Thursday, July 28, 2005

small and furry

YOu have all got to head over to Jen's blog and see the very cute pictures of Jess and Zander playing yesterday. They had a ball. well, go on, I'll wait for you to get back.

*la deda, la deda, do dado, do da do, hmm mm mm, hmm mmm mm.*

Cute huh?

Children, bless'em. They grow so fast, they learn new things everyday. Like today, for instance, Jess learned how to aide and abet a fugitive hamster.

Among my massive "Chores-to-be-done-before-the-party-and-houseguests-arrive-list" was to clean the hamster cage. Animal has a little pink ball he runs around in while out of his cage. Jess loves chasing him around the house.

So, today Animal ran around the house in his little pink hamster ball, and Jess cheerfully chased after. As I was just reassembling the cage, Jess ran down the hall, approached me holding the pink ball and asking me to fix it. Then I noticed she was holding an EMPTY pink ball.

Luckily, I found the fugitive in minutes and returned him safely to his cage. NOTE TO SELF: Self, tape ball lid closed when letting Animal and Jess play together.

Jess was suppose to see her cousin today so I could have some quality time with my bathtub and kitchen floor, but I have not gotten ahold of my SIL. I was also hoping to go to the Bmv and pay for my plates before the first. (Jess and long, boring, pointless waiting have an adverse effect on my health.)

Knitting content? hmmm sorry not today. Hopefully I will finish my chore list early and be able to relax on Friday. Don't laugh.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


So much for my promise of sporadic posting, eh?

Actually, in spite of Jess' wretched behavior in the last few days (weeks), things have been going quite well around here. Today, though, I have hit a couple snags. Today my SIL was to watch Jess so I could get a majority of my chores/errands accomplished. I have yet to be able to get a hold of her, No bother really, upon thinking further, tomorrow would be more advantageous for me to have some free time.

The second is a literal snag. My sockapaltwoza (does anyone else think that's just fun to say?) sock, has not only snagged, but I have noticed the finished one, is starting to pill and fuzz. It's not even been blocked yet! I have made socks from baby Ull before without a problem, although I usally knit them much tighter then these were knit. I love the pattern and color choice, but I'm going to have to pick up a better suited yarn for them and start over, I think.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

sock obsessed.

First, I have an apology to offer. See, for the last month or two, I have been cursing my Stupid dial up, for randomly prohibiting me from logging on, booting me off in thirty second intervals, and for being terribly S-L-O-W. Well, the stupid dial up was not the culprit.

Enter the faulty phone line, ran to a jack we never use. Nate, being the smart cookie he is, wondered if maybe fault was to lie in the line itself. Upon checking it, he removed the old line and all of the problems I had previously associated with my Stupid dial up disappeared. I'm sorry Stupid dial up.

Onto provide evidence of my recent startitis...well... I don't wanna. Instead I leave you with the project the has captured my attention--er at least for the last few hours. Remember these socks?

Well, I'm trying to work out the pattern. This is just protocol mind you, as this sock is not functional.

"Heh?" you say? well you see the socks I bought look like this, unstreched. VERY Elasticy.(yeah I don't think it's a real word, but you catch my drift.) So, in order to achieve a fully functioning Mary Jane sock, I'll need to pick up some elasticy yarn.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Note to readers.

Has anyone noticed my acute case of Startitis? I seem to have the attention span of a gnat lately. I think I know why. This time of year I start my Christmas crafting. I go nuts. Plus I'm REALLY looking forward to Jess going back to school, so that I can give something (besides Miss Thing) my undivided attention for more than two minutes.

This week you must forgive me. I anticipate sporadic poasts and not much going on, except for my occasional frantic rant. We are having a Birthday party for Jess on Saturday. This means a house full of out of town guests, (my in-laws) and thirty-plus people welcomed into my home on Saturday. Jess' birthday is not until the 8th, but she has the unfortunate fate of being born smack dab in the middle of all the family reunions. THis means the only way to be diplomatic and not potentially upset any family members who might feel snubbed, we hold her party way early.

So, once again I apologize in advance.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Found: Previously missing best friend...

Film at 11...

