Monday, January 31, 2005

Son of BOB?

Wow that Manos stuff felts fast. When I went to check on it, it was all creased and felted shut. I had to take a paring knife to it.
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Second beaded Sophie purse. It's still has some creases I need to work on, but I like it. I think at least one of the next two (Did I say two? Yeah I think I did. Carma you might need to think about arranging a Sophie bag intervention.)I'll make unbeaded.
And yes, that is a pumpkin in the background. Jess grew pumpkins in the back yard this fall. We had a few out front, but she insisted on an indoor pumpkin. Now she won't let us get rid of it. (She's so like her father. Carma, Do you remember, Bob, the pumpkin?)

February 2000. I meet Nate. Nate had a pumpkin that sat on his hearth. He had Named it Bob. Bob was from the previous Halloween. "How cute." I thought.

June 2000. Nate and I are sort of officially dating. Bob the pumpkin is still on the hearth. I'm afraid to go near it. It's Nate's pumpkin after all. I'm sure he'll do something about it.

July 2000. Ok, I'm pretty much living with Nate (though at the time I refused to admit it.) I notice Bob is leaning. I walk over, and poke Bob with my finger. My finger goes though Bob. YUCK!!!
I had to scrape, what was at that point, The gelatinous remains of Bob off of the hearth and into the trash.

I'm fearful I might have another Bob on my hands here.


We had my family over Saturday as a belated birthday celebration. My mother gave me X-men and X2 DVD'S. See, I have a thing for Hugh Jackman. I have a thing for Wolverine. You combine both of them in a movie, and I'm in heaven. (I also have a slight crush on Alan Cumming as "Nightcrawler" in X2. I think it's the German.)

Yes, I'm weird. I know.

I finally finished Nate's sock while watching both, and trying not to drool *too much* on it.
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Bum bada bum!

So Now I'm trying to finish my Dad's fuzzy feet.

I also "handled" my beaded Sophie purse,
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made another one,
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and started a new one.
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Just trying to keep busy, while I wait for the Natalya mitts yarn to arrive. I made Carma pick out her yarn, and while she did, she picked out some for me as well. Isn't she a sweetie?

I also made a little barter with her. I told her I would send her my needle roll (It's a boogybag, which I do not use. It's great but I think it's just too much organization for me, and I cannot keep my double points in it as most are too short for the pockets.) If she would knit me a scarf with the yarn I'm sending along with it. I keep meaning to make it for myself, but I always put it off.

Well, I'm off to ponder why men are so irrational.....I may be a while.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Good and the Bad...

Well, talked to the vet today about Ribbon's bloodwork....

The vet's concerns were originally about her tyroid, liver and kidneys. Apparently these are the first things that tend to go on senior cats (again, she's seventeen and a half). Her bloodwork shows that these are actually quite good... Way better than the vet was anticipating. She said she was shocked and had to look at the results a good couple times. Also Ribby's bloodwork doesn't show any indication of infection.

That is the good news.

Here is the bad news...

Her bloodwork indicates that she has some kind of cancer. Yup, cancer. :( The vet and I are pretty sure that it is either in her eye or in that ballpark (her right eye has some serious cloudiness). On Wednesday Ribbon got an anti-inflamatory shot from the vet and that has done just wonders for her. She's eating and back to acting more like her ol' usual self. The vet gave me pretty much two options... and one she didn't really "recommend". That non-recommended one was taking Ribbon immediately to Iowa State for oodles of tests etc. But she said that other than that option being LOTS of money there's really no guarantee it will "help" etc. I mean say they decide to remove her eye that kind of procedure, not to mention everything leading up to that decision and procedure could take a LOT of starch out of her and therefore lessen her quality of life. So the other option is to continue with the anti-inflamatories and, as the vet put it, "help her limp along as comfortable as possible." Now don't get me wrong if/ when she gets to the point where she is in pain and there is nothing we can do for her I am going to make the decision to put her down. I don't want to "reward" her for years of unconditional love and support with her being miserable and in pain.

So now I have to just deal with the pain and almost unbearable guilt of feeling like I'm giving up.... Alright not going to dwell on THAT too much right now... otherwise... lots of tears...

I went over to Mason-Dixon Knitting and saw that Ann has gotten some more pictures of quilts for her "fambly" from Elmira Sanders from Greenville, Alabama (you seriously need to go, right now, over there and read that whole heart warming story). This leads me to a question, is it possible to quilt a cat? Or would it be put a cat in a quilt? Hmmm....

(I love quilts and would someday love to own an actual handmade one... you'd think with all the Amish around here I could get on that... and I'm REALLY going to miss my Ribby *SOB*)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Tiger Lily resized.

Much better don't you think? Except now there are my unkept eyebrows for all to see. Huh, who knew my glasses were crooked...

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Birthday booty

Ahh... What a great day. The sun is shining, I'm drinking coffee out of my sheepy mug, and I have a valid reason to toss all WIPS aside to start a new project. Carma is now researching what yarn she wants for her mitts.

Yesterday, Nate took me birthday shopping. He bought me a new bedding set. (It's so nice. I would take a picture, but you would all ridicule me for our "little mermaid" paint scheme. Our bedroom used to house two little girls, and we have yet to repaint it.)

He bought me a Stevie Wonder CD. (I suspect he did this because he was sick of hearing me sing "superstition" acappella.)

