Monday, February 28, 2005

Can you tell me how to get....

I haven't accomplished as much as I would like today. Mostly because of "Sesame street"

It is named so, because It reminds me of those striped shirts all the kids used to wear in the Sesame Street of my youth.

But I did work on Teegan's slippers.

And, for those of you wondering, I hung Jess' curtains.
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I hope she likes them. If she does, maybe she'll play her accordian for me.

pet envy

This weekend, I unearthed a couple of mama-jo huge skeins of sock yarn. After the recent rash of socks, fuzzyfeet, and clogs, the last thing I want to start is a pair of socks. They are trekking xxl, in a very "Sesame Street" colorway. So, I've decided to make an entrelac scarf with it.

Also I dug into my box of baby yarn and yarn-destined-to-be-baby-items for the bahzillion new and soon-to-be moms I know, and pulled out some ecru sugar ' n cream. I thought I would make a teddy bear. But I soon came to a realization that I cannot find a teddy pattern that I like and does not require me to go buy a new book.
So, I'm winging it. If it comes out cute, I'll write out the pattern and post it on my free patterns page.

I have gotten very little work done on Nate's vest, due to the fact that I don't want him to see it until it's done.

I need to work on Teegan's slippers so I can get that stuff sent along it's merry way, but I refer you to the first paragraph.

I haven't really done much of anything this weekend. We spent Saturday evening at my Mom's to celebrate my Stepfather, and Brother's birthday. (Just want to clear up that we celebrated TWO people's birthdays. Don't want you all to get the wrong impression there.)

I mostly pouted this weekend as I battled my severe case of pet envy. Two years ago, I adopted a really wonderful lab mix from the county pound. she got loose a year ago and was hit on the highway, just south of of. Jess still asks for her.
Anyway, In light of Ribby's recent passing, and visiting my brother and his menagerie*, I've had pets on the brain.
Consequently, my pouting did nothing to sway Nate, who I have been calling the "pet-nazi".
I think Jess needs a pet. Of cours,e I cannot remember a time when I was growing up, that we did not have a pet. Nate's argument is that we have pets. (We have two outdoor cats. They are outdoor cats, because I am allergic.) I tell him although I love the cats, they do not count. We are now at a stalemate.

*I'm not kidding. they have a beagle, a shepard husky mix, a cat, a guinea pig, a turtle, and an undisclosed number of aquatic creatures.*

Friday, February 25, 2005

CAKE and coffee

Did I mention that Andy gave me a gift? He made me some CAKE CDs to fill out my collection. He got a new laptop and mp3 player, so he's been "Mr. Music". They were my (belated) birthday gift. All I had for him was his Hawaiian shirt to give back to him.

Remember when we all went out and dubbed it, "Hawaiian Shirt Night", and he brought me one since I am lacking? Yes it's been THAT long since we last saw each other.

How bad do I suck? He has even hinted (after looking at some FO pics) That he'd like a Purdue scarf. I so droppped the ball here.

Anyhow, That is how I am spending my day. Drinking coffee out of my Sheepy mug...

...and letting CAKE motivate me to get all my stuff done.

I have cut Jess' curtains apart, but I have yet to touch my sewing machine. Yes, even though I posted yesterday that I would do so. But that is because I was given a request from Natey for a sweater vest. He's thinking a bulky-ish thing like the polar fleece ones he owns. Like this one modeled by Jessie.

Little did he know that I have been eyeing some Lopi at my LYS, and I now had an excuse to pick it up.

So my sewing time yesterday, was spent at Sheep's Clothing instead.

And, Carma, How do you afford your Rock n' Roll lifestyle??
Go check out CAKE's advice section. They may be able to help.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

assorted craftiness.

Well, Carma, your wristers are done. Behold:

Nate took the picture. For everyone's well-being, I am omitting the cleavage shots he snuck in while I was modeling.

I have Rick's clogs in the washer as I type. I'm hoping they dry out by Saturday.

I started something last night.

It's a generic crocheted baby blanket (Year of the Baby)
Now I have crocheted on and off for the last fifteen years AT LEAST. I know the basics, I know a few pattern stitches, but I cannot follow a crochet pattern for anything. If you want a rectangular or tubish piece of crochet, I'm your girl. Anything else well...

I take that (partly) back. I can filet crochet. I made this just to prove the fact to my Mom, who said I would not be able to do it.

It's not as hard as it looks. As long as you can follow a chart.

My Mom taught both my Brother and I how to cross stitch when we were little. You should see some of the stuff she does. It's amazing. My stuff? Eh.
I can do it, but I bore with it easily. Now I was taught to do these things when I was little , I strongly suspect, to keep me out of trouble. You know, idle hands being the playground for the devil and all. Could you imagine if the taught these skills in juvi? It could change lives!

Ok, I'm taking off my rose-colored lenses now.

I''m hoping to get in some sewing today, after I send Jess off to school. I want to get the ribbons sewn onto my Eves, so I can send one of them back to Margaret. I also want to hem up Jess' curtains:

Actually I just need to cut this into four equal pieces, hem up the cut hems and hang them with these:
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All the curtains in my house are either hung with these or tab tops. That's because I'm incredibly lazy about home decor, but I try to pass it off as a quirky sense of "style".

Carma, I caught Andy online the other night. We got to chatting about your upcoming high school reunion. We then proceeded to plan our own antireunion. We even have plans to send a patsy in to our actual reunion with a button-cam and a live feed. Even though we don't really want to go, we are still curious after all. We are still going over our list of patsy candidates.

Thanks for the sheep festival list. I miss road trips. :)
Well, I will end things there, since I am now sporting a grape flavored lollipop in my hair. (Thanks, Jess.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

As Promised....

