Sunday, June 19, 2005

It's good to be home.

I've decided to break the trip up in parts or I will forget a bunch of stuff, and spend far too long trying to decide what pictures to include. Plus this way you will all realize when I actually remembered that I did bring a camera along. (For those of you who are wondering, it was Tuesday morning. Yup, I'm a dork.) Luckily, my FIL took loads of pictures.

...was spent at home. Friday afternoon Jess and I dropped Animal off at Gegee's and came home to waitd for Nate to get off of work. He was expected by four-ish.

Nate arrived at home at 6:30 pm. Jess was screaming about how she wanted to go see Pataw (Nate's Dad), and I was at my wit's end. (Note to self: Do not inform a three-year-old of plans to see a grandparent until you are five minutes from said grandparent's house. It's just easier that way.)

We decided that since the wedding was a 5:30pm, we would just leave in the morning.


...Jess awoke at 6am and proceeded to get our lazy butts out of bed and on the road. A five hour drive resulted in arriving at Pataw's house and spending a very nice afternoon visit. We changed for the wedding and Pataw insisted on taking our picture.

Mind you, it was 90 degrees and so humid it was hard to breathe. Normally, we are far more animated.

After a lovely wedding ceremony, we attended the reception, caught up with some relatives of mine that I hade not seen in at least ten years, and then cut out early.

Jess does not seem to care for Shania Twain dance remixes, nor the Electric Slide. Really, who can blame her for that?

The 11th was Knit In Public day. I worked on my Mom's second birthday sock. Pictures to come.

Next post: Spring Mill and the Bedford ER.

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