And, Carma, a new printer! Can you imagine? A non-temperamental printer that actually works. No constant blinky lights. No small fortune to replace ink cartridges, no printer-possessed moments at 2 am when the printer turns itself on and shoots out paper at will. If I could do a proper cartwheel in celebration I would.

While out last night, I thought I would wear my new "Tiger Lily" hat. But there was a snag in this plan. It's too big. Now I used this pattern, and took a few liberties with the color stripes. Other than that I had spot on gauge, and followed the directions to a tee. I made the smallest size. When I tried it on...
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Oh wait--my bad....
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So Tiger Lily will be going into the washer today, in efforts to felt it to a proper size. Yesterday I ended my post with an attempted entrelac. This is what have so far.
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I realize I do not have enough for a scarf, so I am not sure what this will end up being, but it pretty and I like it.

How much do you love me?

Here is my pathetic plea to my (dorky) best friend....

Is there any way I could convince you to make me a my size pair of fingerless mits al la Norma? Or those wristwarmer things she's recently become obsessed with?

I know I know I need to learn how to make such items myself and I assure you one of these days I will BUT with my current project list and knitting speed (read: slower than molasses in, well, January) it will take me until summer to make myself a pair. And it's cold here now and I'm functionally useless in gloves/mittens.

So if you would be so kind... I'll be your best friend *batting eyelashes coyly* I'll also either purchase the yarn, purchase you OTHER yarn, or all of the above. If it will cause more stress or if you just don't feel like knitting a pair I will TOTALLY understand I just thought I would throw it out to your knitting goddess feet and see. :)

Thank you for listening to my request, fair knitting goddess ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A girl's got to have accessories

*due to a minor technical glitch, pictures will be posted later this afternoon.*
Added Later: I found-- er, worked out my technical difficulties with my camera.

I met Tara and Sue for "Stitches at Noon" in the new VU library. pretty swanky place. Sue was making a VERY cute bag from the Pursenalities book. (By the way, Carma, I did have time to go by the cafe and pick up my vegetarian wrap. Yup, it was a good day, in spite of the crappy weather.)
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Speaking of purses, here are my two buttonhole bags. The greenish brown one is made out of worsted odds and ends,(mostly naturespun and jo sharp silkroad tweed) and the purple out of Lamb's Pride Bulky. Curious how the bulky one is smaller...

Here's the Manos del Uruguay wrap I've blogged about, but not shown you. I worked on it mostly while watching King Arthur and Return of the King, so Of course it begged for celtic knotwork-type buttons.
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If I had Go-go-gadget arms, I could model it. Here's a pathetic attempt at modeling and picture taking at the same time.
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If you are wondering, I am standing on the lip of the tub, and taking a picture of my reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror.

While at my LYS Tuesday, I saw a color of Lamb's Pride Bulky that I fell in love with. and I decided it must be a hat.
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The color is "Tiger Lily". The other colors I could not tell you. The blue was left over from my button hole bag, and the gold is scraps left from the Chesterton school colors hat and scarf I made my sister for Christmas.

We had a sort of "make-up" Stitch 'n Bitch last night that I did not make. Nate had a late night. The next one is the 7th, which is not too far off. I might just go through snb withdrawl if I don't make that one though.

So, what am I working on now? I'm *trying* an entrelac scarf, out of Silk Garden. We'll see how things go.

Hope in a hopeless (?) world

Hello all,

Just wanted to give a brief update on the feline.

She was less than thrilled with yesterday morning's experience but the dr was just wonderful. She gave her a shot of antibiotics and took some blood. The results of the blood tests should be back this afternoon. The situation with her eye could be a result of infection, injury, glaucoma, tumor, or any combination of those (hence the blood test). But the shot has done her some good. She was better last night when I got home from work, really lovey which is saying something for a cat (particularly her). And this morning she was even better. Her eye is definitely NOT "back to normal" I can plainly see there is still something wrong with her cornea but she was more her feisty self.

I know she's seventeen and a half which is positively ancient for a cat (as an aside I know that dog years are seven to one human one but have no clue about cats... If anyone knows that calculation and wouldn't mind sending it along I would be grateful) so I'm trying to balance between hopeful and realistic. It's a pretty fine line I assure you. But she has lived a great life and she has been a wonderful best friend and companion to me since I was ten (I'm very thankful that cats can't actually talk, I would be in serious trouble, although getting a cat's opinion of life would be interesting). I'm just selfish and want her to be with me forever, I'm working on that. :)

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts about Ribby. I will continue to update as soon as I get the results of the blood work from the dr.

Now... back (back?) to work. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


OK, I think my project list may have gone a little "felt crazy". I have felted bags and fuzzy feet everywhere. I went to Sheep's yesterday to purchase wool for a proper buttonhole bag, and some silk garden that I have yet to come up with a plan for, and I think I may have found my redemption from all this felted stuff.

I bought myself a present

I just don't know where to begin. Who'd have thought I would buy myself a pattern book for scarves?! But these are so beautiful, I couldn't help myself.

I'm going to VU today to meet up with some fellow knitters. We are also having a sort of "make up" stitch 'n bitch tonight, since most of us could not make the last one.

Nate's been working on his resume. He'll be sending it along to a few places in southern Indiana (Evansville area, sort of). Both of his parents are from there, and they both have homesteads down there. We have expressed interest in one of them, and it looks like we just might be moving down there sooner than expected. So, I've been online doing some research pertaining to Jessie's school and whatnot. (read: not knitting, not blogging) I've decided that until it's necessary, I need to stop doing that, or I will make myself crazy.