Alrighty (I'm not always successful but I do attempt to keep my word sometime)... potential sheep and wool festivals for the warmer weather months...

Ok now bear with me... I'm reading this off a note that Nathan gave me. He does have good handwritting so that's not the issue but it's kind of shorthand so I apologize if some of this stuff is jumbled... But I am incredibly thankful to him for going through the trouble of putting this stuff together for me (us) **This is me giving credit where credit is due, so don't go saying that I don't** :) .

May 7th & 8th
Shepherd's Harvest Lake Elmo, MN

June 11th & 12th
1st Annual Iowa Summer Sheep & Wool Festival Adel, IA

September 9th through 11th
Jefferson WI (still looking for website stuff)

And then there are two more in Illinois one in Bishop Hill and the other, The Fibre Art Fair, in Stephenson County. I'm still looking into these... I know the Bishop Hill one is either the weekend of the 15th or 22nd of October.

So, hey, this is a starting point for us right? heehee

Well there is fun stuff going on at abode de Carma tonight... laundry, resume tweaking, and dishes. I'm telling you the FUN never ends around here... :)

Hope you are all having a lovely evening... The dishes are calling...

Side note... Yay me! Thanks to the gracious assistance of E I was FINALLY able to do a post with links... Wow I'm moving up in the world now!!! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Carma's knitting meme

Ok, in an attempt to help me "get past" the sadness the powers that be have apparently decided that making me feel like poo will HELP matters.


Anyhoo-how. MY answers to the knitting meme as promised...

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?
Going to have to say English here because that's what E uses and well she taught me how to knit so if we follow logic (yeah I know not one of my STRONG suits but...)...

How long ago did you learn to knit?
I believe my first lesson was in September 2004 when I was back in the good ol' Region for my nephew, Hayden's, first birthday party.

Who taught you how?
E :) She is so unbelievably crafty (insert Beastie Boys music here) she puts me to shame... But if we were all good at the same stuff the world would be dull, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

What was your first FO?
A washcloth... which turned into a washcloth knitting frenzy (yup nearly everyone got them for Christmas) but hey who doesn't love handknit washclothes?

Favorite yarn?
Hmm, I haven't really used a lot of different kinds, etc so I can't really say... And I guess it really depends on what I'm making and how long I have to make it (length which regards to deadline and with regards to the size of the project... I have the attention span of a gnat... There I said it, I freely admit it).

Favorite pattern you've knit so far?
Pattern?? What's that? I quite frankly can't read them (I know I know don't say "can't" but I can't.) If you can show me or tell me in "Carma-speak" I'm off to the races but show me a pattern and I get huffy. Someday I'll work out these issues (ha!). In my defense I can't read recipes either (but yes for those keeping score at home I can and love to read just regular stuff) I believe I have a problem with direction... Unless it's mechanical stuff then JUST BRING IT!!! (Yup, E, now who's redneck is showing?)

Favorite pattern source?
E because she speaks my language and doesn't mind my silly questions and inability to focus.

Favorite needles?
The pairs E made me... Well technically she made me one pair for Christmas with these really cool oriental-esque beads on them... Then while I was out visiting in December (when I got the other ones) I managed to start a project with other wooden needles she made... Just had to bring those back here with me to finish the project (which was Cari's scarf)... (Hey, E, putting you package together, do you want those back? Yeah your circs will be in the pack ;) ).

Nicest thing you've ever knit?
Well since I haven't really branched out all that much I have to say two different things... For VERY different reasons.

One, Nathan's scarf... nothing special but I made it while I was pissed at hell at him, but I still made it (I'm sure that's not what is meant by nice but heck, these are MY answers so....).

Two, the still not felted Sophie bag (coworker, Teresa, claims pictures are on their way... but she's been saying that for weeks so please no breath holding). This is my second choice because it was the first "complicated" thing I had attempted, my first felting attempt, AND my first time successfully using circulars. (Many thanks to E for letting me borrow her well worn in ones and proving that my other new ones just need to be straightened out before I try to use them again).

Most hated project
Oh, honey, this changes daily. I think it was probably Jill's (the future stepmom not the new mom-to-be) scarf... Fun fur all by itself is PURE EVIL. My coworker (Kate) has one that her soon-to-be grandma in law made her and coincidently it was the same color as the one that I was making Jill (I think this was my downfall, I wanted mine to look EXACTLY like Granny's... when the woman has probably been knitting longer than I've been alive... if this is not the case don't tell me, my ego doesn't need THAT right now). I got almost done with the blasted thing and HATED it... so I frogged with abandon... Then knit again with some other just "generic this will work" yarn thrown in.. Man, I hope she likes the stinking thing :)

I don't really have anyone out there that is left to tag.... I'm pretty sure that this has been everywhere to everyone that has a blog (hey, Cari, get on that, would ya?) so unless someone steps up then this bad bear dies with me.

I would like to thank all of you out there in blogland for your thoughts and well wishes during this difficult time for me. It's appreciated more than words on a blog can express.

*****Tune in tomorrow for a list, etc of sheep and wool shows in the area (or thereabouts)... Nathan did some research.. yeah with the help of his mom but I'm somewhat overlooking that. :) What, I'm sorry, did you say something? Was that ROADTRIP????****

Monday, February 21, 2005

R.I.P. Rib

'Tis a sad day in the Carma household....

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This morning not long after 9am Central Standard Time I had to have my wonderful cat and best friend of the past almost 18 years put to sleep... Yeah, sadly I mean the big sleep.

