Thursday, June 09, 2005

A bit of catch-up

oh, where to start?

Shell's shrug...

...Sent home to her through my Brother, who stopped by Monday to talk.

I had two skeins of this (lionbrand suede) So, I made a smaller version for my Kid Sister.

(No photo. Picture the top photo, only smaller.)

Tuesday I dropped off a bouquet of flowers and a card to Shell's while they were at the services.

Then I made an orange shrug out of some chunky alpaca for which I am having a severe case of yarn lust. It's beautiful stuff.

I've got a couple more in the works. I won't bore you with more shrug photos, when I finish them, maybe I'll do a group photo.
Why all the shrugs? ONE skein, easily memorized pattern, and a lot of things on my mind.

It's been hot and sticky here (What a perfect time to knit with chunky alpaca, huh?) I have not yet begun to open our pool, so I dug out Jess' baby pool out of the shed and we've been playing in the back yard.

We've had a blast.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday. My Bead It Two person sent me these adorable mice stitch markers, In honor of "Miss Gengis". She writes that, yes, they are mice and not hamsters but it was the closest thing she could find. They are very cute. And she included some notecards.

I have to admit that as the Bead It folks finished their partners markers I would pop over to their sites to check things out.
Yes I'm a total slacker and have not posted pics of those I have made. That is because, dork that I am, I packaged them up and sent them out before I even thought of it.

I had popped over to Christina's Attic last week and thought these markers were too cute, not knowing they would find their way to me.

Remember how I said I was giving this to my mother-in-law? The more I've looked at it the more I have decided that she would prefer one like this instead.

This purse has been done, felted, and awaiting handles for some time now. I had forgotten it completely, until I unearthed it yesterday.

So I'll be keeping the red one and giving her ths blue one. If you are wondering, the red one is Joann brand Licorice, and the blue is one strand of lamb's pride with one strand of silk garden.

Yesterday was Jess' last day of school. She is NOT too happy about that. Friday we'll be leaving for our Ohio/Spring Mill/Ohio trip. We'll be back on Father's day. Maybe Carma could throw out a post or two before her canoe trip. (ahem) :)

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