Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting updates

Ok, where to begin... Tuesday, yes Tuesday sounds right.

Tuesday, Jess and I picked Jill up, and after a quick trip to the yarn shop,(Did I buy yarn? Yes. I have fallen "off the wagon".) we came here so I could walk her through her first hat. Here's the hat I made. (stash yarn cascade 220 tweed. Not yet felted)

Jill did not quite finish hers, but I plan on seeing her later this week.

Speaking of Jill, I finished the baby sweater to add to her baby shower gift. Here is the cardigan.

(stash yarn Plymouth encore colorspun in a very cute, but Impossible to photograph multi-color)

I have casted on my second sock pal sock, but I have not gotten much past that.

Yesterday, Jess had a playdate with Jen's nephew Zander. It was a little rough at first, but by the end of the afternoon they were having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures, but I think Jen snapped a couple.

Jen and I were talking and, Carma, she told me that Brad's aunts have sold the shop! (First off, I was giggling that Jen was talking about Sandy Dog like we do.) The sisters are retiring and have sold the shop to a nice woman from California. Lady and the Stamp will live on.

Last night I cast on yet another FBS. This time in purple flake cotton (Not stash yarn, but cheap. I like this stuff). I was showing the denim one to Nate and asking him what he thought of it for his Aunt Ida. He liked it, but inquired of the care instructions. Being that it's a hand wash item, and Ida now in assisted living care, he was concerned that it might be ruined if not cared for properly. So I decided to make her a bigger one out of the flake cotton, so that if it is machine washed, all is not lost.

Tonight is movie night at Lesa's. We are watching Saved, and I'm hoping to get some info about the when and what of the MC Sit n Knit class schedule.

I have all my stitch marker mania stuff ready to go, I just need to drop by the post office. Hopefully I can do that today.

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