Carma is taking poor Ribbonawitz to the vet today. (Her seventeen and a half year old cat.) She's not doing too well, so my thoughts are with her today.

Ok, enough of my flitting from one thing to another.

*added later*

ok, now my friggin' comments won't work. Dammit!

Anyway, what I was trying to post as comment, was I find the similarity between my post and carma's post pretty funny, considering when I wrote and posted mine, hers was not up yet. (which really is a conumdrum, since hers was written almost twelve hours before mine.) Stupid blogspot.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Random Bits

Ha! I title this entry "Random Bits" like that's going to disinquish this post from any of my other ones.

Well the first thing I have to say is in honor of my coworker, Cari, we can call this the coworker's a dork portion of the blog (in no way am I saying that Cari is a dork... This is all me, I just happened to TELL Cari about it). Cari deemed this blogworthy so.. Here goes... Our office gets a great deal of it's office supplies from Staples and more often than not we get Staples BRAND stuff. So there are a lot of boxes that say "Staples" in the supply cabinet. That tends to make things a touch difficult when you're actually looking for staples, as in the little metal things to put in staplers.

I have absolutely no knitting news... I currently have 5 WIPs not one that I've touched in days. I have yarn ear marked for 2 or 3 other projects and then a stash of other nonspecific yarn (judging from the knitters I know both on the 'net and in person I assume this is as "normal" as knitters get). I know I'm having a hard time getting to these projects because I apparently have a mental block against big projects. Not that any of my WIPs are really that big in the grand scheme of things but.... Particularly with the sophie bag I'm knitting.... I find myself terrified that once I get it completely knit and felt I'm going to screw something up putting on the handles (beaded handmade by E, thanks sweets!). I know I know part of the beauty of doing these kinds of projects is the joy of knitting... The journey not the destination so to speak. But I'm not the most crafty of all human beings so I tend to get discouraged and give up REALLY easy when it comes to most things, particularly those things dealing with crafts. I'm sure this is a shock to any of you that know me but...

Now onto a more depressing subject. Hopefully it won't end up being depressing but I'm trying to be "realistic" ( ;) E). I'm taking my 17 1/2 year old cat, Ribbon, to the vet tomorrow morning. She's got something odd going on with one of her eyes and she's not been eating her solid food. Now she's a big kitty, at her heaviest she was 25lbs so her passing on food is a pretty big deal. Ribby and I haven't been to this vet before but my "boyfriend" (otherwise known as the lying cheating sack of poop... "boyfriend" seems a touch more polite at the moment) deals with her regularly for his family's farm. Through him I know she's pretty realistic, if there is a way to help Ribby and improve her quality of life she'll do it but if there isn't and my poor sweet (although occasionally contancerous... she IS a cat after all) is in pain she will let me know that too. And if she's in pain then I'm not going to have any other choice... sorry can't even WRITE it right now. But I believe people should have a right to be "put to sleep", I believe the same to be true for pets. So if you all out there wouldn't mind keeping my Ribby in your thoughts and do whatever it is that you might do (pray, sing, chant, whatever) I would appreciate it more than you could ever possibly know.

Ok, I'm going to go pet Ribby and then get ready for what I'm sure will be a sleepless night. More updates tomorrow.

Almost there

Well, I have most things back in order, although I can't seem to get my "Recent Entries" back up and working. I re did it as I remembered doing it. No good. I followed Blogger's instructions. No good. I dunno I think I just need to step away from it and go back to it fresh. Right now it's just pissing me off. To make matters worse, Blogspot is often "tempermental" about letting me log on and edit. I don't know if anyone else has this problem or not. But that was not making things fun for me.

I had many well wishes for my birthday yesterday. I thank you all. Poor Nate came home and promptly fell asleep. (I think he's about to get sick.) He woke up at ten o'clock last night and felt like a complete shit for sleeping through the evening and leaving everything for me to do "on my birthday no less". I told him not to worry about it, but he feels terrible. Maybe I can squeeze another birthday gift from him. *evil grin*

Actually it wasn't too bad. Once I cleaned up after dinner and got Jess to bed, I had some free time. I knit, and well, destroyed my blog, but he can't be blamed for that.

I will post a pic of my buttonhole bag as soon as I get it felted the way I like it. It's just not quite there yet.

I'm also hoping to get out today and get what I need to finish off my wrap that I have yet to show you, and my completed Sophie Bag.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sorry, my bad.

My buttonhole bag is done. Since I'm back into the felted swing of things, I thought I might as well make the two birthday gifts I need to make for February. Fuzzy feet, for both my Dad and Stepdad. (You won't tell them I'm giving them the same thing, will you???)

I'm trying to make them interesting to knit, yet "manly" enough that they'll actually be worn. Heck I might have to make myself a pair in the process.

I REALLY need to clean my house, but I need to wait until Wednesday (garbage day). Why, you ask? Well we had Katie's baby shower on Sunday, and the people who plow for the hall buried the garbage dumpster under about 10 feet of displaced snow. So, we all took the trash home with us. (50 plus guests in attendance for lunch and cake, and more wrapping paper than I'd like to aknowledge.) Being that I had more room in my garbage than the rest, I brought home the most. So, Now my trash can is overflowing and I cannot throw anymore out without the neighborhood critters getting at it. Wednesday's not too far away.