I know this is probably complete and utter bias but Ribbon was seriously the best cat, quite possibly in the world. She wasn't a "real" cat, she was raised from a very early age by a family of dog people so she was more doglike than catlike. And all those years ago she "found" my family... My dad had gone out somewhere briefly and had left the garage door open (which NEVER happened) and my mom was out in the backyard hanging laundry to dry... And Mom hears this meow from inside the garage... Now Mom was TERRIFIED of cats so she took her time hanging the laundry. My friend, Amy (E it was Pinky), and I came out into the garage and see this ITTY BITTY TINY kitty. (As an aside as you can tell from the pictures above... she made up for lost time) It was quite literally love at first sight. I begged my mom to let me keep her but her fear of cats caused her to keep saying no.. Then a few days later she let me bring the cat into the house just to see if it was litter-trained (which is an interesting test in an of itself), saying all the while that she is sure this cat has a home somewhere and that someone was looking for her. Mom wanted to put an ad in the paper advertising the lost cat. That's right ladies and gentleman almost 18 years later... an ad never went in the paper.

YEARS later a friend of mine's family bought a campground a couple miles down the road from my childhood home. There was a cat at the campground that was pretty much ALWAYS pregnant (that is until we were finally able to catch her and get her fixed).. At least one cat in EVERY single litter she had looked remarkably similiar to Ribbon.

But like I said she was a seriously cool cat. E will attest to that... One of her favorite things to do used to be chasing that cat around my old place, even when she (E not Ribbon) was pregnant.

Rest In Peace Ribbonawitz, you will be missed and forever loved.

***Don't worry, E, tomorrow I'll answer the meme.***

Holy big pictures, Batman! Sorry about that... my first time and all... and I guess I should explain these pictures.... The first is me and my cat, the second is Her Nibbs, and the final picture is my dear old Dad and Ribby. These were taken circa 2000...

Knitting meme

I cast on my Stepdad's felted clogs yesterday, while watching the race. (Yes, Carma, I realize that my redneck is showing.) :) I have them "dangnear" done.

I want you all to keep Carma in your thoughts today. She had an appointment at 9am to see the vet about her ailing cat, Ribbon. Ribbon is 17 and a half, and even though I am not much of a "cat person", I have to tell you that cat is something special.

Ribbon has cancer and did not have a good weekend. I suspect they will put an end to her suffering. Poor Carma, who has had Ribby since she was ten, is more than a bit upset.

On a completely different topic, here is the knitting meme from Norma:

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?
English. I have also tried to teach myself to knit continentally, but I can't purl worth a damn that way.

How long ago did you learn to knit?
It was about two and a half years ago. My neighbor down the street was having a yard sale. She had a freezer bag full of knitting needles and notions for two bucks. So I bought it. I figured if I was ever going to learn, this was it.

Who taught you how?
I taught myself, with the help of a couple library books.

What was your first FO?
A short row mitered hat. I made it for Jess out of some red heart varigated.

Favorite yarn?
hmmm. I don't think I have one favorite. So, I'm going to be generic and say wool. All the ones that come to mind are either wool or wool blends.

Favorite pattern you’ve knit so far?
So far I have kept the projects pretty simple, due to the fact that I usually can't get a row in without interuption. But I would have to say I have the most fun "winging it" I really like the sweaters I have made from the Ann Budd Book of patterns.

Favorite pattern source?
Internet. People post some really cool patterns you would never find in a book.

Favorite needles?
I love my denises. For socks and such I have to have metal. But my favorite set is a pair of eights I made from some dowel rods.

Nicest thing you’ve ever knit
Well, I have a few things I want to knit, that I'm betting would fit here, but since I have not yet done so, well, I gotta think.
hmmm...right now the only thing that comes to mind are Carma's wristers. It's got a fun cable pattern, and I'm making them on size 3's with silky wool. Of course they are what I am working on now, so I might jus be in project smitten.

Most hated project
My mother's "sitcom chic" cardigan. No offense to Ms. Burns. The pattern itself isn't the fault. It's the yarn I'm not crazy about. I suspect that is why It is taking me forever to finish it.

I'm passing this onto Carma, so she can share in the fun. We love ya, Sweets.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Reorganization to start off the New Year. (Yes, I know it's mid February)

It' not like I stated I would be punctual. :)
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Well, there they are. The two Eves. Now, what to do with them. Admittedly, I would wear this. Realistically, I would end up wearing it with my sweats while cleaning, and my neighbors would think that I just might have slipped a cog, or something. I thought it might be kicky to send one to the woman who sent me the yarn. I don't know though. Would that freak any of you out??
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Carma, I suck. Your wristers? Well, I got to second one up past the thumb gusset and thought, "Hey! Do you know what I should have done? I should have made the cables on this wrister turn in the opposite direction of the other wrister." So I ripped it out, and started over. You will get them soon, I promise.
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I've made a couple of cardigans for the preemie baby of Cari's friend. I have a pair of Mary Jane slippers to make and I'll send out the package. I've put a few non-knitted items in there as well. Along with a treat or two for the Mom.

I'm thinking I like the Work In Progress list in the side bar. That way maybe I won't slack off as much. I also need to figure out what to put on my project list. I've decided that my sweaters will have to wait.. I seriously want to work through my yarn stash a good bit, before I go buying a couple sweaters worth of yarn. The hard part is going to be trying to remember what the plans were for all this stuff when I bought it.

*Added later* Seems all my pictures downloaded into little red x's... Curious. So I have removed them and tried again. No luck. So I will try again sometime tomorrow. Sorry.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Two Eves?

