Friday, June 03, 2005

To a Tee

Yesterday, I cast every other project aside, to start a ballet tee from Loop-d-loop. THe pattern is easy as pie, but I hit a snag. The way the pattern is written, the little girl directions are the same as the women's. The only differenece is the girls is worked with 2 strands of cotton fleece on 10.5 needles, and the women's is 2 strands of cotton fleece on 15 needles.

As I swatched for the women's (I was getting spot on gauge) I realized there would be no way I could wear this thing by itself. I would need to wear a tank under it, and if I'm making a tee shirt to wear this summer, why do I want to layer it?

I instead made Jess a tee yesterday. It came out quite cute, and she seems to like it. The fabric is far more ideal when knit with the 10.5 needles, so I think I'll just have to adjust the pattern.

I'm heading out for lunch with Tara and Ilikelimes Lisa this afternoon. It should be a blast. It always is. Afterward it'll be *dum dum dum* swimsuit shopping. I might need to stop off somewhere for a good stiff drink before I do that though.

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