I spent some free time tonight trying to "improve" this blog. My computer crashed in the middle of it all, and things just weren't right. In efforts to "fix" itI have made them worse. Hopefully i can put things back where they were.

felted lust

Well, my Sophie bag needs handles, and my wrap needs buttons. It looks like both require me to venture out. I don't feel like digging my car out. So, what to do?
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Pay a visit to Mason-Dixon knitting, and, out of felted lust, cast on a buttonhole bag. (I must have one.) Although mine, I suspect, will be smaller due to the fact I'm using odds and ends of worsted wool for it and not bulky weight. I guess we'll just have to see how it turns out.

Happy Birthday (to me)!

Once upon a time, many years ago, on this day, a woman was driven to the hospital, through a blizzard, to have a planned C-section. At 12:47pm she gave birth to a little baby girl with a head full of black hair. (The picture obviously taken much later, but it seems to be the only one I can find readily.)
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Happy Birthday to me.

Saturday, I received an unexpected birthday gift.
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Carma sent me a Sheepy mug! Thanks, Sweets!

Yesterday we put the truck in four wheel drive and Nate dropped me off for Katie's baby shower. Actually, the roads are fine, but our drive is still a mess. We had attempted to dig ourselves out, only for the wind to blow most of the snow right back from whence it came.

The shower was a big success. There was something like fifty people there, and I think the Mom and Dad to be are set when it comes to filling their nursery. Mom-to be Loved the mary jane shoes and baby cardigan. WE had also bought a lot of toys and other useful things as decorations for the to take home afterwards. I have no idea how many carloads it took them to get everything home.

I've finished my wrap, but it still needs buttons. AS soon as I find some I will post a picture. Otherwise Is doesn't look like much of anything. Other than that, I have no other knitting news. I'm trying to decide what I'd like to do next. I have a list of things I should do, but I have not decided what I will do.

I want to thank Miriam, for her wonderful advice in making a bookweight so I can read and knit at the same time. The only other suggestion I got, was from my husband. He said I should just hold the book in my "monkey toes". (Thanks, dear.)

Birthday Girl


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Eeeeeee
Happy Birthday to you!


Have a wonderful day, sweets, and many many more.

Love ya!

Friday, January 21, 2005

January baby

Jess doesn't have school today. I had forgotten about that when, earlier in the week, I had though I would have some time today to clean up and run errands.

Not that it matters too much. Saturday we are to be *spanked* with snow so I had Nate called everyone last night and cancel. They all want to do it next week instead, which puts our anniversary plans (if we had any at this point) in jeopardy. I guess we'll just see how it works out.

Nate is just so upset about having to cancel and keeps apologizing to me. I just laugh. He, being a fall baby, doesn't realize that when you are a January baby you get used to party cancellations. I think at least a third of them have been called off due to weather. This is something he has difficulty understanding.

This evening I will be at Jill's as we all try to finish up all last minute details.

I gave my stepmother her gift yesterday, as it was her birthday. She seemed to like it. Kari liked it as well, in fact I think I overheard her plotting to steal it.

They gave me a giftcard to Barnes & Noble, which I had partly cashed in last night. I bought my book group book for February, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, by Mark Haddon.

I bought Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, the other day. I thought I would most likely like it, after reading Mirror, Mirror. I started it last night, so far I have not been disappointed.

I'm still clueless as to what Nate and I will do for our anniversary. We thought maybe we would take in a local production, but nothing opens until mid February, so that was a bust. I can't seem to get him to even consider going up to Chicago, so that's out, and it too friggin' cold for any outdoor activities that I'd be up for.

I started my Ravenclaw scarf yesterday, only to realize that I do not like it. It's too big and a very boring knit. I frogged it. Just like me to make a big deal over it, and then abandon it completely.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another set of arms???

I didn't make my Stitch 'n Bitch tonight. I just had too much to do. I'm *trying* to get the house back in order, since everyone will be here Saturday. Nate's throwing me a little birthday party on our anniversary (which we will celebrate next week) My birthday is actually on Monday.

Friday I'm to go to Jill's and finish up all things shower-related. Then the shower is on Sunday.

Now, I just need to figure out how the heck we are going to celebrate our anniversary. It would help, of course if I had one romantic bone in my body, but I don't seem to. I don't feel like the old stand by of dinner and a movie. I just don't know.

My wrap is coming along. It's not much more than a big strip of garter stitch with a border on one end, so I will take a picture of the finish product, as not to bore you with yards of blue garter stitch. I should finish up Nate's sock, and i have been working on it in spurts.

The next three things on my list, is to finish my second mitten, make my Dad a pair of Fuzzy feet, and my Ravenclaw scarf.

I've joined the knit one read too book group, but I do not think i will be ready for the first discussion. Too much to do in the next couple weeks. I'm not even sure fif I'll finish the book I'm reading now. I need some ideas on how to knit and read a paperback efficeintly. so far I'm failing miserably. Any ideas??

Hubba Bubba

I've decided to take a break from felting. I cast on a hat for Jessie, that I have been referring to as the "hubba bubba hat".
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It reminds me of the hubba bubba that's pink in the inside and green on the outside, (What flavor is that? Watermelon? Some sort of combo?) and the purple reminds me of the exact color of grape bubblegum.
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She dressed herself today. (note: she picked out the cardigan I made her. You have no idea how happy that made me this morning.)

I suspect she may have developed a fondness for wool. Here's my evidence:
photo hosting and image hosting by
She is petting an oddball of lambs pride.

