors (although they have a limey green I kinda like.)

This is the first of 5 felted hats I need to make for Christmas gifts. I have a bunch of little girls who want hats. I have pink, blue, magenta, and two orange to make. I had borrowed Felted Knits to use one of the patterns, but tit didn't quite come out how I wanted to I started over with a pattern I made froma mish-mash of my felting hat experiences. I'm pretty pleased with it, but I am thinking I'll take all the left over yarn from all of these and make some felted flowers to tack on.

My boot sock progress. This has been my movie sock, although I have not worked on it much this weekend. I plan to finish it in the next couple weeks and send off to the lady collecting them for armed service personnel.

I have more than half of my second sockpal sock done, but no picture as it is sitting out in the car right now, and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Remember my rambling-ons about the maryjane slipper socks that Jen loaned me to figure out the pattern to? (Jen's pair are on top, the one I made on bottom.) I have one done in size small, out of Noro silk garden, and an oddball of cascade 220 for the strap. I really like it. I'm finishing the second one and then making a medium sized pair. These just might be the quick-knit Christmas gift everyone gets this year. I can get one pair out of one skein, unless I want to two to match, then I need to use two Noro skeins, But, damn, I am liking these. I have been having to work on them in secret though. Everyone who has seen it wants a pair.

Um, I'm hoping that we get a Carma post soon. I think I may need to drop out of the blog world for a week or two. I have some thinking to do. I might be able to resurface now and then, but I don't want to promise anything.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

knitting updates.

There's nothing much of interest occuring around here lately. so we'll just do a bit of knitting updates...without pictures. (camera is charging.)

ok, A while back I started a "knit your own Rockstar Knit along." yup made a yahoo group and everything. Since I have seemed to abandon it. (Bad hostess, bad.) But, I have been working on my Morrissey doll. I have him figured, except for his hair. I have the pattern all written out (done in the round. I avoid seaming when possible) so, as soon as I figure out his hair, and proof the pattern, I will post it.

Speaking of patterns, I have not forgotten the maryjane socks. I have MOST of the pattern worked out, but I needed some elasticy yarn. Enter cascade fixation. We started out all nice and polite, but things went badly very quickly. Words were said, stitches were dropped. I cannot go back to that until fixation and I make nice, which I am not yet ready to do.

Speaking of maryjanes, Jen (who also bears a fondness for maryjanes) has lent me her knitted maryjane slipper socks, that she purchased last year. They are machine knitted flat, then sewn together. (Note the aforementioned seaming avoidance.) I have them figured and I am test knitting them now. They seem to be a quick littel knit and will share the pattern as soon as I am satisfied with it.

In other knit news, I have one sockapaltwo-za sock completed and the other on the needles. They'll be done in planty of time to make the deadline.

Speaking of socks, Carma had brought me some sock yarn from a lady she met at the sheep and wool fest she went ot in Iowa. (I do not remember the details.) Anyway, this lady gave us sock yarn, to make socks (any size, style you want, as long as they are long enough to be worn under boots.) to then send back to her. She is then going to box up all the donated socks to send to servicemen and women. Like I said, she gave us the yarn, and an envelope to send her the socks back. Carma has more details on this, so If any of you would be interested, leave a comment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Markers, meme, etc

Ok, Let's catch up, shall we?

Friday (or rather very early Saturday morning,) *ahem, grin* Carma arrived here for the weekend. (If you are curious why she arrived around 2 am, ask her.) Saturday we all just hung out, and Saturday night, Carma blew off her high school reunion. (can't really say that I blamed her.) for more hanging out and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. By the way, I LOVED this movie. I'm trying to figure out how I can go see it again.

Anyhow, Carma left on Sunday, and My Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law arrived on Monday. Another very nice visit. They helped us celebrate Jessie's birthday. Then Tuesday we hopped the South Shore to CHicago, to go to the Museum of Science and Industry. Kind of a disappointing trip. The train was filled to capacity, the museum was VERY crowded, and on the train back, we found some scattered seats in the VERY LAST CAR. The day ended with a huge migraine, so I feel very badly that Yesterday did not fare better. Jess and I saw my in-laws off this morning and then we registered Jess for school. (YAY!)

