Tuesday, January 04, 2005

37 things about me.

I have read a few "100 things about me" lists. I find them intriguing, and thought I'd give it a go. Note the 37. Yeah, I'm that exciting.

1. I've lived in Northwest Indiana my entire life.

2. When really tired or really drunk, I have a southern accent.

3. I am a happy, affectionate drunk.

4. I am short (five feet, one half inch). I am curvy. (Nearly forty-inch bust)

5. I have no knack for finding clothes that fit curvy and short, which tends to make me look frumpy.

6. I am afraid of spiders. Some spider bites cause an allergic reaction ...

7. ...As do bees. (I think.) I know it's some sort of flying, stinging insect.

8. I am very much in love with my husband.

9. We knew each other less than a year when we were married.

9a. I turned Nate's marriage proposal down twice. (I found marriage more thana bit scary.) I have absolutely no regrets for accepting the third proposal.

10. Jess was born 8 months later. (Do the math.) She was not the reason we married.

11. I referred to my wedding as "crap I need to do". (Mind you, I was pregnant and VERY sick)

12. I have really great in-laws.

13. I have always wanted to take a yoga class.

14. I am too self-conscious to actually do it.

15. I prefer a manual transmission.

16. I have secretly always wanted to be a mechanic.

17. I converted to Catholicism when I was seventeen.

18. I took my grandmother's name, Genevieve, as my confirmation name.

19. I stopped being a Catholic at twenty-four. (Catholicism and I disagreed more than we agreed on issues very important to me.)

20. I think organized religion takes itself too seriously.

21. I can read Braille by sight. (Grade 1. Still learning Grade 2)

22. I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper.

23. I learned to knit from a library book and a freezer bag full of garage sale knitting notions.

24. I have been obsessed ever since.

25. I have an irrational fear of medical science.

26. I attended Nursing school for a year and a half.

27. I dropped out after I realized I would never be able to conquer my fear of needles.

28. I am a Dungeons and Dragons geek.

29. I was in a serious car accident when I was 18.

30. In said car accident, I was nearly scalped by a pair of wire frame glasses.

31. I have a large scar on my forehead from those wire frames.

32. I spent five and a half years in a very unhappy and hostile relationship with my high school "sweetheart".

33. I have since learned to stand up and defend my self worth.

34. I scored a 1460 on my SATs.

35. I wish I were still that smart.

36. I want to go back to school, but I have no idea what to go back for.

37. I'm sure Carma could add quite a few things to this list. (Not that I am asking her to.) I am actually shocked I could come up with more than ten.