Thursday, February 03, 2005

I may already be a wiener

Yesterday,(It's 12:02, so technically yesterday) after cleaning up the kitchen and getting rid of SOMETHING that was the root cause of THAT SMELL, I sit down with my swatch for Cara's mitts and my double points.
-Er, most of my double points. (1-2-3-DaMMIT!) lost one. Cannot find it. Something has stolen a double point (I suspect the couch, although I was unable to find proof.)

So I head out the door into an unbelievably nice, sunny, 40 degree day. *Do a Julie Andrews "Sound of Music" spin in the front yard*

"What was I going to do?"

OH right, double points.
So, I head down to the local yarn shop purchase my needles, grab a bite to eat, mail off my surprise project that used my last ball of Manos del Uruguay, pick up a very cute pair of black pants on clearance and head home. I jump online to check my email, expecting to have a message as to where to send my MSF prize donation, and where to send my knit swap mittens. I have neither.

But I do have a "you have won a harlot msf prize" email. yeeeee!!! I email carma tell her to go read harlot, and check it out. Whoo-hoo Collinette Firecracker! sweet!

Carma replies with:

Yay! That WAS you!

Hence the weird message I left on your answering machine....

Message? So I go check the machine. And promptly laugh my ass off. Carma's obviously at work, in her cubicle, on her cell phone, and trying not to get caught.

It's hysterically funny because she sounds as if she's calling me in the middle of a funeral or something I can just picture her, under her desk hand over the mouthpiece, speaking in a low whisper and eyes darting back and forth.

The message went something like:

"Hi, it's me. I was trying to catch you online, but you must not be there. I was just wondering if you've gotten any interesting news in your email."

Bless her heart.

So now I'm merrily going along on her mitts and wondering what I am going to do with 210 meters of firecracker. Any suggestions?


  1. Not sure which is more amusing... the fact that that IS what I was doing or the fact that you pegged it so correctly.


    funeral, work, is there a difference? ;)

  2. E -

    I'm so excited for you. And I have no doubt that you will come up with a wonderful project with your new prize yarn. :)

    I did the Julie Andrews' dance too. Amazing. :) And Faith found ever puddle on our block...I think that may be a sign of things to come.

    C -

    You crack me up. :) Personally, I find it more amusing that E knew what you were doing than the fact that you were doing it. Maybe cause I know that's what we do. :) Oh, and there is no diff between work and funeral. Sadly. oy.