Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Could You repeat that, WITHOUT sounding like a psychotic monkey?

While I was out yesterday, shopping and ignoring the blob of yarn, etc overtaking my house. I found myself in the movie section of Target. I found one of my favorite movies, "High Society". It was packaged with "Kiss Me Kate". A Two great movies, One great price dealie. Well, I bought it.

You stare blankly at your screen thinking, "Geez, Erin. Like I really needed to know that." The reason I bring it up is this.

Carma, I don't know if you remember this, but I have said in several of our conversations, that your so-called, quasi-boyfriend reminded me of someone, but I could never put my finger on it.

After getting everyone else to bed, I put in "Kiss Me Kate". I thought I would watch it while plugging away at Jessie's blanket. Five minutes into the movie it hits me.

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Howard Keel! It's Howard Keel! Tower reminds me of Howard Keel. Being that it was One in the morning. I (barely) resisted calling you to tell you this all in one breath, so that it came out,
"OmyGodit'sHowardKeelTowerremindsmeofHowardKeelAfteralltheseyearsfinallyHowardKeel." You're welcome for that, as I'm sure you are quite thankful I didn't call you.

As for knitting news. sadly I have none. except that I keep finding myself looking up cardigan patterns for some unknown reason. (Like I don't have two WIP's that I could work on.) But My "Big Book of Sweater Patterns" is sitting here on the desk. Funny I thought that was on the shelf in the other room. Huh, It's accompanied by a notepad that has "purple wool", and some rudimentary sketches on it. Funny, if I didn't know better, I would think I was getting ready to cast on a cardigan for myself...

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    That is just too funny. And you could have called, I shut the ringer off on my cell at night, it would have been an amusing moment this morning alright. :)

    And in reference to the psychotic monkey reference (wow too many references)... YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!? I don't need you ;)