Monday, November 08, 2004

where's Rod Serling when you need him?

I've finally finished my Afghans_for_Us blanket.
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I have more squares, and I have started joining them for Jessie's blanket.
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I don't think we have enough remaining members for me to be able to get another blanket out of the trade, so I guess I'll Have to supplement with my own squares.

I finished Emily's poncho. It turned out pretty cute.
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I started working on a scarf last night. I have two odd balls of wool I'm trying to use up. I haven't decided who it will go to yet.
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I'm trying to use up my stash, so I can buy more yarn guilt free. :) Which also means I need to finish up my projects (that seems to be an ongoing theme)

Our Stitch n Bitch has started tossing around some group name ideas. There are some pretty good suggestions I have yet to chose my personal favorite.

Nate belated birthday celebration went well. Actually, is was a bit surreal for me. My parents are divorced, and both remarried. Up until recently, they avoided each other. If they were both invited to a function, one would be unable to make it, etc. Now, (the power of grandkids) they are starting to make a point to attend. Saturday, my Stepmother, Mom, and Stepfather were all present. (Dad had to work) They sat next to each other, engaged in conversation, and my Stepmother dished up my Stepfather's plate. (Stepdad's not in the good health)

It was one of the strangest sights I had ever seen. It was so friggin' cool!

Anyway, Nate had a wonderful time. One of his gifts was a new telephone.
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So, Carma, Now The probability of me being able to answer the phone, instead of cussing at our extremely temperamental talk button, is no longer a crap shoot.

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