Monday, January 31, 2005

Son of BOB?

Wow that Manos stuff felts fast. When I went to check on it, it was all creased and felted shut. I had to take a paring knife to it.
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Second beaded Sophie purse. It's still has some creases I need to work on, but I like it. I think at least one of the next two (Did I say two? Yeah I think I did. Carma you might need to think about arranging a Sophie bag intervention.)I'll make unbeaded.
And yes, that is a pumpkin in the background. Jess grew pumpkins in the back yard this fall. We had a few out front, but she insisted on an indoor pumpkin. Now she won't let us get rid of it. (She's so like her father. Carma, Do you remember, Bob, the pumpkin?)

February 2000. I meet Nate. Nate had a pumpkin that sat on his hearth. He had Named it Bob. Bob was from the previous Halloween. "How cute." I thought.

June 2000. Nate and I are sort of officially dating. Bob the pumpkin is still on the hearth. I'm afraid to go near it. It's Nate's pumpkin after all. I'm sure he'll do something about it.

July 2000. Ok, I'm pretty much living with Nate (though at the time I refused to admit it.) I notice Bob is leaning. I walk over, and poke Bob with my finger. My finger goes though Bob. YUCK!!!
I had to scrape, what was at that point, The gelatinous remains of Bob off of the hearth and into the trash.

I'm fearful I might have another Bob on my hands here.

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  1. Ah, yes... Our old friend, Bob, I knew him well. ;)

    Nah, no need for a Sophie Bag intervention I know you all too well... You're going to make a whole slew of them and then suddenly stop and make no more for months/years (you know like what you did with the cigar box purses :) ).

    So if you don't make the handles felted what are you going to make them out of.

    And yeah I'm a freak I just NOW found the beads you put in my bag (the Disney ones)... Now what am I going to make with those... ???? Maybe I'll just wait and have them be my "signature" on things. Hmmmm