Yeah, so I'm thinking I may need to reintroduce myself. I'm Carma ;) The other half of this best friend thingy. A couple excuses then I'll get onto the actual posting.

I moved out of the Ghetto Castle and thereby disconnected my land line AND my dial up internets connection. THEN work got busier the SNOT so I can sneek in a post here and there from there. I'm going to be getting the internets at my new place eventually but I would like to get cable access & right now I'm pretty sure the ancient computer I have can't handle it. So I'm waiting to see if I have a prayer of getting my dad's old work computer or if I'm going to just break down and get myself a new one.

And (excuse #2... you didn't think that I would be gone for WEEKS and come back with only one excuse did you?) I've been doing some heavy thinking... Thinking that led me to break up with my boyfriend. That's really all I'm going to say about that now.

Oh and I was going to have a picture of my new 'do (everytime something life changing occurs I change either the length, style, or color of my hair) but it's 9,000 degrees outside today so I'm looking less than stellar at the moment. You'll just have to wait to see the (red) highlights and POOFY hairstyle I've been sporting. I figure that if the humidity is going to do it anyway I might as well just go with it. I like it but the style does give me a start everytime I catch myself in the mirror. It's not that different from what I used to sport (it's hard to be creative when you're hair is less than 2 inches long) but for me it seems different. So yeah anyway my friend (who assures me he ALWAYS takes good pictures... I'm SO going to prove him wrong) is going to take a picture of it one of these days.

Knitting news...

I finished the middle portion of Nicholas's blanket, now I just need help from my knitting guru (*ahem* known to the rest of you as Erin) on adding the seed stitch border. I think it's going to be really cute.

I started another Big Bad Baby Blanket for Olivia (college roommate, Kim's little one). I'm already 30 rows into it... Which doesn't sound like much I'm sure but I'm also somewhat "disconnected" from my knitting stuff right now. See, I kind of started SHOVING stuff in my spare bedroom in my new place and the knitting stuff was one of the first thing that went inside that very room. But I'm working on that (well not RIGHT NOW but you get my point). Another coworker is moving next week and she needs my boxes so I NEED to get them unpacked. I'm trying not to just unpack them into a big pile on the floor next to where the box was... that's not so much working but, hey, I never said I wasn't a work in progress....

You know it's funny in my day to day life (ok maybe not the frequently my life isn't THAT exciting) things happen and I think "Man, I HAVE to blog about this" but then when I actually get a chance to sit down in front of a computer I get serious writer's block. There's a part of me that keeps thinking that if I had a computer with good 'Net connection and a digital camera I would be really on top of things. Then again do I want to invest so much money to test that theory? Any thoughts? I've been thinking about shelling out money for an upgraded cell phone with the camera feature because I ALWAYS have my phone with me. But so many people keep telling me that if I want a digital camera I should just get the camera... But again will I just leave the camera at home all the time like I do with the more traditional one that I currently own? Oy... decisions decisions decisions.

Actually there's a cell phone company that is offering a buy one get one camera phone with a new line of service. Now I already have a line of service but maybe if ERIN wanted to get a cell phone (for all the traveling she's going to be doing with the new job...) maybe we could work something out. Well that and I think it would be WAY too much fun for her and I to both have them... I could send her all kinds of stuff. But pretty much as a rule she's not fond of them. :( Which I can understand. I only have a cell phone and believe me I love it. Although it did take me a while to get used to not trying to look at the answering machine to see if anyone called while I was out.

Oy I think I need to go... I'm being seranaded Shena Easton songs (my apologies to Ms Easton). More later I PROMISE (I have a running deal with the owner of the computer that I'm on so...)

***Added later***
I really am MAC stupid because I can't seem to get the tool bar in blogger that allows me to change the font or the color. Hmmm Maybe I can change the tomorrow at work real quick from my PC. hmmmm

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Insanity and cute socks

So, it's 1 am, I'm once again unable to sleep, nibbling on stale popcorn (I LOVE stale popcorn), and rejoicing, because I am FINALLY able to log on. (Stupid dial-up.)

I'll start with my insanity. This is to be a tablecloth...

