Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jimmy beans rocks

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our yarn came. Oh it's so pretty. I cannot....Wait...To.......AW SHIT! I'm going to have to wind this myself. Man what I would give for a swift and a ball winder right about now.


  1. Ah, sweets! That sucks!!!

    Hmmm let me see... I think we really should road trip it to a sheep and wool show this year and get you summa-dem.

    Whatcha think?

  2. details i need details, sweets the days of being able to get up and go are far gone for me.

  3. Go for the swift and ball-winder! It's worth it. I just saw that Webs has a swift just like the one I bought on eBay for a smaller price! Their catalog doesn't show it, but I'm sure they have a ball-winder too, probably at a similarly good price. I'm pissed, but still, I bought my two for under $100, and it's well worth it. From Webs, you might be able to get the two for under $75!!! I spent 9 months winding my own yarn -- it was dumb. -- Norma (

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  5. Details? I'm working on them.... Since I have to start with you know who this could take a bit but I believe we have months...