My Ravenclaw scarf yarn came yesterday. (hee hee) The only thing keeping me from casting it on RIGHT NOW, is I really want to work on my wrap.
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A while back I donated a "prize" to the Harlot's MSF drive. In cleaning up today I found it and I thought I would take a picture of it, as I wait to hear whom I shall send it to.
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This thing is so cool. It's not nearly as flimsy as my Susan Bates gauge (I tend to bend those things up like crazy) and it sizes down to 0000. Which is nice, because I have dpns down to 000 and I have a very hard time figuring out which are which. I hope whoever receives this, likes it as much as I like mine.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

pink hat hell

I went to Sheep's Clothing Friday. I really had only meant to go to purchase the afore mentioned fushia wool. (which I did. Cascade 220, color 7805) But when I walked in I saw this:
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Isn't it beautiful? 690 yards of Manos del Uruguay In color C. I did not yet have a plan for it, until Saturday's shopping trip with Carma.

It's going to be a wrap of sorts. Right now it's just a knitting up as a great big rectangle. But when it's done I plan to add a couple buttons, so it will stay on my person.

Actually I'm lifting the idea from something we saw in Greenfields. Except, the one we saw was machine-knit generic and cotton. Mine will (hopefully) be much cooler.

I really should have taken the camera with us, so you all can see what a spectacle we are when we shop together.

We had a pretty nice visit. I started Carma on her first felting project. She's making a Sophie bag. I cannot wait to see how it will turn out. I think it'll be pretty neat.

Nate rented King Arthur last night. I cannot decide whether I liked it or not. All I am sure of, is that Lancelot was quite yummy.
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Here's Jessie's hat. It actually doesn't fit, but that is an error on my part. I had to pin Jess down to measure her head and even then I couldn't keep her still enough to get an even remotely accurate measurement. That and this stuff felted super fast. The sides had actually felted TOGETHER and I had to take a utility knife to it and open it back up. I've made several of these hats with cascade before and I had NEVER had that happen before. I guess I'll have to make another.

and the hat I made for myself out of some odds and ends.
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It's Bonne Marie Burns' Chicknits bottoms up bucket hat. Go buy it. NOW! Seriously it's worth every penny.

Also I'm making a Sophie bag. What can I say, Norma has some strange sway over my project decisions. (Boy, I'm just in a felting frenzy here)

Here it is post-felt,but pre-handle:
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Friday, January 14, 2005


*Due to the fact that my camera is once again MIA, there will be no pictures in today's post. Even though I fully intended for there to be.*

Well, I didn't get to my mitten last night. I was sound asleep by 9pm. I did however start a (relatively) mindless project last night. I want a new hat. Therefore I'm making myself a bucket hat. I had intended to make Jess a new hat last night.

She had (finally) told me she wanted a red hat I'm thinking, "Ok, red. I have red," and began to cast on. At some point in the bill, Jess inspects it and starts that signature three year old whiny voice. "I want RED!!!!"

I'm stumped. This is red. See, we've always suspected that Jess can see color, but the older she gets the more I'm thinking that she has a distinctly different "palette" than the rest of us. So I calm her down and ask her to show me what color she wants. She makes an excited little skip to the door and brings me back her snow boot. Fushia.

So this weekend, I'll be buying some (retch) fushia wool. Trying to decide if I'll go today or wait until Carma and I go tomorrow. That's what I get for giving her free reign. Pink wool.

I wouldn't say I'm totally adverse to pink. I just tire of the color very easily. Thank goodness a hat is a small project.

In other knitting news, Carma, I've finished one of the fronts to your cardigan, and started the other. (For the record, your cardigan was suppose to be LAST years birthday gift, then it was bumped to Christmas. Now it's just a "just cuz" gift so :P.)

I'm pretty excited she's coming to visit. Even though that means I need to do some housework today.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


As the day wears on, I'm feeling much, much better. But then, I slept for 18 hours yesterday. I SHOULD feel better.

I've made a little progress on Nate's sock.
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Jennie's fuzzy feet are dry. I'm trying to decide if they are good as is, or if they need a little embellishment.
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The TSF mittens are done. (whoo-hoo!)
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So now I'm working on some those forgotten WIPs I have stashed about the house.

I'm hoping to work on my second mitten tonight, if I feel up to it. I have to work on that after everyone's gone to bed. Otherwise, they interrupt me every given opportunity until I give up and put it away.

I'm also waiting for my ravenclaw scarf yarn to show up. Yes I'm a geek, I know.

While I was out and about today, I came across this:
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Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I'm afraid to try it. It just seems like too much going on in one bottle. It just might have to hang out in the fridge for a couple days.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sick Day Part Deux

It started last night with a scatchy throat and an earaches. It became fever, chills, chills, and moments of delirium.

But I'm feeling much better now.

I obviously DID NOT make it to VU today. I'll try to make it next week.

I did finish my TSF mittens. Although I still have no buttons for them I'm hoping to head out tomorrow, and if I do not come up with anything, I'll make some.

Carma, It was 62 degrees here today. It thunderstormed last night. We're in for a big freeze, come Friday, so it will most likely freeze all this wetness, and then snow on top of it. I'll let you make the decision.

I'm heading back to bed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reality check

Nate came home early today, and caught me knitting Jessie's mittens. He looked over and asked what I was making, this conversation ensued:

"I'm making Jess some mittens."

"But, doesn't Jess HATE mittens?"

"Well, Yes, but I--"

"If Jess hates them, then why are you bothering to make them?"