Eve in all it's splendor. (Ok, you caught me. The ribbons are not yet sewn on, only pinned in place.)
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This pattern used just about half of my firecracker yarn allotment. Also half the ribbon. So I could actually make two of these. The problem is, I don't know what to do with one let alone two of them. So what do we think? Two Eves or an Eve and a scarf?

I'm suppose to have Austin for the night at some point this weekend, but I don't know if that's going to happen since Jess and I are all "sick, and gross, and stuff".

I'm thinking about putting a WIP list in the sidebar, so you can all kick me in the ass to finish some things up. I haven not yet decided if this would be a good thing or a bad thing.

My yarn stash keeps growing, problem is, there is a lot of it that is actually part of a WIP so I need to finish said project(s) to reduce my stash. This all sounds good and well, but I'm bored with them. Every one.

Speaking of finishing things up. The felted Sophie. One strand Lamb's pride worsted, and one strand noro silk garden.
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And Carma, look what I (finally) did.
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That is your new and improved cigarbox purse. You remember? Way back when you asked me to fix it? I said sure thing I'll get it back to you in no time, or some such bullshit? Well, It's now fixed and missing you.

I have found my sweater. Well, two actually. Two I must have. One is Rogue; the other, Zigzag. Unfortunately, I do not think I have a yarn option in my stash for either.

So much laundry, so little concern

Ok, this is the THIRD damn time I have written this post. Nate's stupid debugger program seems to have issue with blogspot today. It keeps barging in, and in order to get rid of it I end up inadvertedly closing the edit window before I can save.

Now, let's see if I can remember what I was going to post.

Well, Eve is done. Actually it looks the same as it did yesterday. I need to weave in my ends and attach a ribbon, which I have yet to get.

I kept Jess home from school yesterday. It was for the best. She and I were irritable, walking, snot factories. I missed my Stitch 'n Bitch last night, for the same reasons. I was in bed, and asleep by 8:30 pm, last night. Anyone who knows me, knows I had to be feeling pretty damn lousy to be asleep before midnight.

My Sophie bag is in the washer. I had to unearth my washer from the dirty laundry before I could use it. Tell me, In what way does the top of the washer look like a clothes hamper?? I do not understand this. That, and it sucks that no one does the laundry when you are sick. Apparently The Male in this house cannot see dirty clothes.

Here are my Sophie bag handles:
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Which reminds me, Carma, I need to redo those handles I gave you. I discovered a design flaw. The little connectors are not beefy enough.

I'm still looking for a pullover pattern. I have 1000 yds of this dark purple worsted wool. (I can't remember anymore details about it, sorry.) I have the Rogue pattern, but It's not something I want to make out of this yarn.

Cari emailed me some very cute pictures of the first hat she made. Her beautiful daughter, Faith is modeling. I cannot post them without permission though.

Today I'm hoping to finish up some things. we'll see how much I get accomplished.

*added Later*

Cari has given the green light to post some pics so here they are. (she says only if I feel they are "blogworthy. HA!)
Cari's first hat, modelled by Faith.
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photo hosting and image hosting by
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

back to knitting...

My Colinette Firecracker yarn came Monday.
I've started Eve from Knitty with it. "Firecracker" has a very "boa-ish" quality to it.

Also I have made yet another Sophie bag. I have not yet finished my handles though.

Before washing:
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And I have made some progress on Ma's cardigan.
photo hosting and image hosting by
I plan on finishing Carma's wristers and getting those to her by Friday. (Meaning I'm hoping to get them in the mail by Friday)

But, before I can do that I need to clean up this crap-shack. Jess and I have not been well, and Nate has had to deal with our hacking, and so forth. The way things look, I'm not sure if I'll make it to my stitch 'n bitch tonight.

Have I mentioned my car is making an awful noise? It started Monday, on the way to the wake.

Monday night Nate asked me if I had given any more thought on going back to work, because, "It would be so cool if you could pay for your car." This from a man who not twenty-four hours before, was talking about having another baby. I swear he flip flops on stuff just to make me crazy.

I dug out the purple wool I have ear-marked for a sweater for myself. Although, now I cannot decide what I want to make. Please no more St st.

By the way, Carma, Jess thanks you for her Valentine treats, and I thank you for my "foxy" pen.
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*added later* Huh. Some of my pictures are not working. I will fix it this afternoon when I have a bit more time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day Hangover

Ah, Valentine's Day... Red hearts... love....

And all that crap.

The only thing that I really appreciate about Valentine's Day is an old quote from our friend Katie (from back in our collective single bitter days ;) ),

"Is it a coincidence that Valentines Day and Venereal Disease both begin with V.D.?"

Ah, yes. What can I say, an office full of woman makes Valentine's Day a bit rough for the atypical woman.

But I did have some fun yesterday... I went yarn shopping. :) After frogging my future stepmom's scarf and starting over with the fun fur and some other "regular" yarn, I realized that I didn't have enough fun fur... So off to the store I went. :) Hobby Lobby didn't have the right color but they had other fun stuff of course... Soooooo I got some really cute pink and blue yarn to make a blankie for my coworker/friend, Cari's, friend. It's not going to be a very big blankie because the little one is a preemie and I thought they might need just a little something. (Then again what do I know I have no children) It's soft but it's also 100% arcylic so it'll take a beating if necessary. I cast on the blankie this morning (big surprise I'm making it like a huge washcloth) so that I can work on it while in the doctor's office later this morning.

I also got myself some complete frivolous ribbon yarn to make myself a completely "just for fashion not function" scarf. I know I know SO not me but I LOVE the yarn and thought what the hell? I need a little fashion funk in my life. I know I also need another project on deck like I need a hole in the head but... At least with this one the needles that I need are currently in the midst of another project (my Homespun Shawl) so I hopefully won't abandon everything for this ribbon.

