Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bad day

It was just a normal day around here. Jess and I strolled though our daily routine. I felted some hats.

Jess' fair isle, which *just* fits now, so It might just be part of my niece's Christmas gift. Also, my Cascade tweed bucket hat. Displayed here on a bucket.

I left in the washer far too long, and now fits Jessie's head.

After that little bummer, I thought, "Hey, maybe we should head to Michigan City and see Lesa at the Sit 'n Knit." Jess and I loaded in the car and headed that way. As were walking to the door of the shop we saw that Jen and Zander are there, so we had a nice little visit. Jess and I came home, and Jess declared WAR!

Seriously. She and I battled all afternoon, Nate came home to Jess in a baskethold and me crying. What made it the worse, was when Nate walked up to us and Jess, mid-scream, cut short and gave a delightful, "Hi, Daddy!"

Nate picked her up and told me to go do whatever I needed to regain my sanity. (Notice that Nate coming home to this sight did not phase him at all. Yes, it's been a fun summer.)

So, I headed off to my Stitch n Bitch.

My day was vastly improving, until I inadvertently gave away the casualty in the new Harry Potter book, (I'm so Sorry I-like-limes-Lisa.) If I could have crawled under the table and disappeared I would have. After my meeting I didn't quite feel like coming home yet. So, I went to the only store open at 10 pm, Super Walmart, convinced I would buy some things for Jess' upcoming Birthday party. I did, but I also bought these.

I am sure I have professed my love of all things Mary Jane. (Er-- In the LEGAL sense of the term. Not really all things Mary Jane...ahem) So how geeked was I when I saw these socks? The sad part is there was no one present to show them to.

I hoping tomorrow is a better day. It's the first day of the Porter County Fair, although we probably will not go. Jess does not do well in crowds, and she's getting far too big to carry. We'll see.

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