Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Waiting for the Word

Das Auto ist weg. It's actually been towed to the shop. They are to call me this afternoon with a damage report.

Yesterday, Jess and I had to run a small errand. I noticed on the way back things were running hotter than normal. We pulled off and let the car cool down. I then noticed a coolant leak. After letting a few obscenities fly we started for home, hoping to make it. We did not.

The car died In the middle of the Route 6/Highway 149 intersection. Some very nice, burly men pushed me into the gas station parking lot, and, thank my lucky star, my neighbor just happened by. He picked us up and brought us home.

So, now Jess and I are stuck in the house for the day. We'd go outside to play but it's friggin hot! So it's going to be an indoors day. Jess is not pleased. Stuck inside with an unhapy three year old and no escape. There is a reality show in there somewhere.

I've linked my yarn stash in the sidebar. It does not include works in progress. I can think of at least half a dozen. But I do have a couple to show you.

This is a baby blanket for Jill's shower in mid-July. I had four skeins of bernat cotton tots and no plan. I decided to start it from the center out and do random stripes. How random? I've dug out my D&D dice and I am using them to determine the number of rows per stripe. Now I just have to figure out how I'd like to edge it.

I've cast on my my sock pal. I'm going toe up, because I find it much easier to custom fit a sock than cuff-down.

Our sweet neighbors have offered me use of their car while they are away for vacation. I was so taken aback by their generosity, I just might have to knit them something.

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