Monday, June 06, 2005


"Nana" Smith was not my Nana. Nor was she Jess', although she was thought of and treat as if she were. She was actually my sister-in-law's mother. She lost her battle with cancer.

My sister-in-law, Shell, is an only child, and has always kept her mother's health to herself. She didn't want to talk about it, I never pushed her. I just occasionally asked how she was, if I had not seen her recently and left it at that. (In fact, when I asked last week, I was told she was doing "fine", so the news of her passing was a bit of a shock.)

Shell doesn't want to talk to anyone. She doesn't want us to attend the service. I cannot even pretend to imagine what she is going through. I am worried for her. I have offered any help that I can. I have not heard from her. Have I mentioned that I'm worried?

Ok, I need a bit of distraction. I have posted the bonnet pattern in the sidebar. I am missing one number. It isn't crucial, it's the number of picked up stitches around the bottom. I gave the bonnets away already, or I would count them out. Once I finish another bonnet, I will put that number in.

I finished my Ballet Tee.

It's still far too holey on the 11's. Oh well, I can wear a flesh-colored undergarment and make'em stare.

I have a SNB meeting tonight, that I am hoping to make.

I decided Friday that a week is plenty of time to start and finish a Flowerbasket shawl, and a top for my OTHER sister-in-law. Yes, I know I am delusional.

I am just about finished with the shrug I promised Shell. (The one skein wonder) I'm hoping to finish it today and stop by to deliver it tomorrow. (Not checking up on her, just dropping off something. Not too imposing, I hope.)

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