Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another set of arms???

I didn't make my Stitch 'n Bitch tonight. I just had too much to do. I'm *trying* to get the house back in order, since everyone will be here Saturday. Nate's throwing me a little birthday party on our anniversary (which we will celebrate next week) My birthday is actually on Monday.

Friday I'm to go to Jill's and finish up all things shower-related. Then the shower is on Sunday.

Now, I just need to figure out how the heck we are going to celebrate our anniversary. It would help, of course if I had one romantic bone in my body, but I don't seem to. I don't feel like the old stand by of dinner and a movie. I just don't know.

My wrap is coming along. It's not much more than a big strip of garter stitch with a border on one end, so I will take a picture of the finish product, as not to bore you with yards of blue garter stitch. I should finish up Nate's sock, and i have been working on it in spurts.

The next three things on my list, is to finish my second mitten, make my Dad a pair of Fuzzy feet, and my Ravenclaw scarf.

I've joined the knit one read too book group, but I do not think i will be ready for the first discussion. Too much to do in the next couple weeks. I'm not even sure fif I'll finish the book I'm reading now. I need some ideas on how to knit and read a paperback efficeintly. so far I'm failing miserably. Any ideas??

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  1. if you are capable mentally of knitting and reading at the same time, but the problem is that the paperback keeps closing up on you, then you sew a tube about 10 inches long and about 1.5" wide out of velveteen or something like that. Fill it about half full with lead shot. Then sew the end up. You lay it across the book and just set the book in your lap or on a table near where you sit to knit. The book weight will hold the book open so you can read it and you only have to stop knitting to move the weight from bottom to top as you move down the page. :)

    Happy knit-reading ;)