Monday, July 18, 2005

Busy weekend

I'm sorry about the no-post Friday I was far tooexcited about getting my Harry potter book at Midnight. Friday night I arrived at the local B&N to standing-room only chaos. (I preordered I stood in line Friday afternoon for my numbered wristband, #85, I would now refer you to the title of the Blog.) But I did run into Professor Trelawney.

The book went on sale at Midnight, I was out of there by 12:09, and read until I could no longer pry my eyes open.

Saturday was busy. I woke up, read some more and headed off to help with Jill's baby shower. I took my book along, to sit in the corner and read a paragraph or two in the lulls of action.

Sunday, I was invited to see a show with some friends.

I LOVE IT! The show is very much different from the book. Both very well done. playing elphaba, was ANa gasteyer, of Saturday night fame. She had wonderful timing and a pretty fair voice. I think she fit the part well.

Last but not least, although I did not do much knitting, I did make some progress on my second sock pal sock, and I started this.

I bought the kit and the Michigan City Sit n KNit, and it's to be Jess' new winter hat.

Jess and i are not up to much today, I'm waiting for a friend to drop by to pick up my Harry potter book. I finished it, I know the identity of the half-blood prince, and who dies. I'm DYING to have somebody to talk to about it.

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