Monday, August 22, 2005

2 Days until School starts.

Lemme tell you, I cannot wait. Well, I have already found an error in a couple of my numbers, and I'm still waiting for word from my test knitters. Today I need to run up to the LYS and buy some more reinforcement yarn for my sockpal socks, so I can finish those off.

Jess had a sleepover last night with her cousin. So Nate and I caught a movie. (The last movie he and I were able to go see was...Van Helsing, I believe.) We saw Wedding Crashers. It was way funnier that I thought it would be. I love Vince Vaughn.

For any of you who might be wondering, I had to take the Free pattern site down. It was SLAMMED with spams over the weekend. I'll have to set them up elsewhere.

Now back to cleaning like mad until Jess comes home.

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