Monday, November 01, 2004

Back home again

Well, we made it home Saturday safe and sound. We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws, as usual. I belong to that glorious minority that enjoys absolutely wonderful in-laws. Seriously. It's wonderful. It makes my friends jealous. *heehee*

I didn't get much knitting done on the trip, but I didn't miss it much. I came home with a renewed effort to finish up my sweaters. (Also, with a few more poncho requests) I'm hoping to get the majority of my Christmas knitting done before Thanksgiving. (....just what makes that little old ant, think he can move the rubber tree plant....) We'll see if I will actually be able to achieve that.

So far I have:
Ma's cardigan,

Cara's cardigan,

Nate's socks,

Engrid's felted hat,

Jennie's poncho,

Jenna's poncho,

Emily's poncho,

and, if time allows Jennie's birthday sweater.

Her birthday is January 9th, so ideally, I would like to have it done in time to take it to her at Christmas. If not, I'll just have to mail it.

I can sense some of you are wondering what happed to Jess' pullover. Well, with the very discouraging reaction I received when I presented her cardigan, I took a close hard look at the pullover, and I started to work on it. After finishing one sleeve I realized I did not have enough yarn for a second. I took it to Jess to see if she even liked it before I headed out for more yarn. She did not, so I pitched it.

Yeah, it hurt to pitch something I have worked on, but the pain was far less then if I had gone through the trouble to buy more yarn and finish it, only to have her refuse yet another garment, lovingly made especially for her.

I have a SnB meeting tonight. trying to debate whether I should go. I have a LOT of things I need to catch up on here, but I hate to miss a meeting, because they are usually so much fun.

I promised pictures Of my huge teddy bear I made, but I cannot seem to find the picture I took. The next time i visit the recipient of the bear with the enormous head I will snap a photo and post it. Take care all

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