Sunday, February 20, 2005

Reorganization to start off the New Year. (Yes, I know it's mid February)

It' not like I stated I would be punctual. :)
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Well, there they are. The two Eves. Now, what to do with them. Admittedly, I would wear this. Realistically, I would end up wearing it with my sweats while cleaning, and my neighbors would think that I just might have slipped a cog, or something. I thought it might be kicky to send one to the woman who sent me the yarn. I don't know though. Would that freak any of you out??
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Carma, I suck. Your wristers? Well, I got to second one up past the thumb gusset and thought, "Hey! Do you know what I should have done? I should have made the cables on this wrister turn in the opposite direction of the other wrister." So I ripped it out, and started over. You will get them soon, I promise.
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I've made a couple of cardigans for the preemie baby of Cari's friend. I have a pair of Mary Jane slippers to make and I'll send out the package. I've put a few non-knitted items in there as well. Along with a treat or two for the Mom.

I'm thinking I like the Work In Progress list in the side bar. That way maybe I won't slack off as much. I also need to figure out what to put on my project list. I've decided that my sweaters will have to wait.. I seriously want to work through my yarn stash a good bit, before I go buying a couple sweaters worth of yarn. The hard part is going to be trying to remember what the plans were for all this stuff when I bought it.

*Added later* Seems all my pictures downloaded into little red x's... Curious. So I have removed them and tried again. No luck. So I will try again sometime tomorrow. Sorry.

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  1. E - Thank you so much for the nice baby and mom gifts. I heard at church yesterday that baby is up to 2 lbs, 9 ozs and that they are still looking at a coming home date of mid April. I really appreciate you and Carma reaching out to someone you don't even know like this. You rule.
    The other C :)