Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm back!!!

*Imagine a three-year-old yelling this at the top of her lungs.*

I'm sorry for the long break between posts. I've been in a bit of a funk lately, and the last thing I wanted to do is bore you all with my negativity. (Who am I kidding? I think Carma and I are the only ones who read this.)

First, much love goes to Carma today and for the rest of the week, as she deals with a lying, cheating sack-of-doodoo. Know that you are loved.

Let's see, I have finished all but two knitting projects for Christmas.

I have:

Abigail's blanket

Natey's socks

Oh, wait, make that three. Michelle's top.

I have a few mitts made, But they are lacking thumbs. As I finish and block I will post pics.

I just have no holiday spirit.

In other news, Jill and Katie have been stopping by every week or so, to have a little "knit-in" here. That's been really fun.

Carma is coming for a visit on Friday, and staying the weekend. Her niece turns two on the 6th, so they'll be celebrating, I think, on Sunday.
Carma will be bringing her 8 washcloths that she has made since her last visit. I'll have to take pictures.

I would like to make a couple more hats for Christmas gifts, but we'll see if I get to it. I have resolved to finish my works in progress (again) before I start mye new endeavor (The Yarn Harlot is making me salivate with her gorgeous mittens. I'm just itching to try a pair.) I have decided though that I first need to finish:

Ma's cardigan

Cara's cardigan

Baby Sara's shoes

Sara's sweater

Jessie's coat

Plus, I think I might have a few birthday gifts to get to as well. I just might be making mittens in June. :)

Friday, November 12, 2004

Dorkiness times two

Ha! E wasn't kidding when she said that more often or not we start out conversations with, "On today's episode of My Best Friend's a Dork..."

A couple months ago I called E with another episode... I had gotten ready for work and it being summertime had a pair of flip flops by the front door. I was planning on wearing them to work... Not only did I leave my apartment without my shoes on but I made it all the way out to the parking lot and into my car before I realized it. I actually sat in my car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the clutch thinking... "Now something here doesn't feel right." Well, duh, generally I can't feel the pedals on the bottom of my feet. But, hey, it could be worse... At least it's not like I forgot my pants or something... and, again, since it was summertime the temp outside was probably close to the temp in my apartment so it makes sense why it took me so long to catch on.

Fast forward to this morning... It was about 30 degrees (yeah had to scrape the car windows and everything) and yes... I forgot to put my shoes on AGAIN. I walked out the door to my apartment building in my socks and thought... "MAN it's brisk!" Then I stepped on a wet spot of pavement...

I think I need to wake up before I actually walk out the door in the morning.

So E I hope that makes you feel a little better, and I'm glad the books made it through the Dr Pepper fiasco relatively unscathed.

And so it begins.

If any of you are wondering about the title of my blog, I'm about to explain it.
See, anytime Carma or I (mostly "I") do something incredibly stupid, we feel compelled to call the other. Each of these conversations do not begin with a "Hello", or "How're things?". No the other picks up the reciever and is greeted by this statement, "Your best friend is such a dork." Then the story follows.

Here's my most recent:

Carma, your best friend is such a dork. I have been jonesing for some new knitting books, I was doing very well at resisting temptation, but yesterday I caved. I bought Knitwit, and Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I was so excited, I brought them home, I set them on the dining room table.

I decided I need to pour myself a beverage, and then planned on grabbing a seat with my new additions to my knitting library. The drink of choice? Dr. Pepper, of course. I just so happened to have an unopened two liter on my counter. I grabbed a glass, filled it with ice and set it on the dining room table. I then grabbed the two liter and, (This is where I erred) walked it over to the dining room table to open it. Mind you, setting it in close proximity our my new treasured tomes.

Well, I opened the two liter, only to have it erupt. Everywhere. All over me, and *gasp* my new books! I was just sick. I ran down the hall to the linen closet (tripping on the toys left scattered about and practically breaking my other arm) grabbing towels and trying desperately to salvage my new books.
I did salvage the books, but they are not pretty.

But they are still usable.

yup, such a dork.

In other news, Jill and Katie, and I went yarn shopping and then they both came back to my house for a little knit in. Jill started work on a scarf for her Grandpa, and Katie practiced some more ( remember Jill has almost a week headstart on Katie) I started work on these.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
They are basically from the knitwit book. Since I can rarely follow a pattern to the letter, they are a little different.

