Thursday, November 11, 2004

The good and the bad.

Well, yesterday I was stressing A LOT about my Christmas deadline. I realized that I should be enjoying myself. Knitting is my hobby and I should not feel like Christmas is this impossible deadline. So, I have reevaluated my Christmas knitting list to look like this.

Ma's cardigan and Cara's have been taken off the Christmas list, and I have decided that they'll get done when they get done.

I have finished Engrid's felted hat.
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It's drying now.
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I still have to sew up the hoodie.

Nate's socks are still on my Christmas knitting, but if they do not get gone, it's not the end of the world. I have a back up.

Jennie's sweater is still on the list, but if it does not get done, I have a back up gift.

Now the good. Two of my very dear friends came over yesterday afternoon for a knitting lesson. My friend Jill, who I started on a knitterly path on Friday, and our friend Katie, who started her first lesson yesterday. Both are doing very well. And last night Jill called me to ask that we all go on a "field trip" today to the store for their respective scarf projects.

Now the bad. I had worked more on the bottom edging of Abigail's sweater yesterday. (The pink one from the last post.) I needed 14 little "petals" I had done 10, then set it aside.
Unfortunately, I did not set it above the three-year-old reach level. Jessie found it while I was in the shower. I guess she had pulled the needle out of it, then realized what she had done and ran down the hall with it, in order to find me and give it to me. As she ran down the hall, --you guessed it-- it unravelled. When she handed it to me It only had one petal intact. She meant well, and I appreciate that, but I still cried a little inside.

So I took a long hard look at the project. It's a worsted weight, heavy cotton, and besides the petal lacing and the flower motif, it's done in reverse St st. which I decided I most likely wasn't going to like it anyway. But the picture is really cute.
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So I have taken Abigail's sweater off my list. I know, I'm a wuss. I guess I just don't have enough Harlot in me to take on impossible dealines and actually make them.

I've just decided to destress. Especially with the holiday season marching steadily toward us. It's enough stress in and of itself.

Plus I keep getting sidetrack with little projects. Like my scarf is a little over the halfway point.
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