...for my mother-in-law...for Christmas. It's a circular shawl pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac. Shall we start a pool, and place bets as to when this project will break my already compromised sanity?

Have I mentioned how much I love these stupid little socks? Seriously, I'm going to have to figure out how to make them. I show you a picture of my happy feet this morning. Have you seen these socks?... No seriously have you? Shortly after snapping this picture, Jess pulled them off of my feet and took off with them. I have not yet found them...or the orange ones.

Jess and I fared a good bit better today than we have been, even in light of her sock thievery. I'm still counting the days 'til School starts.

Look what came in the mail today from FreddyKnits! (I am assuming she got my name in the marker mania. *CORRECTION--Freddy knits is NOT part of Marker Mania and sent me these wonderful gifties, "Just'cuz". -sniff- I'm all vehklempt. Tawk amongst yourselves....* She spoils me rotten. Look at the lovely gifties.
And a better look at the gorgeous markers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bad day

It was just a normal day around here. Jess and I strolled though our daily routine. I felted some hats.

Jess' fair isle, which *just* fits now, so It might just be part of my niece's Christmas gift. Also, my Cascade tweed bucket hat. Displayed here on a bucket.

I left in the washer far too long, and now fits Jessie's head.

After that little bummer, I thought, "Hey, maybe we should head to Michigan City and see Lesa at the Sit 'n Knit." Jess and I loaded in the car and headed that way. As were walking to the door of the shop we saw that Jen and Zander are there, so we had a nice little visit. Jess and I came home, and Jess declared WAR!

Seriously. She and I battled all afternoon, Nate came home to Jess in a baskethold and me crying. What made it the worse, was when Nate walked up to us and Jess, mid-scream, cut short and gave a delightful, "Hi, Daddy!"

Nate picked her up and told me to go do whatever I needed to regain my sanity. (Notice that Nate coming home to this sight did not phase him at all. Yes, it's been a fun summer.)

So, I headed off to my Stitch n Bitch.

My day was vastly improving, until I inadvertently gave away the casualty in the new Harry Potter book, (I'm so Sorry I-like-limes-Lisa.) If I could have crawled under the table and disappeared I would have. After my meeting I didn't quite feel like coming home yet. So, I went to the only store open at 10 pm, Super Walmart, convinced I would buy some things for Jess' upcoming Birthday party. I did, but I also bought these.

I am sure I have professed my love of all things Mary Jane. (Er-- In the LEGAL sense of the term. Not really all things Mary Jane...ahem) So how geeked was I when I saw these socks? The sad part is there was no one present to show them to.

I hoping tomorrow is a better day. It's the first day of the Porter County Fair, although we probably will not go. Jess does not do well in crowds, and she's getting far too big to carry. We'll see.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Busy weekend

I'm sorry about the no-post Friday I was far tooexcited about getting my Harry potter book at Midnight. Friday night I arrived at the local B&N to standing-room only chaos. (I preordered I stood in line Friday afternoon for my numbered wristband, #85, I would now refer you to the title of the Blog.) But I did run into Professor Trelawney.

The book went on sale at Midnight, I was out of there by 12:09, and read until I could no longer pry my eyes open.

Saturday was busy. I woke up, read some more and headed off to help with Jill's baby shower. I took my book along, to sit in the corner and read a paragraph or two in the lulls of action.

Sunday, I was invited to see a show with some friends.

I LOVE IT! The show is very much different from the book. Both very well done. playing elphaba, was ANa gasteyer, of Saturday night fame. She had wonderful timing and a pretty fair voice. I think she fit the part well.

Last but not least, although I did not do much knitting, I did make some progress on my second sock pal sock, and I started this.

I bought the kit and the Michigan City Sit n KNit, and it's to be Jess' new winter hat.

Jess and i are not up to much today, I'm waiting for a friend to drop by to pick up my Harry potter book. I finished it, I know the identity of the half-blood prince, and who dies. I'm DYING to have somebody to talk to about it.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting updates

Ok, where to begin... Tuesday, yes Tuesday sounds right.

