Saturday, June 25, 2005

The yarn speaks its mind

Dear Erin,
We never plan these things, I know you were so counting on a pair of "Denim" socks, but socks were just not me. Oh how I long to be something lacy. Listening to that snotty bamboo yarn go on and on was almost unbearable. "I'm going to be a Flowerbasket shawl, I'm going to be beautiful." I was jealous I admit.

I'm telling you I need flowerbasket. I promise to be good, to behave, to be beautiful. Aunt Ida needs a handknit shawl. I can make her very happy.

I know how disappointed you must be to not have socks, but don't forget my kin in that yarn bin. "Lipstick" is ready and waiting.

Trinity in Denim.

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