Friday, July 01, 2005

hold tight

Yesterday, Carma called me. The call seemed innocent enough. "How are ya?...How's everyone?...Moving's coming along...Ok, spill about the car."

I told her she was going to have to wait, because I was not telling until it was parked in my drive. (ETA this afternoon)

Since we got nothing for my trade in, Nate calling our insurance guy to see how much it would be to keep a policy on it. THe mechanic has yet to give us the low down, but if it's not too bad, Nate wants to keep it. (I married into a family of pack rats. SERIOUSLY) But actually Nate's thinking of driving it to work, if we can't get anything for it. I think he's crazy, but we'll see.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Another couple days couped up and Jess and I would have problems.

Ok, off to figure out how to get Jess to the eye docotr with no vehicle.

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