Friday, January 14, 2005


*Due to the fact that my camera is once again MIA, there will be no pictures in today's post. Even though I fully intended for there to be.*

Well, I didn't get to my mitten last night. I was sound asleep by 9pm. I did however start a (relatively) mindless project last night. I want a new hat. Therefore I'm making myself a bucket hat. I had intended to make Jess a new hat last night.

She had (finally) told me she wanted a red hat I'm thinking, "Ok, red. I have red," and began to cast on. At some point in the bill, Jess inspects it and starts that signature three year old whiny voice. "I want RED!!!!"

I'm stumped. This is red. See, we've always suspected that Jess can see color, but the older she gets the more I'm thinking that she has a distinctly different "palette" than the rest of us. So I calm her down and ask her to show me what color she wants. She makes an excited little skip to the door and brings me back her snow boot. Fushia.

So this weekend, I'll be buying some (retch) fushia wool. Trying to decide if I'll go today or wait until Carma and I go tomorrow. That's what I get for giving her free reign. Pink wool.

I wouldn't say I'm totally adverse to pink. I just tire of the color very easily. Thank goodness a hat is a small project.

In other knitting news, Carma, I've finished one of the fronts to your cardigan, and started the other. (For the record, your cardigan was suppose to be LAST years birthday gift, then it was bumped to Christmas. Now it's just a "just cuz" gift so :P.)

I'm pretty excited she's coming to visit. Even though that means I need to do some housework today.


  1. Ah, by moving it to a "just 'cuz" present that means no deadline... I'm so onto you ;)

    LEAVE the housework, I can cut my own path through the house if necessary ;) Yeah and besides you know I'm such the "clean police"

    CanNOT wait to see you guys!!

  2. Wait so my sweater has a back and one front? That's enough for me to drape upon myself and do a jig... WOOHOO! (You know I'll do it to, I'm like that)

    This is me trying to figure out how to knit and drive at the same time... No... That would be bad, and potentially dangerous. It's just it feels like 5 hours wasted :(

    Note to self, hire a freaking driver.

  3. Too bad the train is not at all a feasible option. (Believe me, it's not. I went to the trouble of looking it all up) I would imagine that it would be a pleasant experience with a nice chunk of knitting time.

    BtW I got Jessie hat wool and started it. I also started a sophie bag, just in case you lean that way, I can help you with my experience. Plus I really want to make one. Damn that Norma!

  4. Awwww, you went to the trouble of looking that up for me? Thanks! I was actually thinking about Greyhound but for some reason it doesn't have the same "appeal"

    heheheh Yeah Norma's a pain ;) and I think I am leaning that way... Or a french market bag, but I think the sophie might be more up my alley (that would be Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting's fault). I dunno.

    Yay I'm going to be there in less that a DAY! WOOHOO!