Thursday, February 24, 2005

assorted craftiness.

Well, Carma, your wristers are done. Behold:

Nate took the picture. For everyone's well-being, I am omitting the cleavage shots he snuck in while I was modeling.

I have Rick's clogs in the washer as I type. I'm hoping they dry out by Saturday.

I started something last night.

It's a generic crocheted baby blanket (Year of the Baby)
Now I have crocheted on and off for the last fifteen years AT LEAST. I know the basics, I know a few pattern stitches, but I cannot follow a crochet pattern for anything. If you want a rectangular or tubish piece of crochet, I'm your girl. Anything else well...

I take that (partly) back. I can filet crochet. I made this just to prove the fact to my Mom, who said I would not be able to do it.

It's not as hard as it looks. As long as you can follow a chart.

My Mom taught both my Brother and I how to cross stitch when we were little. You should see some of the stuff she does. It's amazing. My stuff? Eh.
I can do it, but I bore with it easily. Now I was taught to do these things when I was little , I strongly suspect, to keep me out of trouble. You know, idle hands being the playground for the devil and all. Could you imagine if the taught these skills in juvi? It could change lives!

Ok, I'm taking off my rose-colored lenses now.

I''m hoping to get in some sewing today, after I send Jess off to school. I want to get the ribbons sewn onto my Eves, so I can send one of them back to Margaret. I also want to hem up Jess' curtains:

Actually I just need to cut this into four equal pieces, hem up the cut hems and hang them with these:
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All the curtains in my house are either hung with these or tab tops. That's because I'm incredibly lazy about home decor, but I try to pass it off as a quirky sense of "style".

Carma, I caught Andy online the other night. We got to chatting about your upcoming high school reunion. We then proceeded to plan our own antireunion. We even have plans to send a patsy in to our actual reunion with a button-cam and a live feed. Even though we don't really want to go, we are still curious after all. We are still going over our list of patsy candidates.

Thanks for the sheep festival list. I miss road trips. :)
Well, I will end things there, since I am now sporting a grape flavored lollipop in my hair. (Thanks, Jess.)


  1. OMG those wristers are be-U-ti-ful!!! Thanks Sweets! You rule.

    As for that reunion... I can't send a patsy but y'all can?? Where, I ask you, is the fairness in that? I assure you that you're collective high school experiences were MUCH better than mine. My only incentive to go to my reunion is to take Nathan and sick him on ole whatshisface.. :) (Yeah that was actually my Dad's suggestion hehehe)

    And I'm sure purple lollipop looks fabulous in your hair ;)

    Love ya,

  2. That's because I am far more interested in the folks in your class than I am in my own.

    Jess put that lollipop dead center on the back of my head. hmpf.

  3. Yeah but if I send a patsy to mine then we can both watch the live feed together (and no one there will have to know we're being all shades of catty).

    Because I just don't think I'm up to "whipping" myself into shape... I want to look fabulous but I don't care enough... HA! Story of my life :(

    Ugh were you able to get the little devil out of there?