Saturday, November 06, 2004

Knitting gangs

Today we're having everyone over for a belated Birthday celebration for Nate. SO I've had a day of cleaning and shopping.

Yesterday I saw my friend, Jill, and taught her to knit. SO far we've only covered casting on, the knit stitch and binding off. She took pretty well to it. I'll have to stop by again soon with another lesson, maybe drag our friend, Katie, along.
I know this sounds like I'm pushing my craft onto my friends. But I am telling you this is not the case. They have asked me to teach them, and I'm more than happy to.

I have started Emily's poncho, and am about halfway done with it.

I took a break from to start Jennie's sweater. (I know, I know....why on earth would I start another sweater when I already have two half done and neglected. I tell you it's a sickness.)

Jennie's sweater is thus far a disappointment. I ordered some black cotton, intended for this project, only to realize that it's really too bulky for what I had planned. So, Jennie's sweater has been put on hold until I find something else to use.

Our Stitch n Bitch group has decided we need a name. I'm quite curious as to what suggestions come about this. We have a graphic deigner in our midst, ready to make up posters and gear. Should be fun. I have yet to come up with anything clever.

That's about all the news around here. (Boy, the excitement never stops around here. hew doggie!!)

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