Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reality check

Nate came home early today, and caught me knitting Jessie's mittens. He looked over and asked what I was making, this conversation ensued:

"I'm making Jess some mittens."

"But, doesn't Jess HATE mittens?"

"Well, Yes, but I--"

"If Jess hates them, then why are you bothering to make them?"

The truth? I don't know, I guess I secretly hoped that I could convert her on this. He's right though. With all I have left to finish, why am I wasting my time on something Jess will hate? I frogged what I had done. It was much really, just a cuff and the base of the thumb. I think instead I'll pick up some stitches off the cuff of her gloves and make an I-cord, so they will be dummy gloves.

Although, when Jessie got off the bus today, she did ask me to make her a new hat. Her current bucket-style hat doesn't quite fit anymore. Now, if she could just pick a color and stick with it.

I plan to meet Tara and Sue, and I don't know who else, for "stitches at Noon" at Valpo University tomorrow. Tara and Sue both work there. I don't exactly know where I'm going, so Tara's to meet me so I don't get lost.

1 comment:

  1. Soooo did you get lost on your way about VU?

    Amazing how much "stuff" (roads, buildings, etc) are in such a relatively tiny area... Especially a relatively tiny area that I always seem to "forget" is there!

    Hope you had fun.

    love ya, Carma

    P.S. How's that weather report looking? They keep saying we're supposed to get rain/sleet/freezing rain/ snow "this afternoon" so far? Nothing.