Thursday, June 30, 2005

We have a decision

Nate came home early today, and since we had not heard from the repair shop yet, we jumped in the truck and headed down to see what was going on with my car.

The only thing the guy had to say was that there's a hole punched in the coolant reservior and until he fixed that he couldn't tell us amymore. Personally, I think he's looking at my car as a cash cow. Little does he realize we just want it running well enough to drive it down for a trade in. If it's even worth doing so has yet to be seen.

Nate and I (finally) agreed on a car. Nope, not telling yet. Care to guess? They are asking a heck of a lot more than the other cars I've been looking at, but Nate assures me that it's do-able. That, and Nate wants it paid off in 3 years. Again do-able. It'll still be a bit less than his truck payment was, and we managed then.


Hey, before y'all duck out to celebrate the 4th, (or should a say those who have not already done so) you need to wish Carma a Happy Birthday. She'll be celebrating her 28th on the 4th. Happy (early) Birthday, Sweets.

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