Monday, January 31, 2005


We had my family over Saturday as a belated birthday celebration. My mother gave me X-men and X2 DVD'S. See, I have a thing for Hugh Jackman. I have a thing for Wolverine. You combine both of them in a movie, and I'm in heaven. (I also have a slight crush on Alan Cumming as "Nightcrawler" in X2. I think it's the German.)

Yes, I'm weird. I know.

I finally finished Nate's sock while watching both, and trying not to drool *too much* on it.
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Bum bada bum!

So Now I'm trying to finish my Dad's fuzzy feet.

I also "handled" my beaded Sophie purse,
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made another one,
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and started a new one.
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Just trying to keep busy, while I wait for the Natalya mitts yarn to arrive. I made Carma pick out her yarn, and while she did, she picked out some for me as well. Isn't she a sweetie?

I also made a little barter with her. I told her I would send her my needle roll (It's a boogybag, which I do not use. It's great but I think it's just too much organization for me, and I cannot keep my double points in it as most are too short for the pockets.) If she would knit me a scarf with the yarn I'm sending along with it. I keep meaning to make it for myself, but I always put it off.

Well, I'm off to ponder why men are so irrational.....I may be a while.


  1. Irrational men? What's up?

    You know you can't just leave me hangin like that.

    LOVING the bags...

    Love ya, C

  2. Hehehe hehe

    Is it weird that I knew it was your comment on Norma's blog just by your favorite Val Kilmer quote?

    "I'll be your huckleberry" LOVE IT!

    Yup, I need to go rent that movie one of these days...

  3. Yup, and your post on the Harlot... Knew that was you too....

    Another Mike Myers quote for you,

    "Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance"

    heheheh I could do THIS all day

  4. E -

    The bags are BEAUTIFUL. You rule. :)

    Have a good day.