The truth? I don't know, I guess I secretly hoped that I could convert her on this. He's right though. With all I have left to finish, why am I wasting my time on something Jess will hate? I frogged what I had done. It was much really, just a cuff and the base of the thumb. I think instead I'll pick up some stitches off the cuff of her gloves and make an I-cord, so they will be dummy gloves.

Although, when Jessie got off the bus today, she did ask me to make her a new hat. Her current bucket-style hat doesn't quite fit anymore. Now, if she could just pick a color and stick with it.

I plan to meet Tara and Sue, and I don't know who else, for "stitches at Noon" at Valpo University tomorrow. Tara and Sue both work there. I don't exactly know where I'm going, so Tara's to meet me so I don't get lost.

Better late than never, I suppose.

I finished Jennie's other "fuzzy feet" slipper. I'm waiting for them to dry so I can send them off. I'm still shaping them, si I will take a picture before I send them. Her birthday was the 9th, but I always seem to send her gift off late. Jenna's birthday is the 30th, so I'll just send their gifts together. (does sending Jenna's gift early, in any way make up for sending Jennie's late?)

I've also been working on Nate's sock, pretty much so I can just be done with it.

I had meant to bust out the shrinky-dinks yesterday, and work out some buttons, but with Jess home sick, that was a no-go. Hopefully today. Although I have no ideas as to what th buttons should look like yet.

I need to knock out all these mittens and sockmates out so I can work on some bigger WIPs that I really need to finish up. If anything, they are just taking up too much room.

And I have learned that one advantage to teaching others to knit, is that you can send the home with an odd ball of leftover yarn, and thus freeing up more space for new and exciting stuff.

Truth be told, I cannot wait to move onto an big project. I bought myself the Rogue pattern a while back , and it's been tempting me. The only thing holding me back, really is I cannot decide on the yarn. I guess when the right yarn comes along I'll know.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Sick Day

Well, I have both wristwarmers and one "pop-top" done. Last night I attempted to hunt down some buttons for them. I could not believe, in this house, full of all things crafty, I could not find appropiate buttons. I just may have to break out the shrinky-dinks again. Would any of you be offended by shrinky-dink buttons?
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So, after my failed attempt at procuring some buttons. I decided to take a break, and knit entirely different mittens. These are for Jess, and yes they are different from their previous picture.
photo hosting and image hosting by
I really must enter projects with some sort of written down plan, before I start casting on. The only draw back to that, is I could literally spend days designing something on paper, then scraping it to design something completely different. I'm terribly inefficient that way.

I have not gotten very far. In my redesign, I added another color, but I cannot seem to find the yarn (I KNOW I have around here somewhere) So they are on hiatus until I find it.
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So I thought I would pickup Nate's second sock and work on it some. It's Lorna's Laces sock in Pioneer. I love the colors, but I am not sold on the way the colors have situated. As my friend, Jill, would say, "not so beuno." I had decided to knit these on size one double points. I really like them knit that tight. Although, the size ones are not very beneficial to my morale. These things are taking me forever!
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Maybe this will help you see it from my perspective. Here is Nate's first sock, (size 11, huge ankle, on size 1 needles) next to one of my socks (size 4, average ankle, on size 2 needles). I guess I shouldn't complain too much. The first sock is a very good fit, and he is quite impressed with it. It's just now I get forlorn looks while I ignore his sock and work on other projects.

Jess is home sick today. She seems to be feeling ok, but she's very congested. Due to her school's "sick criteria", I believe it's best if she stays home. So far so good. Although she keeps whining for Daddy to come home. I guess he's the "fun" one. So be it.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Knitters Rock

As though you all didn't already know this, but I want to thank you all as well. E truly is one of the world's best people (Hush, E, it's true and you know it... don't start with me)

I have a few pictures of my FO that I took with my dad's digital camera when I was at his place for Christmas, but his digital camera isn't all that great and so I'm having a few issues. But I can describe my small list of FO to you.

Dad's scarf. I used WoolEase Thick and Quick, my dad is a Harley riding biker (ha, still makes me laugh) so the "body" of the scarf is black and the fringe is burnt orange (donated by E, thanks sweets!).

Washcloths, washcloths and more washcloths. Welcome to my comfort zone. Patterns of any kind terrify me (heck I have the same problem with recipes) so washcloths are what I currently love to make. Although I am starting to get a little "tired" of them. Maybe that means I'm ready to move to something a touch more "complex" (but please no one hold your breath).

Nathan's scarf. I used WoolEase Chunky (I was planning on using Thick and Quick but I was resticted my the colors available at the store). This is also known as my "Airport Scarf" because I knit a huge chunk of it while in the airport waiting for the flight to my dad's. The finished scarf is about 4 feet long or so. Yeah, it's nearly longer than I am tall but Nathan is 6'9" so I thought longer was better. He says that he likes it so for right now we'll just take his word for it (I haven't actually seen him wear it yet, but right now we don't spend THAT much time together).

Ok I think that's it for FO...


Jill's scarf. It's fun fur and really super easy but for some reason I can't really get into it. I can do about an inch at a time before my attention span starts to wander. (I know I know, Carma with attention span issues... NEVER) Sadly Jill's birthday for which this scarf was the intended gift was Jan 6th, bad future stepdaughter. I did tell her it's a WIP and will be on it's way. I REALLY need to get on that.... Tonight...

