Monday, June 20, 2005

Spring Mill and the Bedford ER

ok, now where was I? Oh yes, I remember.


Sunday we all piled in the car and headed out To Spring Mill State Park. Lunch was at a Frisch's Big Boy. I had no idea that these restaurants still existed, so lunch was a happy little nostalgic trip for me.

We arrived at the Park, got our rooms, and unloaded the car, before the rain started. Then we waited.
See, travelled with my FIL and BIL, and we were to meet my MIL and other BIL and family. (Note to Self: Young children bore easily in lodge lobbies.) It was raining, we were all waiting in the lobby and I was doing my level best to keep Jess entertained. It was not working.

I had bought her some pick-up sticks in the gift shop and that had seemed to appease her. She sat quietly on the couch and played with them. I then decided to head up to the room and grab my knitting.

Now before I go on, I would like to show you something.

Please ignore the bewildered Brother-in-law. I want you to look at the couch. They were pretty nice, comfy, but please note the wood frame and top trim. Thank you.

Anyway, I headed to the room, grabbed my knitting and took a pee. As I was just about to push the down button to the elevator, when I heard it. Imagine being three floors up and hearing your baby scream like she was in mortal danger.

I was about to bolt down the stairs when I realized the screams are getting louder. They were in the elevator. The doors opened and Nate was cradleing Jess, who is still screaming, and he is holding her head. We enter our room, when I see the blood.

Jess had thrown a fit in the lobby and when she lunged back to throw herself down for a proper temper tantrum, she had hit her head on that top wood trim of the couch. As we cleaned her up, we see that, along with a pretty sizeable goose-egg, she has a 2 inch cut on the back of her head.

Nate gets his Dad, who gets directions to the nearest ER (Bedford) and pulls the car around. We pile into the car and leave Jon behind to wait for the rest of our party.

The people in the Bedford ER were great. Jess only needed stitches. They brought in three nurses and Nate to hold her down while the Doc sewed her up. Jess was pretty peeved about that until they gave her a Safety pop, then all was forgiven.

Not too bad for our first ER visit. Stitches didn't slow Jess up a bit, but she was plenty mad when we told her she could not go swimming. Hopefully she's learned her lesson.

Knitting content to come...promise

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