Oh yeah and finally at Hobby Lobby I got the rest of the stuff I need to finish the stitch markers I'm making. (heheheh I got E a prize too...)

Then it was off to evil evil Walmart where thankfully I found the correct color fun fur so I worked on more of Jill's scarf last night. Hey, speaking of evil evil Walmart, did you know that you could return makeup? Specifically lipstick? Huh learn somethin new everyday. See I listened to one of those fashion mags and they said that there was as specific color of lipstick that looked great on all skin types... I took their word for it and bought it. Apparently looking good on all skin types is different than looking good on everyONE. Needless to say it was AWFUL. I was pretty bummed given that I had splurged (for me) $7 on the stinking stuff and there was no WAY I was ever going to wear it. Then I talked to a friend that said I could just return it no problem. So I tried it... Lo and behold that sweet lady knew what she was talkin' 'bout (not that that surprised me). So I spent the money on some new mascara... Almay has a line of eye makeup designed for your eye color to help inhance the color. So I now own sapphire mascara (I know crazy...) Hey I figure a little self "improvement" measures here and there never hurt anyone. ;)

On a serious note, I want E and her family to know that I'm thinking about them on what I'm sure is going to be a difficult day. *Hugs*

**Added later**
E GO. as. soon. as. possible. To McDonald's... yup, it's that time of year again and SHAMROCK SHAKES are back... Yeah got myself one as a yay you went to the stinkin doctor prize.

Oh yeah and if possible try not to plan your trip out here within the next 2 weeks. I got that crabby medicine where I can't drink ANY alcohol while I'm taking it... Not that we "need" booze but... it's going to be a long 2 weeks.

Monday, February 14, 2005

short post+no pics= I suck.

Charolette passed away Friday night.

Saturday, I helped Mom with all the details they hadn't got to on Friday.

Saturday night, I came down with something. I suspect it's all allergy/sinus related, due to the sudden weather change (That gets me every time)

Sunday, I sat around in my pajamas. I did work on Ma's cardigan, Cara's wrister and a few baby items. (year of the baby, remember?)

The wake is tonight, the funeral tomorrow. You know, Charolette was in my life since I was about seven or so. I guess everyone feels regret for not getting ot know a person better while they had the chance to.

Friday, February 11, 2005

the girl needs to get out more.

Yesterday, after cleaning up the hallway, where Jessie decided to once again piss on the floor. (Not 2 feet away from her potty seat, mind you.) I got her cleaned up, dressed for school, and on the bus.

Then I went shopping. And bought these.

(swift, and ball winder. Displayed with some of the yarn Carma used to bribe me.)
I then spent the rest of my afternoon winding yarn and organizing my stash. This should not have been as much fun as it was. Seriously, I need to get out more.

But I was able to wind the yarn for Carma's second wrister. Who knows, I might actually finish it by the end of next week. Maybe.

Todays looking up. Jess decided to actually use the potty and not the floor today. She was suppose to spend the night with my Mom tonight, but in light of Charolette's condition, everything is touch and go.

This might sound selfish, but anniversary plans, take three, have been cancelled, and that kinda sucks.

And to update you all on "where's the love?" Carma and I were on the phone last night and she had a notice, saying the post office was holding a package for her.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Why don't Moms get personal days??

It's been a rough week.
This week, Jess has been out of diapers. I get glowing reprts from school on how well she is doing with it. Things at home, not so much. She's been sitting on the potty, not doing anything, then getting up, going to some seemingly random part of the house, and pissing all over everything. Twice she's pooped while in the tub. I've spent the better part of this week just cleaning up these so-called "accidents". I have gotten literally nothing else done.

Charolette's in the hospital. She has been all week. The doctors tell us everyday that she won't live through the night. (Charolette is my step-grandmother. She has had Alzheimer's for years now. She recognizes no one, and everytime I visit, she gets violent. This may make me a bad person, but I stopped visiting a few years ago.)

Last night, after Jess pooped in the tub for a second time, I cleaned it up, took a shower, and left Jess with Nate. I drove around for 2 hours, doing absolutley nothing.

I want a vacation.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Where is the love?

Hey, E... Please refer to your post on 2/01/05... Am I reading this incorrectly or did you send me a package of some sort???? Huh, huh did ya, did ya?

'Cuz I ain't got no package... CARI got her mitts today. :( Or rather :) for her :( for me. (She loves them, by the way, called me when she got 'em).

So I was just curious... ;)

I have a little bit of knitting news... I went today to Wally World (I know, I know evil, evil WalMart) and bought a skein of Red Heart to make with the fun fur for Jill's scarf. Yup I was not terribly far from the end and I HATED it so a forgone' I will go... Actually a forgone' I went, or tried to went. Apparently I screwed up that bad bear so much I was unable to frog it, so it just got put aside. Thankfully I had another ball of fun fur in the same color so I just started the scarf again with that one. Already going MUCH better. I got the idea of adding the other yarn from a "sample" scarf in Walmart... The sample said to do Seed Stitch across the rows but I'm not THAT great with purling so I decided to just do garter stitch the whole way to get the poor thing done. I'm hoping to have it done and ready for mailing Monday. Nathan and I are going to Indianola, Iowa sometime this weekend for the Iowa PaddleSport Expo and hopefully I can convince him to drive (I'll even spice up the deal with taking my car) so I can get some knitting time in... That'll be about 6 hours round trip. (Everyone cross your fingers for me). Oh no, I've lost the ability to use my enter key again (I hate that) so I'll wrap this up. Have to go feed Ribbon and wait for the laundry to finish (I am a Wild and CRAZY Gal!). :)

Could You repeat that, WITHOUT sounding like a psychotic monkey?