They do not really match anything else I have in terms of winter wear, but I love them, (When have I ever worried about matching?) I had thought about giving them to Carma, but they are wool, which makes her itch. Guess I'll just have to make her a non-itchy pair.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The good and the bad.

Well, yesterday I was stressing A LOT about my Christmas deadline. I realized that I should be enjoying myself. Knitting is my hobby and I should not feel like Christmas is this impossible deadline. So, I have reevaluated my Christmas knitting list to look like this.

Ma's cardigan and Cara's have been taken off the Christmas list, and I have decided that they'll get done when they get done.

I have finished Engrid's felted hat.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
It's drying now.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
I still have to sew up the hoodie.

Nate's socks are still on my Christmas knitting, but if they do not get gone, it's not the end of the world. I have a back up.

Jennie's sweater is still on the list, but if it does not get done, I have a back up gift.

Now the good. Two of my very dear friends came over yesterday afternoon for a knitting lesson. My friend Jill, who I started on a knitterly path on Friday, and our friend Katie, who started her first lesson yesterday. Both are doing very well. And last night Jill called me to ask that we all go on a "field trip" today to the store for their respective scarf projects.

Now the bad. I had worked more on the bottom edging of Abigail's sweater yesterday. (The pink one from the last post.) I needed 14 little "petals" I had done 10, then set it aside.
Unfortunately, I did not set it above the three-year-old reach level. Jessie found it while I was in the shower. I guess she had pulled the needle out of it, then realized what she had done and ran down the hall with it, in order to find me and give it to me. As she ran down the hall, --you guessed it-- it unravelled. When she handed it to me It only had one petal intact. She meant well, and I appreciate that, but I still cried a little inside.

So I took a long hard look at the project. It's a worsted weight, heavy cotton, and besides the petal lacing and the flower motif, it's done in reverse St st. which I decided I most likely wasn't going to like it anyway. But the picture is really cute.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
So I have taken Abigail's sweater off my list. I know, I'm a wuss. I guess I just don't have enough Harlot in me to take on impossible dealines and actually make them.

I've just decided to destress. Especially with the holiday season marching steadily toward us. It's enough stress in and of itself.

Plus I keep getting sidetrack with little projects. Like my scarf is a little over the halfway point.
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Christmas panic

Oh, so much to do. Here's my list thus far.

Yup, another harlot poncho, black. I don't know who will be the recipient, but this is the yarn I bought for Jennie's sweater that is just way too bulky for that purpose.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Ma's cardigan. I have yet to do from the armpits up.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Cara's cardigan. 1 1/2 fronts plus sleeves to go.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Sweater for Abigail's first birthday.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
The pattern's from this book.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
It's a bit more involved than I'm used to, so I can only work on it while Jess is in school or otherwise entertained.

Nate's socks. I love them, so why have I ignored them? I dunno.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Engrid's felted hat.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Note that I have switched yarns. No real reason. I've just never used Brown Sheep before, and I like this color.

Striped scarf. I don't know who this is going to either, but it's a fun little change of pace thing.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
Oh! And Jennie's sweater. All I have is the yarn.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
No pattern no inkling of what I'm doing, just the yarn.

The hoodie? The hoodie is almost done, It just needs a bit a sewing up. will post a picture when I get to it.
Now, Let's see if I can finish it all by Christmas.

Monday, November 08, 2004

where's Rod Serling when you need him?

I've finally finished my Afghans_for_Us blanket.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
I have more squares, and I have started joining them for Jessie's blanket.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
I don't think we have enough remaining members for me to be able to get another blanket out of the trade, so I guess I'll Have to supplement with my own squares.

I finished Emily's poncho. It turned out pretty cute.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
I started working on a scarf last night. I have two odd balls of wool I'm trying to use up. I haven't decided who it will go to yet.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
I'm trying to use up my stash, so I can buy more yarn guilt free. :) Which also means I need to finish up my projects (that seems to be an ongoing theme)

Our Stitch n Bitch has started tossing around some group name ideas. There are some pretty good suggestions I have yet to chose my personal favorite.

