Monday, January 24, 2005

Sorry, my bad.

My buttonhole bag is done. Since I'm back into the felted swing of things, I thought I might as well make the two birthday gifts I need to make for February. Fuzzy feet, for both my Dad and Stepdad. (You won't tell them I'm giving them the same thing, will you???)

I'm trying to make them interesting to knit, yet "manly" enough that they'll actually be worn. Heck I might have to make myself a pair in the process.

I REALLY need to clean my house, but I need to wait until Wednesday (garbage day). Why, you ask? Well we had Katie's baby shower on Sunday, and the people who plow for the hall buried the garbage dumpster under about 10 feet of displaced snow. So, we all took the trash home with us. (50 plus guests in attendance for lunch and cake, and more wrapping paper than I'd like to aknowledge.) Being that I had more room in my garbage than the rest, I brought home the most. So, Now my trash can is overflowing and I cannot throw anymore out without the neighborhood critters getting at it. Wednesday's not too far away.

I spent some free time tonight trying to "improve" this blog. My computer crashed in the middle of it all, and things just weren't right. In efforts to "fix" itI have made them worse. Hopefully i can put things back where they were.

1 comment:

  1. Doncha know if it ain't broke don't fix it?

    hehehe I'm sure you will get everything figured out just wonderfully.

    I tried to call you last night but either kept calling when you were online or on the other line. I suck.

    I hope you had a SPECTACULAR day!

    Love ya!