While I was out yesterday, shopping and ignoring the blob of yarn, etc overtaking my house. I found myself in the movie section of Target. I found one of my favorite movies, "High Society". It was packaged with "Kiss Me Kate". A Two great movies, One great price dealie. Well, I bought it.

You stare blankly at your screen thinking, "Geez, Erin. Like I really needed to know that." The reason I bring it up is this.

Carma, I don't know if you remember this, but I have said in several of our conversations, that your so-called, quasi-boyfriend reminded me of someone, but I could never put my finger on it.

After getting everyone else to bed, I put in "Kiss Me Kate". I thought I would watch it while plugging away at Jessie's blanket. Five minutes into the movie it hits me.

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Howard Keel! It's Howard Keel! Tower reminds me of Howard Keel. Being that it was One in the morning. I (barely) resisted calling you to tell you this all in one breath, so that it came out,
"OmyGodit'sHowardKeelTowerremindsmeofHowardKeelAfteralltheseyearsfinallyHowardKeel." You're welcome for that, as I'm sure you are quite thankful I didn't call you.

As for knitting news. sadly I have none. except that I keep finding myself looking up cardigan patterns for some unknown reason. (Like I don't have two WIP's that I could work on.) But My "Big Book of Sweater Patterns" is sitting here on the desk. Funny I thought that was on the shelf in the other room. Huh, It's accompanied by a notepad that has "purple wool", and some rudimentary sketches on it. Funny, if I didn't know better, I would think I was getting ready to cast on a cardigan for myself...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nothing to blog.

I guess I could show you the minimal progress I have made on Jess' blanket.
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That I have moved past the cuff of Joel's birthday sock.

That I have a bit of Carma's second mitt made, but cannot continue until I wind the second skein. (No , I have not yet bought a swift and ball winder.)

But that's about it.

Yesterday, I realized that I just have shit everywhere. Fabric, beads, yarn, paints. Once upon a time it all peacefully co-existed in the closet of our third bedroom. Now it has taken over.

Time to do a bit of spring cleaning. I need to. But I don't wanna. It means I have to go through it all and decide what stays and what goes. Normally, I have no problem with this. It's just different with all things crafty. So much potential in every item, I have a hard time parting with them.

*added Later*

Ok, for those of you asking how I am doing the squares on Jessie's blanket.

Mitered squares. super easy, like so:

Cast on 48 stitches. (Or any even number, for that matter)
Row 1: knit 22, k2tog, k2tog, knit 22
Row 2 and every even row: knit
Row 3: knit21, k2tog, k2tog, knit 21

Continue as such, knitting one less stitch on either side of the two two k2tog's on odd rows, and knitting even rows, until you have two stitches.

next row: slip 1 stitch, knit, pass slipped stitch over stitch just knitted. bind off
I made five squares like that (Feel free to make how every many you'd like for the first row of squares)

Second row of mitered squares (I guess they're more like diamonds at this point)

You will notice, that the side of your square will have 24 ridges. Hmmm good number, because now you will pick up 24 stitches (as if you were purling these stitches) off the side of Square A, and 24 stitches off the side of Square B. 48 stitches total. This now equals your cast on for square C. Repeat the directions above.

Crappy diagram:
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Monday, February 07, 2005


Well, Carma,

It looks like I just *might* have some leftover yarn to donate to the weeble blanket. Not sure how much of the variegated, but I have A LOT of the dark plum color. (which matches the dark plum in the variegated quite nicely, considering this plum has been buried in my stash for some time.) NOTE: the previous picture of Jess' blanket doesn't not show the dark plum color. It only has the lavendar.

I have cast on the second mitt. I think mine will be fingerless. Nothing wrong with your fingers, my dear, but after trying on all the ones I have made thus far. I think I prefer to not have them.
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Speaking of mitts, that was my surprise project, that I made from the last of my Manos del Uruguay. I sent them off to Cari. I hope she likes them.

I hoping to finish the second Carma mitt this week. and Jess' blanket for Valentines Day.

Get this, my Mom wants to take Jess Friday night. Do, you know what that means??

If you guessed that Nate and I will sit around asking each other what we'd like to do until we just get some take out for dinner and go to bed, well, you're probably right. Like I've said before, I have not a romantic bone in my body.

I have a stitch n bitch tonight. I'm kidnapping new mom-to-be, Jill, and making her come with me. muhwa-ha-ha-ha! Too bad I think that Tara won't be able to come due to a toy meeting she has to make. (or do I have my days mixed up?)

Also, I think we are moving ever so closer to moving. Nate's working on his resume, and has a few contacts in the Evansville area. He has even started sanding the hall floor, and making plans to do all that stuff we have been putting off to make this place look a bit nicer. (read: painting over the "little Mermaid room") Granted it's not like we'll be moving next month or anything, but it looks like this year, possibly. (Don't you love how I am so reluctant to commit to anything?)

I'm trying not to make myself crazy by not planning ahead, (especially if I don't have to) But I just keep thinking of all the stuff I'll need to do. Most importantly, getting Jess' schooling in order. The repairs we'll need to do. Getting this house in order and sold, etc. Finding a yarn shop within a reasonable distance. *gasp* what if there isn't one??

Check the time. Insomnia strikes again.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

One down.

Well, Carma, what do you think? (sorry about the out of focus shot. Best I could do with a Jessie jumping on me.)
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I only have the one done. By the way , I might have invented a new sport . Cabling in the round, on double points while a three year old attempts to wrestle with you. It's amazing that no one lost an eye.