Nate belated birthday celebration went well. Actually, is was a bit surreal for me. My parents are divorced, and both remarried. Up until recently, they avoided each other. If they were both invited to a function, one would be unable to make it, etc. Now, (the power of grandkids) they are starting to make a point to attend. Saturday, my Stepmother, Mom, and Stepfather were all present. (Dad had to work) They sat next to each other, engaged in conversation, and my Stepmother dished up my Stepfather's plate. (Stepdad's not in the good health)

It was one of the strangest sights I had ever seen. It was so friggin' cool!

Anyway, Nate had a wonderful time. One of his gifts was a new telephone.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com
So, Carma, Now The probability of me being able to answer the phone, instead of cussing at our extremely temperamental talk button, is no longer a crap shoot.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Knitting gangs

Today we're having everyone over for a belated Birthday celebration for Nate. SO I've had a day of cleaning and shopping.

Yesterday I saw my friend, Jill, and taught her to knit. SO far we've only covered casting on, the knit stitch and binding off. She took pretty well to it. I'll have to stop by again soon with another lesson, maybe drag our friend, Katie, along.
I know this sounds like I'm pushing my craft onto my friends. But I am telling you this is not the case. They have asked me to teach them, and I'm more than happy to.

I have started Emily's poncho, and am about halfway done with it.

I took a break from to start Jennie's sweater. (I know, I know....why on earth would I start another sweater when I already have two half done and neglected. I tell you it's a sickness.)

Jennie's sweater is thus far a disappointment. I ordered some black cotton, intended for this project, only to realize that it's really too bulky for what I had planned. So, Jennie's sweater has been put on hold until I find something else to use.

Our Stitch n Bitch group has decided we need a name. I'm quite curious as to what suggestions come about this. We have a graphic deigner in our midst, ready to make up posters and gear. Should be fun. I have yet to come up with anything clever.

That's about all the news around here. (Boy, the excitement never stops around here. hew doggie!!)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Visually lacking

I want to apologize for my lack of pictures lately. We took the camera on our trip to Ohio. We didn't take any pictures, because I forgot I even had it with us. Any way, I came home and unpacked, and specifically remembered taking it out of the bag. It's in this house somewhere, but amidst Jess being sick , our washer breaking, the fruit fly population exploding, and just mass chaos in general. I cannot find our camera. As soon as it is found (and charged) I promise to take pictures and "retrofit" them into their respective blog entries.

Also I'm trying to play around with this thing and see what all I can add. Eventually I want to add a bunch to the side bar. Links, free patterns, pictures, etc. But I am learning as I go, so It may be a while.
Well, I guess it's time for my to change out of my mourning dress and into some pjs. (Mourning dress....It was the only thing clean. But how appropriate, as I was despondent after Kerry's concession speech. All I can do is wonder who will dig us out of the mess in 2008.)

Boy the days really do get shorter

Jess' doctor visit yesterday revealed that she is suffering from a sinus infection. I know, poor, sweet, little thing's suffering. She ran a fever all day yesterday that was a continuation from the day before. I was getting a bit worried. About 2:30am this morning it broke. Jess woke up refreshed from a seemingly fitful sleep. She wanted to play. I wanted to pass out. We finally reached a compromise at 4am that I would sleep and she would "pretend" to sleep. She is still pretending.

So why am I awake? Well, last night we brought a new washer. Ours was dying a slow, agonizing death. But then, our washer was over 20 years old. We bought it for 30 bucks 3 and a half years ago at a garage sale. It served us well, but it's time was up. Anyway, we bought a new one last night, (not the front loader I have been dreaming about, but a pretty nice one. I know, what kind of sick person dreams about a washer? A dorky one--get with the program!) and they were to deliver it this afternoon.

Did you know that according to appliance delivery persons, 7am is considered afternoon? They must knock off for the day at like 1pm. Huh, learn something new everyday.

Onto knitting. I have finished Jennie's poncho. I like it I still have a bunch of this yarn left over and even more in blue. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.
photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com

Started Jenna's poncho. She's 5 so I am completely winging this one, but it's based on the Harlot design.

photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.com

(Actually, Photo taken of finished project)
and worked some on the hoodie's sleeves. They're getting there, just not anytime soon. I'm sorry but sleeves are so boring.

I have a SnB meeting tonight. Apparently there were quite a lot of us who were unable to make Monday's meeting , so we decided to have a "make up meeting". Can't wait. Although I'm sure much of the talk will be about the election results.

