Monday, January 10, 2005

Sick Day

Well, I have both wristwarmers and one "pop-top" done. Last night I attempted to hunt down some buttons for them. I could not believe, in this house, full of all things crafty, I could not find appropiate buttons. I just may have to break out the shrinky-dinks again. Would any of you be offended by shrinky-dink buttons?
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So, after my failed attempt at procuring some buttons. I decided to take a break, and knit entirely different mittens. These are for Jess, and yes they are different from their previous picture.
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I really must enter projects with some sort of written down plan, before I start casting on. The only draw back to that, is I could literally spend days designing something on paper, then scraping it to design something completely different. I'm terribly inefficient that way.

I have not gotten very far. In my redesign, I added another color, but I cannot seem to find the yarn (I KNOW I have around here somewhere) So they are on hiatus until I find it.
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So I thought I would pickup Nate's second sock and work on it some. It's Lorna's Laces sock in Pioneer. I love the colors, but I am not sold on the way the colors have situated. As my friend, Jill, would say, "not so beuno." I had decided to knit these on size one double points. I really like them knit that tight. Although, the size ones are not very beneficial to my morale. These things are taking me forever!
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Maybe this will help you see it from my perspective. Here is Nate's first sock, (size 11, huge ankle, on size 1 needles) next to one of my socks (size 4, average ankle, on size 2 needles). I guess I shouldn't complain too much. The first sock is a very good fit, and he is quite impressed with it. It's just now I get forlorn looks while I ignore his sock and work on other projects.

Jess is home sick today. She seems to be feeling ok, but she's very congested. Due to her school's "sick criteria", I believe it's best if she stays home. So far so good. Although she keeps whining for Daddy to come home. I guess he's the "fun" one. So be it.


  1. Natey... the "fun" one? HA! ;)

    Offended by shrinky dink buttons? Are you MAD?!?!? Of course not! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Just went over to visit our friendly Harlot (have you SEEN the total?!?!?!?) while on purpetual hold.

    Click on the link to Emma's yarn journal (just like the good Harlot told you to) notice that part of it is made from corriedale fleece. These are the kind of sheep that Nathan has, Nathan not his mom (she has the ones with dreds). We could have that fleece you know ;)

    We could make corriedale fleecy (fleecie?) goodness with our very own ten little fingers and ten little toes! Or rather 20 little fingers and 20 little toes because we would no doubt do it together. :)

    Love ya,