Friday, January 28, 2005

Birthday booty

Ahh... What a great day. The sun is shining, I'm drinking coffee out of my sheepy mug, and I have a valid reason to toss all WIPS aside to start a new project. Carma is now researching what yarn she wants for her mitts.

Yesterday, Nate took me birthday shopping. He bought me a new bedding set. (It's so nice. I would take a picture, but you would all ridicule me for our "little mermaid" paint scheme. Our bedroom used to house two little girls, and we have yet to repaint it.)

He bought me a Stevie Wonder CD. (I suspect he did this because he was sick of hearing me sing "superstition" acappella.)

And, Carma, a new printer! Can you imagine? A non-temperamental printer that actually works. No constant blinky lights. No small fortune to replace ink cartridges, no printer-possessed moments at 2 am when the printer turns itself on and shoots out paper at will. If I could do a proper cartwheel in celebration I would.

While out last night, I thought I would wear my new "Tiger Lily" hat. But there was a snag in this plan. It's too big. Now I used this pattern, and took a few liberties with the color stripes. Other than that I had spot on gauge, and followed the directions to a tee. I made the smallest size. When I tried it on...
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Oh wait--my bad....
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So Tiger Lily will be going into the washer today, in efforts to felt it to a proper size. Yesterday I ended my post with an attempted entrelac. This is what have so far.
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I realize I do not have enough for a scarf, so I am not sure what this will end up being, but it pretty and I like it.

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  1. heehehehehe

    My best friend is a dork indeed :) I hope Tiger Lily felts to a more easily managable size

    WOW I NEW PRINTER!!!! Woohoo! Did you throw the other one out the window? Please tell you did? (This wasn't Jose right Jose has long been gone.... man WHAT are you guys doing to your printers over there? ;)