But look at all the fun mail I have gotten! These came from Bente, in Germany. Danke shoen!

These from Katie along with a nifty little blanket pattern. Thank you.

I do have a finished object for you. A fall jacket for Jess. made from Rowan Polar and Lion boulce. The only problem is I guessed on sizing, since the four year old will not sit still long enough to measure, and instead of being somewhat oversized, like I had planned...It FITs. Oh well, she'll use it as long as she can.

Now, Jen has tagged me with a meme, so here it goes:

5 CDS in your player
(I have a 6 cd changer, hence the extra CD)
Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend.
Frank Sinatra- A Swingin' Affair
Soul Coughing- Ruby Vroom
Lisa Loeb- Tails
Piddleloop.com- Summer Jams 2K5
Cake- I forget which one. The one with "rock 'n roll lifestyle" on it.)

5 movies you have seen recently
I'm Not counting the endless sesame street videos I am subjected to.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
Not another Teen Movie
The Incredibles
Finding Neverland

5 nice things that have happened to you recently
Visit from Carma!
A very nice visit with my in-laws. (I have pretty great in-laws)
My mother giving us a newer microwave.
My marker mania mail!
My new car (with Air conditioning!)

5 mp3s in your play list
Well, I do not have an mp3 player (On the Christmas List.)
I had a few on my computer, but they seem to have been deleteed long ago.

5 friends you are tagging.
Carma (duh)
hmmm. I don't know....anyone up for the challenge? Leave a comment.

Monday, August 08, 2005


...four years ago, my life changed forever. Four years ago I became a mother.

Happy Birthday, Babygirl.

Friday, August 05, 2005

markers, progress, and sci fi

Look what came in the mail yesterday, from Cj. The package also included some tootsie pops, but Jess has laid claim to them. (Isn't the litttle sheep just too cute.)

A progress shot of my NEW sockpaltwo-za sock. This one's out of silky wool with the same petticoat pattern. I like it a lot better. No fuzzing. No snags.

I think I may a have a problem with angora. Behold my one skein wonder. Made from artful yarns serenade, color 6002.(70% prima cotton, 30% angora.) It took two skeins.

It's REALLY soft, but you should have seen how much fuzz had been deposited on my shirt front, while working on it. It makes my nose itch and run. Knit a row, blow my nose, repeat.

A progress shot of the tablecloth that threatens my sanity. I estimate it's roughly eighteen inches in diameter, unblocked.

I'm excited. Well, Carma's coming out today, but that's not all. Not only was I told that the sci fi channel was airing Firefly, (man that makes me wish I had cable.) but there is a movie coming out September 30th.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Promised Party Pictures...

...well, at least a few. There's not much else going on around here. I have not finished anything lately (yeah yeah I'm slacking.) Today some very soft yarn has been whispering sweet nothings in my ear and coaxing me to make it into a One skein Wonder. I'm happily obliging.

Onto the photos.

Jess and cousin, Emily, enjoying some birthday cake. Jess is not actually eating hers. she had more fun just moving it around the plate.

The birthday girl opening her gift and enthusiastically announcing she has received, "BLUE PAPER!" It was actually clothes, but everyone had a laugh at the blue paper. She was very excited about it...didn't want us to throw it out.

On her new bike. She had been asking for this bike for months. She even got a new helmet too. She refused to take the helmet off.

Here is evidence that our hospitality comes at a price. Our Niece has been put to work mowing the lawn, as her baby sister rallies for her.

(Actually, Jenna was very intrigued by our "weird" mower and wanted to try it out. It was mere coincidence that Abby was watching, pom poms in hand.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Marker Mania

Well, I survived the weekend. The party went well and the houseguests seemed to enjoy themsleves. I did not take pictures, I left that to my father-in-law, but I have not received the pictures yet, so hold tight. Jess really got into the party this year. AND we were able to sing Happy Birthday to her without incident. (Jess has always gotten upset whenever this song is sung. I mean screaming, crying, frightened, upset.)

Saturday I got my first marker mania package from Cathi.

She writes that she noticed my fondness of Dr. Pepper and sent a Dr. Pepper flavored Lipsmacker. Also that she "cribbed" the packaging from Jen after seeing the markers she sent to Stacey.Here's a better shot of the markers. Aren't they great?