Jess has apparently had enough. All this knitting felted objects, mitts and baby stuff has to stop. At least until she gets a new blanket. It must be purple. And red. And orange.

For some reason that color scheme seemed familiar. Then I remembered our trip to Hobby Lobby. (Why the public allows Carma and I to shop together is beyond me.) Remember the red/purple/orange acrylic we saw. Yup, picked some up yesterday, along with some purple because it HAS to be purple. It also must be acrylic due to the fact that Jessie blankets take a real beating and get washed until they disintergrate.
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Jessie mitered square blanket. She has inspected it. She approves. All systems go.

I worked on it a bit while at the Laundromat today. ( jess had a bit of an accident on my new comforter.)
It was very amusing. Half of those in attendance where either mesmerized by my knitting, or asking questions like, "Don't they have machines to do that?" I told them yes, but where would be the fun in that.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Today's episode

of My Best Friend's a Dork shall be titled....
"101 Ways to Make an Arse out of Oneself"

Yup ladies and gentlemen I have reached an all new level of geekdom today.

All right you'll recall a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I "test flirted" with the "attorney boy" that works downstairs in the building where I work. Yeah well... I hadn't really done much more than say Hi when we happened to meet because I'm not sure if he's taken (or gay... not that there's anything wrong with that) but I didn't want to commit a "social error" by asking him out and... yeah.

So today and the new level of geekdom...
I had offered a couple months ago to take some computer parts from my office to be recycled, I was just waiting for a nicer day to transport all of it outside to my car. Today it was 50 (yup in Northeast Iowa... who says Global Warming isn't happening?) so my coworker friend, Wendy, was helping me take the stuff outside. Because it was so nice I was wearing my new Earth sandals. I had mentioned while we were still upstairs in the office that I hoped I didn't walk out of my shoes and fall down the stairs. Wendy recommended that I take my shoes off, put them in my fleece jacket pocket, until we get down the stairs to the door. I followed her suggestion even as I said, "Knowing my luck we're going to run into the attorney boy..."

I'll be damned I was right.

Yup, made it down several flights of marble stairs no problemo... But right at the bottom, yup there's Ryan. I never used to embarass AT ALL but my face was so red it wasn't even funny.. I couldn't even look at him. He was nice enough to help me get one of my shoes (which had previously been sticking out of my pocket like an ear at my hip) out of my pocket. He tried to hold open the door to the outside for us without actually going outside but that proved difficult so he went out and held open the door... Now because I couldn't look at him I really can't refute Wendy's claim that he was blushing as well. But... Yeah probably not... he was probably red in the face because he was trying not to laugh hysterically at this moron or because he's a red head and the building we work in is so stinking hot it feels like a sauna.
Stinking Blogspot is no longer recognizing my enter key so... I'll wrap this up. I resisted the urge to crawl out the window when I left work today but did manage to not run into him again. MAN I'm a dork. Think there's any hope for me? Some of my coworkers are threatening to just go talk to him "on my behalf" (yeah like THAT won't be embarrassing... what am I in 7th grade?). Yup, E your best friend is a dork.....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I may already be a wiener

Yesterday,(It's 12:02, so technically yesterday) after cleaning up the kitchen and getting rid of SOMETHING that was the root cause of THAT SMELL, I sit down with my swatch for Cara's mitts and my double points.
-Er, most of my double points. (1-2-3-DaMMIT!) lost one. Cannot find it. Something has stolen a double point (I suspect the couch, although I was unable to find proof.)

So I head out the door into an unbelievably nice, sunny, 40 degree day. *Do a Julie Andrews "Sound of Music" spin in the front yard*

"What was I going to do?"

OH right, double points.
So, I head down to the local yarn shop purchase my needles, grab a bite to eat, mail off my surprise project that used my last ball of Manos del Uruguay, pick up a very cute pair of black pants on clearance and head home. I jump online to check my email, expecting to have a message as to where to send my MSF prize donation, and where to send my knit swap mittens. I have neither.

But I do have a "you have won a harlot msf prize" email. yeeeee!!! I email carma tell her to go read harlot, and check it out. Whoo-hoo Collinette Firecracker! sweet!

Carma replies with:

Yay! That WAS you!

Hence the weird message I left on your answering machine....

Message? So I go check the machine. And promptly laugh my ass off. Carma's obviously at work, in her cubicle, on her cell phone, and trying not to get caught.

It's hysterically funny because she sounds as if she's calling me in the middle of a funeral or something I can just picture her, under her desk hand over the mouthpiece, speaking in a low whisper and eyes darting back and forth.

The message went something like:

"Hi, it's me. I was trying to catch you online, but you must not be there. I was just wondering if you've gotten any interesting news in your email."

Bless her heart.

So now I'm merrily going along on her mitts and wondering what I am going to do with 210 meters of firecracker. Any suggestions?

The year of the baby.

Well, I have wound the yarn for Carma's mitts, or wristers, whatever we are calling these. But, we can no longer call them Natalyas. I've decided on a very different gauge and cable pattern. I guess they could be more "inspired by Natalyas" but I'll need to come up with a new name.

Carma, I really like this color. It reminds me of a brick wall. I made a gauge swatch last night, and I should start on them after I do some cleaning up today. Seems I'm the only one who sees mess. Please don't tell me that's my superpower.

I also received a bit of news last night. I have yet another mom-to-be to knit for. (I'm telling you, it's the year of the baby around here.) Jill's pregnant! No exact due date yet. But they expect a late summer baby. (speaking from experience, poor Jill)

The only downside is, now when I'm asked when we'll have another, I can no longer refer them to Jill and say, "It's her turn."

