Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Boy the days really do get shorter

Jess' doctor visit yesterday revealed that she is suffering from a sinus infection. I know, poor, sweet, little thing's suffering. She ran a fever all day yesterday that was a continuation from the day before. I was getting a bit worried. About 2:30am this morning it broke. Jess woke up refreshed from a seemingly fitful sleep. She wanted to play. I wanted to pass out. We finally reached a compromise at 4am that I would sleep and she would "pretend" to sleep. She is still pretending.

So why am I awake? Well, last night we brought a new washer. Ours was dying a slow, agonizing death. But then, our washer was over 20 years old. We bought it for 30 bucks 3 and a half years ago at a garage sale. It served us well, but it's time was up. Anyway, we bought a new one last night, (not the front loader I have been dreaming about, but a pretty nice one. I know, what kind of sick person dreams about a washer? A dorky one--get with the program!) and they were to deliver it this afternoon.

Did you know that according to appliance delivery persons, 7am is considered afternoon? They must knock off for the day at like 1pm. Huh, learn something new everyday.

Onto knitting. I have finished Jennie's poncho. I like it I still have a bunch of this yarn left over and even more in blue. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.
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Started Jenna's poncho. She's 5 so I am completely winging this one, but it's based on the Harlot design.

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(Actually, Photo taken of finished project)
and worked some on the hoodie's sleeves. They're getting there, just not anytime soon. I'm sorry but sleeves are so boring.

I have a SnB meeting tonight. Apparently there were quite a lot of us who were unable to make Monday's meeting , so we decided to have a "make up meeting". Can't wait. Although I'm sure much of the talk will be about the election results.

When I was jolted awake by burly-delivery-man-knuckles rapping on my door I had a moment where I thought that the results were dreamt. Only when I was fully awake (after coffee refill) did I realize that were are sort of right back where we were four years ago, only much, much worse. All I have to say is I don't want four more f#cking years of Bush making an a$$ of himself and our country. But I voted, which is all I can do.

ok, enough of that, or I will carry on the rest of my day mad at the world.

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