Tuesday, July 26, 2005

sock obsessed.

First, I have an apology to offer. See, for the last month or two, I have been cursing my Stupid dial up, for randomly prohibiting me from logging on, booting me off in thirty second intervals, and for being terribly S-L-O-W. Well, the stupid dial up was not the culprit.

Enter the faulty phone line, ran to a jack we never use. Nate, being the smart cookie he is, wondered if maybe fault was to lie in the line itself. Upon checking it, he removed the old line and all of the problems I had previously associated with my Stupid dial up disappeared. I'm sorry Stupid dial up.

Onto provide evidence of my recent startitis...well... I don't wanna. Instead I leave you with the project the has captured my attention--er at least for the last few hours. Remember these socks?

Well, I'm trying to work out the pattern. This is just protocol mind you, as this sock is not functional.

"Heh?" you say? well you see the socks I bought look like this, unstreched. VERY Elasticy.(yeah I don't think it's a real word, but you catch my drift.) So, in order to achieve a fully functioning Mary Jane sock, I'll need to pick up some elasticy yarn.

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