Friday, January 21, 2005

January baby

Jess doesn't have school today. I had forgotten about that when, earlier in the week, I had though I would have some time today to clean up and run errands.

Not that it matters too much. Saturday we are to be *spanked* with snow so I had Nate called everyone last night and cancel. They all want to do it next week instead, which puts our anniversary plans (if we had any at this point) in jeopardy. I guess we'll just see how it works out.

Nate is just so upset about having to cancel and keeps apologizing to me. I just laugh. He, being a fall baby, doesn't realize that when you are a January baby you get used to party cancellations. I think at least a third of them have been called off due to weather. This is something he has difficulty understanding.

This evening I will be at Jill's as we all try to finish up all last minute details.

I gave my stepmother her gift yesterday, as it was her birthday. She seemed to like it. Kari liked it as well, in fact I think I overheard her plotting to steal it.

They gave me a giftcard to Barnes & Noble, which I had partly cashed in last night. I bought my book group book for February, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, by Mark Haddon.

I bought Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, the other day. I thought I would most likely like it, after reading Mirror, Mirror. I started it last night, so far I have not been disappointed.

I'm still clueless as to what Nate and I will do for our anniversary. We thought maybe we would take in a local production, but nothing opens until mid February, so that was a bust. I can't seem to get him to even consider going up to Chicago, so that's out, and it too friggin' cold for any outdoor activities that I'd be up for.

I started my Ravenclaw scarf yesterday, only to realize that I do not like it. It's too big and a very boring knit. I frogged it. Just like me to make a big deal over it, and then abandon it completely.


  1. So sorry you're birthday party got cancelled, or at least postponed. We're supposed to get *spanked* here as well (although this place's version of spanked and NWI's version of spanked are light years apart). I know I'm a July baby but I've been your friend long enough to know this happens. I am sorry though.

    As for anniversary plans, have you tried any local productions in the area of Michigan City (yeah who know there were several play houses up there?) if you get a chance you might want to ask Becky.. Becky knows everything in the theatre world... Hmmm racking my brain for other ideas. Too bad you don't live here (not just because of this but because then you'd be close ;)) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is playing at UNI tomorrow night. Yeah who says cool shit doesn't happen it Iowa? You'll note they are going to be at the same place as I saw previously saw B.B. FREAKING King. It was awesome.

    As for the scarf... POOP! But do you at least like the colors and texture of the wool? Could it become something else? Maybe even a slightly different style scarf? I have a few in mind (mostly from that book you gave me but I think a similiar one is in S&B Nation) but I don't know how interesting they are to knit. I'm still in fun fur hell.

    Have fun a Jill's tonight. I may need to rack your brain for baby shower ideas (or just plain copy of you even). ;)

    Love ya,

  2. Sorry about your bday party cancellation. I'm a December baby, so I know what you mean. :)

    Okay, so Carma and I have been joking about how she and I are "peas and carrots" and you and her are "peas and carrots" and how, by deductive reasoning that must also mean that you and I are "peas and carrots". Well, your blog is evidence of that today...

    I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and loved it. I even let Carma borrow it. I gave it to my brother for Christmas, he recommended it to our sister and her book club is currently reading it. And, my brother in law has started a book club this week and our first assignment? You guessed it - Wicked.

    I have no knitting news today...except that I'm working on a 'softie' (a.k.a. mini-blankie) for Faith with some VERY cool/soft 'baby' yarn. It is "bumpy" and I frogged it twice before I really got going on it this time. So far so good...but I haven't touched it for a couple days.

    Have a great weekend!