Sydney's blanket. I have now attempted the "World's Easiest Baby Blanket" four, wait, possibly five times. It's a terrible block, possibly because it's a "big" (for me) project and going from the small needles to the little ones is a pain in the arse. E suggested I make the blanket out of squares. Thereby breaking the project into a series of little ones. (see, E? You ARE living up to your SAT score) I'm not 100% confident in my ability to then sew up the squares.... After all I am planning on giving said blanket to a 2 year old. But if push comes to shove I can always make the squares and then BEG E for help. ;)

Another washcloth. I want to give one to Cari so she can use it as a "guide" when making hers. E taught me washcloths first because it teaches increasing and decreasing so that's my plan for Cari. I'm ALMOST done with it. I knit a few rows here and there when I get frustrated with other WIPs.

My shawl. Yeah it's the first thing I'm knitting for me. Cari gave me some gorgeous Homespun for Christmas with the express request that I make something for me... the color Barrington, Cari said it looked like a color I would like (it reminded her of me). And in an amusing turn of events E bought a skein of homespun in the same color (same dye lot which is pretty crazy because one was bought in Iowa and the other in Indiana) awhile back because she thought it was pretty... She hasn't used it yet (it was going to be a scarf for her) and had decided that she probably isn't going to use it for anything so she is going to gift it to me to be half of my shawl. Oh and the "pattern" for the shawl? Yup, you guessed it... Essentially half a washcloth, I need help. I would love to create a shawl similiar to the one Norma created for her Yoga instructor (and is modeled by Norma's very own adorable daughter) but I don't think Homespun is a good yarn for that type of shawl and I'm not sure how to do the drop stitch yet.

Hmmmm.... I think that's it for the knitting news in the Carma world. I'm getting ready to make my donation tp MSF based on the Harlot's week challenge. Then I'm also going to sign up for the KWB swap. I think I might take E's confidence to heart and make a sophie, or some other funky, bag with cool bead or wooden handles. i still need to do a little more research on that first. :)

In other news... Not having cable doesn't generally bother me, except on days like today when I seem to be limited to watching football pre-game shows (I dislike sports announcers) or Infomercials. I'm embarassed to say that Infomercials SUCK ME IN.... It's really quite sad. I know that their job is to sell their product and to convince the consumer (or rather the potential consumer) that their lives will be vastly improved because of whatever this product is pretty much by saying whatever is necessary (or NOT saying as the case may be). Right now I want the "Magic Bullet" (it's like a food processor), the Steam Bottle cleaner (FAST, chemical free cleaning/deodorizing), and the Yubisaki Pillow. I know the pillow is mainly because lately I've been having a helluva time sleeping comfortably for any length of time. And the brain does crazy things when it's sleep deprived....

Alright off to donate then knit. Hope a pleasant weekend was had by all. :)

More mitten progress

Today I met Jill and the two Amys at Jill's. We got together to do all the crafty things pertaining to the baby shower. After six fun, giggle-filled hours, we still aren't done. (Oh, if only I had brought my camera along.)

Other than that, not much else was done today. The house is still a mess. Although I did find some time to work on my mittens.

Both wristwarmers are done and I've cast on the first "pop-top". I'll have to dig through my button box, and see what I have to finish these puppies off.

For those of you who do not know me, I'm a Harry Potter fan. Now I've resisted the Hogwart's scarf thing for as long as I possibly could. Last night I ordered some Naturespun for my very own Ravenclaw scarf. I'm excited. I used part of the money my Dad gave my for Christmas, so I guess it's like a belated Christmas gift. I have decided that I need to at least finish all my mittens first. (TSF, my second mitten, Jessie's) And possibly Nate's other sock. The Christmas gift that never was, and now hopefully an Anniversary gift. I still have time

Friday, January 07, 2005


I don't know what else to say. Except that I had some suspicion that Carma was up to something when I checked my email and had about 6 comments.

I've been in what I tend to call a funk lately, and your comments were all so sweet. I did actually get a bit vehklempt.
I thought I'd start out with a thank you to all, and maybe answer a few questions. And pose a few of my own.

I'm wondering what Julie from Tucson is making for her daughter.

For Rams. My southern accent is a little West Virginia, a little Missouri, and a little that is just a complete mystery to me. I tend to slip into my drawl and not realize it until someone asks me where I'm from, and then looks perplexed by my response. Peony ;P

Stephanie's comment cracks me up. Do I sleep? My goodness I pale in comparison. (A moment while I bow and chant "I'm not worthy" ala Wayne and Garth.) Wow two Mike Myers references in one post. Huh.

I am taking Mim's advice to heart and plan to pick up some full spectrum bulbs next outing. I do think that the weather is part of my problem.

Cari, I'm so glad Carma and I have corrupted you.

The baby booties are from this book,
photo hosting and image hosting by
and pretty easy. The pain was finding buttons for them.

The cardigan was made from leftover Manos Stria (I love this stuff)

Now for progress on my TSF mittens. The picture isn't that great.

photo hosting and image hosting by
They are starting to look like they should. I'd have a lot more done if I hadn't been whooped by baby sock flowers.

We decided to put in Return of the King tonight. I think, "ok, I'll knock these sock flowers out in no time and get some more mitten done."
Those damn socks took me almost the whole friggin' movie. Who's living up to the Sat score now, Carma? Clearly I was not.

Pathetic plea for comment

Well let's see, I have 8 birthday gifts to make, and a pile of unfinished works to, well, finish.

What's a girl to do?
If you guessed "Start a completely new project.", well, you'd be right.
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They are to, hopefully, be nice warm mittens for Jess. That she will most likely refuse to wear.

