Friday, January 07, 2005

Pathetic plea for comment

Well let's see, I have 8 birthday gifts to make, and a pile of unfinished works to, well, finish.

What's a girl to do?
If you guessed "Start a completely new project.", well, you'd be right.
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They are to, hopefully, be nice warm mittens for Jess. That she will most likely refuse to wear.

I've made my MSF donation. And I've joined the harloteers knitters without borders knitswap. I'll be making convertible alpaca mittens (just one more thing to add.)
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So, before I get dizzy, upon realizing I have all this to do and a baby shower to boot, I thought I might shamelessly parade some Finished objects. They follow.
baby booties
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baby cardigan
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chenille hat and scarf. I do not remember who I had in mind for this. Unfortunately, the rest of my birthday gifts to make are for men, so I don't think I'll be able to use it towards my birthday list.
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cyndy's scarf. I know I posted before with a completely different scarf, and called it Cyndy's, but upon finishing it, I realized it was far too magenta for Cyndy's liking. That one went to my MIL.
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Some psychedelic squares
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One of Jennie's fuzzy feet
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one of my socks
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Nana's poncho
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Ok, that makes me feel a little better.

Not much else going on. We have snow here. It's not bad, but I have not shoveled yet. That means I'm stuck on the "hill". If I were to drive somewhere, I would be unable to make it back up the drive.

Saturday I have a get together at Jill's house to do all things crafty pertaining to the baby shower on the 23rd. She has asked me to come early and help her with a hat.

I cannot tell you how freaky it is to have "students".

I was reading Too Much Wool today, which got me thinking. Why do I blog? I have to agree that it is for interaction, So If you do read this, please comment with even just a "hi" today. It would do loads for my mood. Thanks.


  1. Hi...

    I know I'm a shit.

    That reminds me, any clue how to add buttons to the blog? And I tried to add some blogs to the links list and can't :( I know it's probably operator error but...

    Oh and one more thing (feel free to slap me at will) any ideas on what I should/ could make for the knitswap, pretty sure all the fabulous wonderful knitters in Harlotville don't want a washcloth.

    Tell Jill she's putting me to shame.


  2. Hi there-you have a very dear friend that sent me your way. Hope your day is great-and loved looking at all of your FO's-WOW!



  3. My best friend is a dork, too. Who'd'a thunk there would be more than one? I am also a Harloteer sent along to say hello, and I LOVE those convertible mittens - what beautiful colors! I only wish I could join the KWB swap but I simply do not have the time to knit right now - I can only dream about it (which I do) and work on my daughter's birthday gift when I have spare moments. Anyhow, hello from Tucson, where it's not snowing. Julie

  4. Just dropping by to say hello and take a look around. Nice FOs!

  5. Surely a drunken Northern Indiana accent is simply a Southern Indiana accent? VERY distinctive -- c'mon, say "peony."

    I am prostrate with llama-lust for those alpaca mittens, and floored by all your finished projects. You deSERVE a mini-orgy of casting-on. Salud! -- rams

  6. Look at all of that? Do you sleep?

    (yarn harlot)

  7. Another Harloteer sent to wish you well! I love the colors of those mittens!

    As for getting depressed in the winter I TOTALLY know what you mean. I found that I just have to make it a point to do things everyday that I know will help me be happy, even if I have to sacrifice something else that probably should get done. If I let it build and build, then I can never get out of the rut. Like, every morning, I take some time from getting ready to just sit and read, or on weekends, I bake something. Or I buy flowers and put them somewhere prominent. Just a little bit of goodness to fight back the blahs :D Also, look into getting some full spectrum light bulbs for your house, it would help.

    Good luck!

  8. Hi, E.
    So, what I do when my mood is in the pooper...I ignore all responsibility for even a few minutes (which is why this generally works best when wee one is sleeping) and I do something that I really don't have any time for. Like read a book that has been on my shelves for months or (recently) start a new knitting project or write a letter or call a friend. Or - if I'm certain she's REALLY sleeping - I go in Faith's room and watch her sleep. When she's not screaming or creating a mess or wanting to read the same book for the 74th time in a day, she is a sight to behold - just like Jess. :)
    So, hang in there and have a good one. In about 30 years or so I should have half of the finished gems you posted and will pass them on then. :)

  9. Jumping over from Harlot's comments to say hello and tell you how lovely I think your wide selection of finished objects is.

    Hope your mood is on the way to greener pastures.


  10. Another Harloteer here... Lived in West Lafayette, IN, for a year. But I had to bring my own slight southern accent, from back home in Maryland. You want accents, try going to church in December in New Hampshire: the old New Englander at the pulpit announced we were going to sing With Wondering Awe. Only he pronounced it, With Wandering R. His R's wandered in and out all over the place! My DH and I both had to hold a hand over our mouths, trying hard not to lose it right in front of everybody. The wise men sawr the stahs in heaven...

    Your knitting is gorgeous!


  11. YAH (yet another Harloteer) jumping in to say hello. I Love those baby booties. And, the green in the baby cardigan is a yummy color as well.

  12. Ha! Kick my butt....

    That would require you to come out here.

    **Insert evil laugh here**

  13. Look at all those FO's!! I'm impressed. I too joined the TSF swap and am deciding between a pair of mittens and a hot water bottle cozy (made with the same lovely Peruvian Alpaca). I'll figure it out tomorrow when I'll homebound with the snow flying outside.

    (Another Harloteer)

  14. Hurray for your bold request for comments. People don't get what they want unless they ask for it. So here is my comment: all of your shamelessly paraded knitted items are lovely! I shall have to stop by again to see what else comes off your needles.

    Jessica a.k.a. pinktopaz - blog at

  15. ooooo So you didn't think I didn't notice...


    You rule.

    See? Once again you are living up to that SAT score. :)

    Ok, gettin my butt away from where it can get kicked. ;)

  16. Hello! I love all your finished projects, especially the baby cardigan! I'm in the knitswap too, but your project sounds way better than mine! Smile- It's friday! Yeah!!!!

  17. Hi!

    Also a Harloteer, but now adding My Best Friend's a Dork to my blogs to watch list, since it looks like you and I are both at about the same blog point (beginning, and starting to post FO's), although you're WAY ahead of me on the actual posting.

    Chin up, people read you!