Tuesday, Jess and I picked Jill up, and after a quick trip to the yarn shop,(Did I buy yarn? Yes. I have fallen "off the wagon".) we came here so I could walk her through her first hat. Here's the hat I made. (stash yarn cascade 220 tweed. Not yet felted)

Jill did not quite finish hers, but I plan on seeing her later this week.

Speaking of Jill, I finished the baby sweater to add to her baby shower gift. Here is the cardigan.

(stash yarn Plymouth encore colorspun in a very cute, but Impossible to photograph multi-color)

I have casted on my second sock pal sock, but I have not gotten much past that.

Yesterday, Jess had a playdate with Jen's nephew Zander. It was a little rough at first, but by the end of the afternoon they were having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures, but I think Jen snapped a couple.

Jen and I were talking and, Carma, she told me that Brad's aunts have sold the shop! (First off, I was giggling that Jen was talking about Sandy Dog like we do.) The sisters are retiring and have sold the shop to a nice woman from California. Lady and the Stamp will live on.

Last night I cast on yet another FBS. This time in purple flake cotton (Not stash yarn, but cheap. I like this stuff). I was showing the denim one to Nate and asking him what he thought of it for his Aunt Ida. He liked it, but inquired of the care instructions. Being that it's a hand wash item, and Ida now in assisted living care, he was concerned that it might be ruined if not cared for properly. So I decided to make her a bigger one out of the flake cotton, so that if it is machine washed, all is not lost.

Tonight is movie night at Lesa's. We are watching Saved, and I'm hoping to get some info about the when and what of the MC Sit n Knit class schedule.

I have all my stitch marker mania stuff ready to go, I just need to drop by the post office. Hopefully I can do that today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Breathe deep.

Today I realized something about myself that I am having issue. I am addicted to the blogs. This morning I could not log on. After a brief bout of anxiety, and a major bum had, I sucked it up and carried on.

Really, how pathetic am I?

I have no pictures for you tonight. I hope to post tomorrow. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA! (whew! Three minutes to spare.)

Monday, July 11, 2005

We have a winner.

Well, Jen was correct with her guess of the petticoat sock from Weekend Knitting. All of the guesses were very good though. I had not looked at Broadripple before, I might have to make that one next. (Lord knows I have enough sock yarn.)

I have one sockpal sock done, and one to go. I'm using Dale of Norway Baby Ull and I'm very pleased with how this one has turned out, although it's going to need a little blocking I think.
In a lull between finishing sock one and starting sock two, I dug out Jess' blanket and added a couple more squares to it. I think I'm going to have to finish it soon. Everytime I pull it out, Jess steals it from me.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Contest prize. Any takers?

Look what Jen made me. If'd you'd like some of your own drop her a line.

More sock progress. Anybody ready to guess?

"But, Erin," you say, "What does a right answer get me?"

One nylon mesh pouch, one set of stitch markers (shrinky dinks) and one skein of fabu koigu.

I met Tara, Rebecca, Jen and Lesa up at Barnes and Noble last night. Lesa will be opening the new Sit n Knit shop on Saturday. She has also informed me that Kim and Jack have given me the stamp of approval to be a knit instructor, then inquired if I would be willing to work part time. Am I excited? Does a frog bump its ass when it hops? I've just gotta make sure I can work this all out.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Uh, take three?

After the fourth repeat of trying to wrestle the Trinity yarn in a gauge that made it very unhappy, (Apparently this color wants to be a shawl too.) I gave up on my second attempt. My fingers cried, "Uncle", and we went in search of a different yarn.

Same pattern, mind you, (only slightly modified) With an on-going contest of "Who can name the pattern" for a prize to be named.
I give you the third attempt at my sockpal sock.

I'm quite happy with it. I may even get around to making myself a pair (I know!) And yes, I know I have freakishly small hands.

I'm meeting some of the girls tonight at Barnes and Noble. It'll be nice to get out for a bit.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sockapaltwo-za...take two.

I had most of the foot of my first sockpal sock done. I unravelled it. I really like the self striping regia, but the socks I REALLY want to make need to be a solid color.

