Thursday, August 11, 2005

knitting updates.

There's nothing much of interest occuring around here lately. so we'll just do a bit of knitting updates...without pictures. (camera is charging.)

ok, A while back I started a "knit your own Rockstar Knit along." yup made a yahoo group and everything. Since I have seemed to abandon it. (Bad hostess, bad.) But, I have been working on my Morrissey doll. I have him figured, except for his hair. I have the pattern all written out (done in the round. I avoid seaming when possible) so, as soon as I figure out his hair, and proof the pattern, I will post it.

Speaking of patterns, I have not forgotten the maryjane socks. I have MOST of the pattern worked out, but I needed some elasticy yarn. Enter cascade fixation. We started out all nice and polite, but things went badly very quickly. Words were said, stitches were dropped. I cannot go back to that until fixation and I make nice, which I am not yet ready to do.

Speaking of maryjanes, Jen (who also bears a fondness for maryjanes) has lent me her knitted maryjane slipper socks, that she purchased last year. They are machine knitted flat, then sewn together. (Note the aforementioned seaming avoidance.) I have them figured and I am test knitting them now. They seem to be a quick littel knit and will share the pattern as soon as I am satisfied with it.

In other knit news, I have one sockapaltwo-za sock completed and the other on the needles. They'll be done in planty of time to make the deadline.

Speaking of socks, Carma had brought me some sock yarn from a lady she met at the sheep and wool fest she went ot in Iowa. (I do not remember the details.) Anyway, this lady gave us sock yarn, to make socks (any size, style you want, as long as they are long enough to be worn under boots.) to then send back to her. She is then going to box up all the donated socks to send to servicemen and women. Like I said, she gave us the yarn, and an envelope to send her the socks back. Carma has more details on this, so If any of you would be interested, leave a comment.

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