When I was jolted awake by burly-delivery-man-knuckles rapping on my door I had a moment where I thought that the results were dreamt. Only when I was fully awake (after coffee refill) did I realize that were are sort of right back where we were four years ago, only much, much worse. All I have to say is I don't want four more f#cking years of Bush making an a$$ of himself and our country. But I voted, which is all I can do.

ok, enough of that, or I will carry on the rest of my day mad at the world.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

greetings from the insect world

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left town for four days and forgot to empty your compost bin that sits on the counter, and your daughter leaves a half eaten apple hidden under the couch?

Of course not. Why would you? Well, I can tell you exactly what happens. Fruit flies set up residence while your gone and have a four day orgy. You are greeted by a swarm of fruit flies as you walk in the door, and become so desperate to be rid of them you start attacking with Lysol. (Which, by the way, is not nearly as effective as one would think it should be.) I have been trying to reclaim my house and end this fruit fly party. But progress has been slow.

Jess is sick. My guess is bronchitis, but we'll know for sure when she sees her doctor this afternoon. I'm hoping Nate gets home in time for me to vote. Maybe I'll have to ring my sister-in-law or something. See these are the times it sucks that carma lives in Iowa. If she were here, she would just ride with me and keep Jess company in the car or something. Oh well. I'll find a way to get out. I don't want to take a feverish coughing 3 year old into a polling place when the flu vaccine shortage has everyone a little spooked already. (maybe she could cough on some republicans) No, really, I am NOT a straight ticket voter, I just have some real issues with president Bush. I do not want to bore any of you with my reasons. I think we are all a bit sick of this election. I want to give a vote to the one who deserves it most. I support the redskin loss prediction. :) Hmmm... carma has posted. Guess I'll read that, get ready to go see the doc, and buy some borax to poison my new fruit fly population. Yuck.


Hello, all:

Long time, no talk. First I have to say something... I live in Iowa, which I'm sure a lot of you know is a swing state. Having grown up in Northwest Indiana I didn't have a clue what that really meant. Most elections I knew more about the IL canidates than I ever did about anyone running in Indiana. Now in Iowa the Presidential canidates, or someone in their behalf, were here nearly every other day. Kind of interesting, kind of a pain to be honest. That being said I can honestly say that NO ONE is looking forward to this election being over more than me. I've been watching political commercials since October 2003!

Ok, now I have to ask you all a huge favor. Please vote. Please please please. I don't particularly care who you vote for as long as you vote. I think it's too important for us not to. My coworker had to take her toddler with her to the polls and still she managed to make it. So I really don't think anyone has an excuse not to go. ;) So please vote.

I'm off my soapbox now.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Back home again

Well, we made it home Saturday safe and sound. We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws, as usual. I belong to that glorious minority that enjoys absolutely wonderful in-laws. Seriously. It's wonderful. It makes my friends jealous. *heehee*

I didn't get much knitting done on the trip, but I didn't miss it much. I came home with a renewed effort to finish up my sweaters. (Also, with a few more poncho requests) I'm hoping to get the majority of my Christmas knitting done before Thanksgiving. (....just what makes that little old ant, think he can move the rubber tree plant....) We'll see if I will actually be able to achieve that.

So far I have:
Ma's cardigan,

Cara's cardigan,

Nate's socks,

Engrid's felted hat,

Jennie's poncho,

Jenna's poncho,

Emily's poncho,

and, if time allows Jennie's birthday sweater.

Her birthday is January 9th, so ideally, I would like to have it done in time to take it to her at Christmas. If not, I'll just have to mail it.

I can sense some of you are wondering what happed to Jess' pullover. Well, with the very discouraging reaction I received when I presented her cardigan, I took a close hard look at the pullover, and I started to work on it. After finishing one sleeve I realized I did not have enough yarn for a second. I took it to Jess to see if she even liked it before I headed out for more yarn. She did not, so I pitched it.

Yeah, it hurt to pitch something I have worked on, but the pain was far less then if I had gone through the trouble to buy more yarn and finish it, only to have her refuse yet another garment, lovingly made especially for her.

I have a SnB meeting tonight. trying to debate whether I should go. I have a LOT of things I need to catch up on here, but I hate to miss a meeting, because they are usually so much fun.

I promised pictures Of my huge teddy bear I made, but I cannot seem to find the picture I took. The next time i visit the recipient of the bear with the enormous head I will snap a photo and post it. Take care all