Monday, February 21, 2005

Knitting meme

I cast on my Stepdad's felted clogs yesterday, while watching the race. (Yes, Carma, I realize that my redneck is showing.) :) I have them "dangnear" done.

I want you all to keep Carma in your thoughts today. She had an appointment at 9am to see the vet about her ailing cat, Ribbon. Ribbon is 17 and a half, and even though I am not much of a "cat person", I have to tell you that cat is something special.

Ribbon has cancer and did not have a good weekend. I suspect they will put an end to her suffering. Poor Carma, who has had Ribby since she was ten, is more than a bit upset.

On a completely different topic, here is the knitting meme from Norma:

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?
English. I have also tried to teach myself to knit continentally, but I can't purl worth a damn that way.

How long ago did you learn to knit?
It was about two and a half years ago. My neighbor down the street was having a yard sale. She had a freezer bag full of knitting needles and notions for two bucks. So I bought it. I figured if I was ever going to learn, this was it.

Who taught you how?
I taught myself, with the help of a couple library books.

What was your first FO?
A short row mitered hat. I made it for Jess out of some red heart varigated.

Favorite yarn?
hmmm. I don't think I have one favorite. So, I'm going to be generic and say wool. All the ones that come to mind are either wool or wool blends.

Favorite pattern you’ve knit so far?
So far I have kept the projects pretty simple, due to the fact that I usually can't get a row in without interuption. But I would have to say I have the most fun "winging it" I really like the sweaters I have made from the Ann Budd Book of patterns.

Favorite pattern source?
Internet. People post some really cool patterns you would never find in a book.

Favorite needles?
I love my denises. For socks and such I have to have metal. But my favorite set is a pair of eights I made from some dowel rods.

Nicest thing you’ve ever knit
Well, I have a few things I want to knit, that I'm betting would fit here, but since I have not yet done so, well, I gotta think.
hmmm...right now the only thing that comes to mind are Carma's wristers. It's got a fun cable pattern, and I'm making them on size 3's with silky wool. Of course they are what I am working on now, so I might jus be in project smitten.

Most hated project
My mother's "sitcom chic" cardigan. No offense to Ms. Burns. The pattern itself isn't the fault. It's the yarn I'm not crazy about. I suspect that is why It is taking me forever to finish it.

I'm passing this onto Carma, so she can share in the fun. We love ya, Sweets.

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