Friday, August 05, 2005

markers, progress, and sci fi

Look what came in the mail yesterday, from Cj. The package also included some tootsie pops, but Jess has laid claim to them. (Isn't the litttle sheep just too cute.)

A progress shot of my NEW sockpaltwo-za sock. This one's out of silky wool with the same petticoat pattern. I like it a lot better. No fuzzing. No snags.

I think I may a have a problem with angora. Behold my one skein wonder. Made from artful yarns serenade, color 6002.(70% prima cotton, 30% angora.) It took two skeins.

It's REALLY soft, but you should have seen how much fuzz had been deposited on my shirt front, while working on it. It makes my nose itch and run. Knit a row, blow my nose, repeat.

A progress shot of the tablecloth that threatens my sanity. I estimate it's roughly eighteen inches in diameter, unblocked.

I'm excited. Well, Carma's coming out today, but that's not all. Not only was I told that the sci fi channel was airing Firefly, (man that makes me wish I had cable.) but there is a movie coming out September 30th.

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