Just coming off my "Flower-basket-shawl-using-Jaeger-Trinity-high", I've decided to cast on with the lipstick color I have and make the socks I want to make. Hopefully my "pal" will like them.(NOTE: Color is actually not as orange in person.)

*Extra credit question: I have a prize for the first one who correctly identifies the pattern I'm using.*

A Fond Farewell.

Ok, I promise after this post to become un-car-obsessed.

Yesterday, I signed over the title to my Eagle Vision to the Junk man.

It was a bit akward, the new car parked along side the old, as I salvaged all I could from the old and leave her to her scrap metal fate.

I am upset at one thing I could not salvage.

I've had Goofy since....1997? He used to ride along with me when I had my Ford Ranger, then he was moved to the Vision in 2001. Since then He has melted to the atennae and there was no way I was going to be able to pry him off. *sniff* I'll miss him.

In knitting news (Knitting....on a knitting blog?! NO!) The second flower basket shawl is done. It needs a good blocking. I am very pleased with the trinity yarn I used for this project. (Thanks, Tricky!)

Now it's onto my Sockapaltwo-za socks. Oh, and my marker mania stitch markers.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


...Happy Birthday! In honor of you a blog orange. (Yeah I'm over an hour late for it to truly be Carma's birthday. It's still the Fourth somewhere. Bite me)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ding ding ding ding ding

Jen guessed right. We bought a 2005 Nissan Altima. moonroof, Bose sound system. This thing is NICE. The pic doesn't do it justice.

Now, I know what my problem regarding the layout of this blog is. Since the sidebar is actually part of the main page and something in the body of the blog has throuwn it out of whack. Blogger "Help" just tells me that yeah that happens sometimes, but offers no solution. I need to seperate the body and the sidebar, but I'm not sure how. (Having no real experience with such matters outside of this blog.) Anyone have suggestions?

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Iowa Becomes ONE

I just read everyone's favorite Harlot write about watching Live 8 and feeling overwhelming guilt for living in a country that has so much. As one who is sitting in my soon-to-be ex apartment watching a montage of the concerts on TV I COMPLETELY understand what she is feeling. So in an attempt to staunt the potential flow of tears I started tooling around the ONE campaign blog. Surprisingly (although in retrospect I'm not sure why) I found yet another reason why I'm glad I live in Iowa. Iowa Becomes ONE I bet there are a lot of people in a lot of states out there that are shocked they want their states to take after this land of corn and pigs.

Any of you that are so inclined to add your voice to the Live8 petition and/or to the ONE campaign that would really be great. (I can't currently find the link to the Live8 petition but Stephanie has it and I'm sure you know where to find her :) )


Friday, July 01, 2005


Cool Medical Moment #38
At Jess' eye check up today, the Doc asked if there had been any noticable changes in Jess' vision, as he updates hher file with various nnotes. (Do you ever wonder just what they are writing about? If I were to peak in there, would I find little doodles and partial grocery lists?)

I replied with, "Well, actually, she is seeing colors. (Mind you Jess last check up was in October.)" The doc dropped his pen and looked at me in disbelief. Then decided to test her out and was even more flabbergasted. It. Was. Awesome.

Just three and a half years ago they were telling us Jess would "at best" see shadows. Awesome.

Well, we picked up the car, and after driving around and showing it to a few loved ones, and sitting in our drive and playing with the radio, we came inside only to realize that I had not taken a picture of our new addition. It's dark now, so y'all just have to wait.

I do leave you with a clue.

Anyone care to guess?

hold tight

Yesterday, Carma called me. The call seemed innocent enough. "How are ya?...How's everyone?...Moving's coming along...Ok, spill about the car."

I told her she was going to have to wait, because I was not telling until it was parked in my drive. (ETA this afternoon)

Since we got nothing for my trade in, Nate calling our insurance guy to see how much it would be to keep a policy on it. THe mechanic has yet to give us the low down, but if it's not too bad, Nate wants to keep it. (I married into a family of pack rats. SERIOUSLY) But actually Nate's thinking of driving it to work, if we can't get anything for it. I think he's crazy, but we'll see.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Another couple days couped up and Jess and I would have problems.

Ok, off to figure out how to get Jess to the eye docotr with no vehicle.