Friday, July 01, 2005


Cool Medical Moment #38
At Jess' eye check up today, the Doc asked if there had been any noticable changes in Jess' vision, as he updates hher file with various nnotes. (Do you ever wonder just what they are writing about? If I were to peak in there, would I find little doodles and partial grocery lists?)

I replied with, "Well, actually, she is seeing colors. (Mind you Jess last check up was in October.)" The doc dropped his pen and looked at me in disbelief. Then decided to test her out and was even more flabbergasted. It. Was. Awesome.

Just three and a half years ago they were telling us Jess would "at best" see shadows. Awesome.

Well, we picked up the car, and after driving around and showing it to a few loved ones, and sitting in our drive and playing with the radio, we came inside only to realize that I had not taken a picture of our new addition. It's dark now, so y'all just have to wait.

I do leave you with a clue.

Anyone care to guess?

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