Friday, July 08, 2005

Contest prize. Any takers?

Look what Jen made me. If'd you'd like some of your own drop her a line.

More sock progress. Anybody ready to guess?

"But, Erin," you say, "What does a right answer get me?"

One nylon mesh pouch, one set of stitch markers (shrinky dinks) and one skein of fabu koigu.

I met Tara, Rebecca, Jen and Lesa up at Barnes and Noble last night. Lesa will be opening the new Sit n Knit shop on Saturday. She has also informed me that Kim and Jack have given me the stamp of approval to be a knit instructor, then inquired if I would be willing to work part time. Am I excited? Does a frog bump its ass when it hops? I've just gotta make sure I can work this all out.

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