Sunday, January 09, 2005

More mitten progress

Today I met Jill and the two Amys at Jill's. We got together to do all the crafty things pertaining to the baby shower. After six fun, giggle-filled hours, we still aren't done. (Oh, if only I had brought my camera along.)

Other than that, not much else was done today. The house is still a mess. Although I did find some time to work on my mittens.

Both wristwarmers are done and I've cast on the first "pop-top". I'll have to dig through my button box, and see what I have to finish these puppies off.

For those of you who do not know me, I'm a Harry Potter fan. Now I've resisted the Hogwart's scarf thing for as long as I possibly could. Last night I ordered some Naturespun for my very own Ravenclaw scarf. I'm excited. I used part of the money my Dad gave my for Christmas, so I guess it's like a belated Christmas gift. I have decided that I need to at least finish all my mittens first. (TSF, my second mitten, Jessie's) And possibly Nate's other sock. The Christmas gift that never was, and now hopefully an Anniversary gift. I still have time

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