Friday, November 12, 2004

And so it begins.

If any of you are wondering about the title of my blog, I'm about to explain it.
See, anytime Carma or I (mostly "I") do something incredibly stupid, we feel compelled to call the other. Each of these conversations do not begin with a "Hello", or "How're things?". No the other picks up the reciever and is greeted by this statement, "Your best friend is such a dork." Then the story follows.

Here's my most recent:

Carma, your best friend is such a dork. I have been jonesing for some new knitting books, I was doing very well at resisting temptation, but yesterday I caved. I bought Knitwit, and Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I was so excited, I brought them home, I set them on the dining room table.

I decided I need to pour myself a beverage, and then planned on grabbing a seat with my new additions to my knitting library. The drink of choice? Dr. Pepper, of course. I just so happened to have an unopened two liter on my counter. I grabbed a glass, filled it with ice and set it on the dining room table. I then grabbed the two liter and, (This is where I erred) walked it over to the dining room table to open it. Mind you, setting it in close proximity our my new treasured tomes.

Well, I opened the two liter, only to have it erupt. Everywhere. All over me, and *gasp* my new books! I was just sick. I ran down the hall to the linen closet (tripping on the toys left scattered about and practically breaking my other arm) grabbing towels and trying desperately to salvage my new books.
I did salvage the books, but they are not pretty.

But they are still usable.

yup, such a dork.

In other news, Jill and Katie, and I went yarn shopping and then they both came back to my house for a little knit in. Jill started work on a scarf for her Grandpa, and Katie practiced some more ( remember Jill has almost a week headstart on Katie) I started work on these.
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They are basically from the knitwit book. Since I can rarely follow a pattern to the letter, they are a little different.

They do not really match anything else I have in terms of winter wear, but I love them, (When have I ever worried about matching?) I had thought about giving them to Carma, but they are wool, which makes her itch. Guess I'll just have to make her a non-itchy pair.

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