I've made my MSF donation. And I've joined the harloteers knitters without borders knitswap. I'll be making convertible alpaca mittens (just one more thing to add.)
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So, before I get dizzy, upon realizing I have all this to do and a baby shower to boot, I thought I might shamelessly parade some Finished objects. They follow.
baby booties
photo hosting and image hosting by
baby cardigan
photo hosting and image hosting by
photo hosting and image hosting by
chenille hat and scarf. I do not remember who I had in mind for this. Unfortunately, the rest of my birthday gifts to make are for men, so I don't think I'll be able to use it towards my birthday list.
photo hosting and image hosting by
cyndy's scarf. I know I posted before with a completely different scarf, and called it Cyndy's, but upon finishing it, I realized it was far too magenta for Cyndy's liking. That one went to my MIL.
photo hosting and image hosting by
Some psychedelic squares
photo hosting and image hosting by
One of Jennie's fuzzy feet
photo hosting and image hosting by
one of my socks
photo hosting and image hosting by
Nana's poncho
photo hosting and image hosting by
Ok, that makes me feel a little better.

Not much else going on. We have snow here. It's not bad, but I have not shoveled yet. That means I'm stuck on the "hill". If I were to drive somewhere, I would be unable to make it back up the drive.

Saturday I have a get together at Jill's house to do all things crafty pertaining to the baby shower on the 23rd. She has asked me to come early and help her with a hat.

I cannot tell you how freaky it is to have "students".

I was reading Too Much Wool today, which got me thinking. Why do I blog? I have to agree that it is for interaction, So If you do read this, please comment with even just a "hi" today. It would do loads for my mood. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

37 things about me.

I have read a few "100 things about me" lists. I find them intriguing, and thought I'd give it a go. Note the 37. Yeah, I'm that exciting.

1. I've lived in Northwest Indiana my entire life.

2. When really tired or really drunk, I have a southern accent.

3. I am a happy, affectionate drunk.

4. I am short (five feet, one half inch). I am curvy. (Nearly forty-inch bust)

5. I have no knack for finding clothes that fit curvy and short, which tends to make me look frumpy.

6. I am afraid of spiders. Some spider bites cause an allergic reaction ...

7. ...As do bees. (I think.) I know it's some sort of flying, stinging insect.

8. I am very much in love with my husband.

9. We knew each other less than a year when we were married.

9a. I turned Nate's marriage proposal down twice. (I found marriage more thana bit scary.) I have absolutely no regrets for accepting the third proposal.

10. Jess was born 8 months later. (Do the math.) She was not the reason we married.

11. I referred to my wedding as "crap I need to do". (Mind you, I was pregnant and VERY sick)

12. I have really great in-laws.

13. I have always wanted to take a yoga class.

14. I am too self-conscious to actually do it.

15. I prefer a manual transmission.

16. I have secretly always wanted to be a mechanic.

17. I converted to Catholicism when I was seventeen.

18. I took my grandmother's name, Genevieve, as my confirmation name.

19. I stopped being a Catholic at twenty-four. (Catholicism and I disagreed more than we agreed on issues very important to me.)

20. I think organized religion takes itself too seriously.

21. I can read Braille by sight. (Grade 1. Still learning Grade 2)

22. I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper.

23. I learned to knit from a library book and a freezer bag full of garage sale knitting notions.

24. I have been obsessed ever since.

25. I have an irrational fear of medical science.

26. I attended Nursing school for a year and a half.

27. I dropped out after I realized I would never be able to conquer my fear of needles.

28. I am a Dungeons and Dragons geek.

29. I was in a serious car accident when I was 18.

30. In said car accident, I was nearly scalped by a pair of wire frame glasses.

31. I have a large scar on my forehead from those wire frames.

32. I spent five and a half years in a very unhappy and hostile relationship with my high school "sweetheart".

33. I have since learned to stand up and defend my self worth.

34. I scored a 1460 on my SATs.

35. I wish I were still that smart.

36. I want to go back to school, but I have no idea what to go back for.

37. I'm sure Carma could add quite a few things to this list. (Not that I am asking her to.) I am actually shocked I could come up with more than ten.

Resolutions broken, but spirit still in tact

Well, I hope a happy new year, full of opportunity and fresh starts await you all.

Here's what I have been up to lately.

In knitting, I have finished some baby shower items for my friend, Katie, who is due in March. We are attempting to hold her shower soon, but true to Katie's fashion, everything seems to be put off to the last minute. :) It's probably not as bad as I make it seem. I've been in a somewhat cynical mood lately.
*pictures to some as soon as I locate my camera*

Anyway. I have little Mary Jane booties.

I have a cardigan.

and I have the start of a receiving blanket done in psychedelic squares fashion. I'm hoping to finish the blanket in time.

I have yet to finish:
my second mitten.
Nate's second sock
My second sock
Ma's long-awaited cardigan
Cara's cardigan
Michelle's top
A scarf thing I have been working on while waiting for things to download onto my soon to be very outdated computer and dial up connection.

I have yet to send out Cara's package, (sorry sweets) And I do hope that Cari's knitting lesson has gone well today.

I had a stitch n bitch tonight. It was fun. Tara and I were able to catch up a bit, and Jennifer joined us soon after. Tara invited me to join her and her friend, Angie, for a drink at Passtimes. (How could I say no?) We had a blast, although Nate might be a bit miffed at me tomorrow, on account I have come home much later than anticipated. Oh well. It was worth it. I have been in a funk lately, (Yeah I know what's new?) and cutting loose a bit sure helped a lot more than it hurt.