I'm going to have to dig out my copy of Knitting for Baby, by Melanie falick, and my Adorable Knits for Tots, by Zoe Mellor. I love knitting baby stuff. It's little and quick.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jimmy beans rocks

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our yarn came. Oh it's so pretty. I cannot....Wait...To.......AW SHIT! I'm going to have to wind this myself. Man what I would give for a swift and a ball winder right about now.

Have you felt weary?

Ok here are the pics.

Sophie bag pre-date-with-washer:
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And Post:
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I think it may have to go through again.

Dad's Fuzzy Feet (birthday February 8th) Pre:
photo hosting and image hosting by
photo hosting and image hosting by
I have another pair to make for My Stepfather, (birthday February 23rd) but I need a felting break. Would you believe that the fuzzy feet felted shut as well? I think this is all telling me to give it a rest already.

so I have these socks:
(Brother's birthday. March 4th)
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and this mystery project made from my last ball of Manos del Uruguay.
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That is all I will say until this mystery projects makes it into the hands of it's recipient. (Don't want to blow the surprise.)

Still waiting on the Natalya mitt yarn. It should be here soon.

I have to go to the post office today and send my sister-in-law's and nieces birthday gifts off. (January 9th and 30th, respectively.) Kinda missed the boat on theirs. Oh well now mine will be a happy little surprise.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Who says money can't buy happiness?

Ok, sorry about the depressing post. It was just one of those days.

I did finish my Dad's fuzzy feet though, and that cheered me up a bit.*

So then I finished my green non-beaded Sophie bag. I felt a bit better.*

*Sorry no pictures both are in the washer. Just as well, really. I'll have to wait for some natural light.

Then Jess and I went to Sheep's Clothing. I got the new Interweave Knits Spring '05, some Trekking (xxl) sock yarn,

and some fingerling wool. I hoping to make *something* with all this baby Ull I have around here. Most likely socks. Although I do have another mom-to-be to knit something for. hmmmm...

I really have to go on a yarn diet. Or get a job. Or at least go on a yarn diet until I get a job.

I'm still waiting to hear about the tsunami knit swap. I finished my mittens weeks ago and still have no word.

Also I cannot wait until the Yarn Harlot announces who has won this elegant knitter gauge I donated. It' sitting all packaged up and ready to go out.

Speaking of packages Carma, a head's up. One is coming your way. By the way SO proud of your Sophie bag success.

Alright don't get too excited

I just finished knitting my first Sophie Bag.... Yup I'm really aware of how Tiny an accomplishment this is given that E has made 47,000 of them in the past week. But, ladies and gentleman, this is my first (insert big booming voice here) BIG project. Yeah I still need to felt it but that will require some travel to the quasi-boyfriend's (yeah my new "title" for him) abode to borrow his Mr. Washie. Or should it be Mrs. Washie because it's in a boys house?

I digress... The bag is done!!! Yay! It's for the Tsunami Knit Swap (yup E finished her mitts from that HOW long ago?). My coworker is going to take a picture of it pre-felt so that I can post it. Yeah I really need to make a mental note to really think about getting a digital camera. E was gracious enough to make the beaded handle for me (and, for those of you keeping score at home, there is nothing E can't do... I hope that was the right amount of negatives...). I so cannot wait to see what it all looks like together. And more than likely I'm going to make another one here soon. Maybe for my Dad's fiance (since I'm doing such a stellar job on her scarf... for her January 6th birthday, I suck)

Wow for once I started a post with knitting! Huh turning over a new leaf left right and center huh?

I also have news on my cat. She's doing so much better. I took her back to the vet yesterday for another anti-inflammatory and antibiotic shot. I'm also going to be giving her oral meds twice a day for the next 10 days or so, thankfully I can mix it in her food and she doesn't seem to notice. The vet did say that we're not going to "cure" this but this is the best course of action all things considered. She already seems SO much better. Now I know this probably isn't a long term thing but right now I'm ok with it.

Alright I'm off to iron (I know, can you believe it?) and hem some pants (again can you believe it?).

E, I hope your day is looking up. :)

Warning emotional dribble to follow.

I think Cabin fever has officially hit the Vaughan house.

Nate and I are fighting over, what we came to realize last night, literally nothing.

Jess has been systematically tearing the house apart. And suddenly both insistent and resistant to potty training. I'm still trying to figure that out. I think she is just seeking some control. I am clinging to a frazzled thread of what's left of my sanity. It's not pretty.

I am ready for a vacation. Without them. Is that wrong?

I think what makes it hard for me, is I have a hard time asking for help. I always have and I most likely always will. This makes it VERY hard when I actually need help. It's always just assumed that I can handle it. Yes this is my own fault. I realize that.

The only concrete example I can offer, is when Jess was diagnosed with ONH. I helped everyone else come to grips with it. I did loads of research (mostly for my benefit) I learned Braille I taught Braille to them. I took courses on child development and how to accommodate Jess so that she would not be lacking due to her handicap. But I realize I never really came to grips with it. I use the excuse I did not have time to. I had to help everyone else. That's what I do.

I overheard a conversation between my mom and my brother talking about Jess' condition soon after they found out. Joel, my brother, asked how I was doing In light of all the doctors visits, etc. that entailed after we found out. My mother's response? "She seems ok. You know Erin, she can handle it."

Truthfully, I thought I could. Now as Jess gets older and starts playing more and more with other kids. The differences (Neither good or bad) between her and "normal" kids is pretty apparent. I guess It kind of shocks me.

I don't grieve for her. There is no need. Jess has defied all the predictions given to us about her vision and her capabilities. She excels. She is amazing.

I guess I grieve because there is nothing else I can about it.

Sorry. I'm just having one of those days.